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  2. Middleman allowed but I will not pay fees if there is any. If you have guns on LSRP also willing to trade.
  3. I've gave some thought to digging into C.
  4. Still for sale. Giving access to email as well.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Still selling this, I'm able to change the price. HMU!
  7. Sold this account. L&A this thread.
  8. Selling the UCP itself with 4 characters 1. Level 23 2. Level 3 3. Level 3 3. Level 2 Has 3 namechanges in total. A furnished property. Some in-game cash. Not looking for alot of cash, let me know if your interested. Thanks.
  9. I've banned @Outfit. I will be in contact if Outfit appeals his ban.
  10. @Yaseen Or you could report the conversation? @Elegante You have 24hours to respond to this allegation.
  11. @Fr0sty Please watch your language. Using such profanity in posts again will result in a warning. Please use the report tool as your comment was far from constructive. OP has been banned for multi-accounting. Thank you all for bringing it to my attention.
  12. I personally disagree with this guy. As someone mentioned above, this dude literally plagiarized an old post and exactly posted it here. It is clearly pointing out that this guy is intending to scam or cheat someone. Don't fall for this trap if you don't want to waste your money for nothing.
  13. Nice plagiarism. Why did you even do that at the first place itself? It is easy to assume that you are intending to cheat or scam someone by that post.
  14. Your best bet is to ignore these type of comments. If you stop respond and care about them, they will eventually feel like an idiot
  15. Last week
  16. Hello, 2 random people came on my post and started trashing. One is even saying racist words such as Ni**r. I have reported comments but noone have done anything about them. Can anyone please delete them. Thanks.
  18. Yes homie Check out my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wi9bSK6bl9g Maybe I'm lowkeying advertising
  19. Next time you try and ban evade, just change the format Axe. https://www.multimart.org/topic/4163--ls-rp-axe-store-weapons-exploits-money-and-more/
  20. LUCIAN MULTI STORE [ LS-RP - INSTAGRAM - CHECKERS - HACKS - GAMES - COMBO LISTS ] LOS SANTOS ROLEPLAY WEAPONS Deagle - 9MM - Supressed - 1.25$ Country Rifle - Shotgun - Mp5 - Tec9 - Uzi - 2$ M4 - Ak47 - Granade - Molotov - 3$ Armour Package - 1$ MONEY Low Deal price per million is 3$ If you are buying on bulk I can do 2$ METHODES / CHEATS Money Dupe Methode ( slow but safe ) - 10$ Weapon Finder - 10$ ( It's like and ESP for guns, renders on players, vehicles, ground ) Spectator Hack ( you can spectate non synced players ) - 5$ Object Stealer - 5$ PF license abuse - 10$ Full Ban Evade Guide + Handbook - 10$ Applications Account Application - 3$ Account application + rules - 5$ PF application + CWW Application - 10$ LS-PD Application - 10$ LS-PD Application + Guide - 15$ Any other faction application - depends Also, delivery methodes are 100% safe. I am selling weapons and money since january 2019. but now I decided to move on multimart instead of looking for people on Discord / Teamspeak etc.. INSTAGRAM 1$ per 100 followers If buying more than 1500 followers, 500 bonus. 1$ per 100 likes If buying more than 1500 likes, 500 bonus. 1$ per 150 video views. If buying more than 1500 views, 500 bonus. CHEATS DayZ cheat undetected - 20$/month Rust cheat undetected - 20$/month CsGo cheat HVH & Legit - 10$/month CsGo server crasher ( Can crash competitve match ) - 20$/month CsGo Inventory Changer, Rank changer ( only visible for you ), Skin Changer - 10$/month PUBG cheat undetected - 20$/month PayDay 2 cheat - 10$/lifetime Fortnite Aimbot & Esp - 20$/Lifetime Will add more by the time.... CHECKERS Multi Checker ( Steam / Origin / Uplay ) - 10$ COMBO LISTS 10.000 yahoo mails - 5$ ( guaranted accounts ) 10.000 random mails - 10$ ( High Quality accounts and private domains ) If you are interested for bigger ammounts send me message. Combo Lists are fully private and High Quality, if you have any questions DM me. I AM ALSO OFFERING ONLINE JOBS. If you are interested DM me. Also not going on offsite communication. So only send me messages on MultiMart. PAYMENTS PayPal / Skrill / BitCoin
  21. Looking to buy some LSRP money, just a few millions or so. Willing to trade my level 18 and level 20 HZRP accounts with no cash/cars, just fresh accounts. Also willing to buy 1 million of LSRP for a $5 steam gift card and csgo skins
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