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  3. We'd like to test your gamemode. DM me for further information.
  4. Selling Los Santos Roleplay Gamemode including BETA UCP with 3D Garage, New Graffiti System New and Improved Damages System Improved Drugs System 0.3DL Models + 0.3DL Maps. For more PM
  5. Scripts copy LS-RP 30$ UCP 10$ Script ; Dynamic Faction System Dynamic House, Business, Apartment Complex System Furniture System Dynamic Crate door UI Phone Cover Trucker Job, Mechanic Job, Dealer Job and etc... Place object on vehicle System Drug System Warehouse System Clothing System Place meal from restaurants on the ground, table, etc... Vehicle System Tuning Vehicle System Dealership System Death System Damage System Mask OOC System CCTV System Character Selection
  6. Scripts version of 7.6.2 Both of the scripts are up to date both comes with all new stuff. -Fixed impound/unimpound lot -Fixed /faction dialog box -You can factionize a house now also a business (where you can unload guns also) -Fixed all kind of bugs (Trucker Job, Mechanic Job, Thief Job) -UCP comes with fixed admin panel -Added some new Business for taxses -Added sasl lottery, mini mission And many more new stuff that i cant remember all and list them here. Once you buy the script i give you tips how to set it up all working. I can provide y
  7. Hello everyone, I was in search for a nice game mode for a long time, found it finally and have been translating it to my native language. The game mode is pretty great but there is a few systems that I would like to add to it. Unfortunately I don't know how since I'm, myself, not a scriptor. I add some things but generally there is few more things that I want to add to it. If you are serious and responsible (and fast as well :D) I think we can make a deal. These systems that I want to add are not that complex I would say and someone with a medium knowledge of scripting could do it in f
  8. Yes, I don't know if you read my topic, but I say it clearly "A while ago I bought this gamemode in the hand of a Russian, and now I'm selling it."
  9. A while ago I bought this gamemode in the hand of a Russian, and now I'm selling it. GAMEMODE LANGUAGE > ENGLISH Reason: I am no longer interested in opening a server Price: 50$ for 30 only Gamemode UCP MAPS SCREENSHOTS: https://imgur.com/a/YQiEbUu https://imgur.com/a/wxsiveN https://imgur.com/a/IFwGJmL https://imgur.com/a/PVZZeCx https://imgur.com/a/kXa5UuO https://imgur.com/a/GZoPkpx https://imgur.com/a/0E1Y23T https://imgur.com/a/NOlRipt https://imgur.com/a/OW9nibV https://imgur.com/a/7osxlJj Send message by PM if you wa
  10. Title says it all. The script is an edited version of HZRP. PM me for my discord.
  11. I have a safe method that won't get us in trouble, though I'd rather sell the whole account as it is rather than to sell just the assets. DM me if you're interested we can talk more.
  12. Hello, I'm looking to buy a script that's very similar to HZRP or HZRP script. Year must be 2020 - 2021. Not old script. PM me for contact information.
  13. Hello, is it possible if I buy this you can transfer items to another account? Is their also a ban risk from doing this?
  14. ReturnNameInitials(playerid) { static szName[MAX_PLAYER_NAME]; GetPlayerName(playerid, szName, sizeof(szName)); format(szName, sizeof szName, "%c. %s", szName[0], szName[strfind(szName, "_") + 1]); return szName; }
  15. Is there a code that will get the initial letter of your firstname and your full surname. example my name is, Hello_Help. Then this should be the output: H. Help
  16. Selling an Eclipse account with about $1,100,000 in assets, which is the V-STR and about three guns. The account comes with also a Rebla GTS, BF-400 and donator + premium status. The character is currently apart of an official gang which means really easy access to guns for a cheap price of $7,000. I do not have a set price but I'm expecting at least $100 and higher. Contact me through private messages.
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