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  1. Yesterday
  2. We can use a middleman you pay the services
  3. I managed to get more cash. Selling 7m for 40$
  4. Might as well slap a little extra on top of all 3 methods, but that's going to be a surprise.
  5. Hello there, offering three methods on how to duplicate Money, Weapons and Drugs on LS-RP.io The staff team is aware of the Weapon duplication, but they can't figure out how it's done. However, if anyone's interested in buying these methods all in one let me know. We can use a middleman, I'm able to provide videos/text tutorial on how to use these methods to the middleman. https://i.gyazo.com/f1d1f12cfbf65cfa7ce78e3cb0f8a793.mp4 Serious PM's only, highest offer gets it. I only accept PayPal, nothing else. Drugs can be duplicated without having to be worried about being banned, duplicated kilos of Cocaine while management + devs were online and on duty. Money will require a throwaway account which is never going to be used again after you've reached the desired amount of money. Duplicating a ton of weapons at once only leads to no good. Duplicating 5-10 weapons per day or week will keep you safe. This works for every weapon in the server. NOTE: I have discovered these bugs myself, these methods haven't been shared with anyone. The methods might be a little hard to understand, but as long as your IQ isn't under 50 you're good to go. After receiving the methods, I will be around in case you're having difficulties or questions. I don't care what you do with these methods, if you share them that's up to you. I'm leaving the LS-RP community, it's fully up to you. I'm only giving away one copy, this method won't be sold multiple times. Edit: Forgot to mention that you're going to pay the middleman fees. Minimum raise for bids is 10$. When the current bid is 20$ you bid 30$.
  6. Last week
  7. Hey. I have an LS-RP middle class account with: level 20-25 character, ~10 million, property worth ~1 million, cars worth 1+ million including donator cars and namechanges and numberchanges level 10-15 character with around 500k and cars worth around 500-800k and two other minor characters not worth much. I'm letting this go for $70. If using middleman, you pay the services, if not, you go first.
  8. Selling some ls-rp cash, got about 4 millions for sale. Only paypal. I won't go first, we can take hustle as a middle man but you pay the services.
  9. I have two million I'm willing to sale.
  10. yikes, well, that's a scam. Unfortunate that people still exist like that around these parts.
  11. @Runner Up still selling? I'm interested.
  12. San Vice Roleplay is a an up-and-coming heavy roleplay server based in current day Vice City. We aim to build a community around transparency and to let the community dictate the direction in which the server takes. With a map new to the and perfect-sized map, we think it offers a fresh take in the over-saturated roleplay gamemode and a plethora of opportunity not seen on the classic San Andreas map. We encourage the community to be vocal with the direction in which they want to see the server be taken. On that note, the server is still in the development phase. To summarize the current state of development, the base script is near ready and the UCP is actively in development. Over the period of the development phase, we plan on continuously developing the script to match suggestions from the community. We are hoping for a mid-April release. We invite you to join our Discord or community forum to get involved and help direct the server. You can find our forum at forum.sanvicerp.com and our Discord at discord.gg/6s7xajN
  13. It was back and forth pm's, as soon as I sent money he stopped replying and hasn't replied for 30 mins. Isn't looking so good as of yet. LOL been more than an hour and no response. He has read my PM's multiple times and hasn't replied to it. Obviously a scammer. We got another one boys lmao
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