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  2. As the title says. I am selling gtaw money. I have a decent amount in stock but it is running out. PM ONLY, don’t reply here as I won’t check this as much, thanks!
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  5. As the title says I am looking for a copy of the LSRP Beta UCP. hmu with offers
  6. I suggest adding more information to this; I'll give you fair warning, any developer worth their salt will look at this and click away and not be interested purely due to the lack of information; Adding "Message me for more details" also won't get any attention from the aforementioned. I say this because I'm not interested in knowing anything else; Due to the lack of effort put into the post as a developer.
  7. Looking for developers for a Rage server being developed in c#, position is paid based on taskings.
  8. I'm buying a roleplay ragemp script. Only on English language.
  9. Hello, I'm interested in this script please contact me..
  10. English version is needed. Do you have that? If so, we can talk about it. @birsonra
  11. Firstly, We'd like to announce that we've finally got around to performing maintenance on Multimart; This was put on hold for numerous reasons some of which including personal.. However, now we've done it we can get into the new features and cool little things that have been added. For everyone who has made support tickets, reports and so on; We apologise for the delay in response, due to personal issues on both my and Husky's side, we've been unable to be as active on Multimart as we'd like; I've already responded and dealt with the latter however due to said on going issues; We cannot promise responses to support tickets will be responded too in our usual time. Badges & Achievements: You'll notice now when viewing Multimart and the threads on the site in the left panel of each thread & post there is a new image being displayed, currently this is only displayed correctly on the default site theme and not Multimarts custom theme's we're actively attempting to fix this issue. This corresponds to a total amount of points obtained for doing certain actions; Or being given reputation (Which is set to a limited amount for Achievements, this is separate from the amount of reputation you can give); You can view your progress for each rank by visiting your profile pages badge section (As we're still implementing the view that displays an overview you can click) you must navigate to it manually. Once you're at your profile's main page for example: https://www.multimart.org/profile/6-theonlydroid/ you can navigate over to https://www.multimart.org/profile/6-theonlydroid/badges/ ( /badges/ ) to see the view as displayed below (bottom of the post). You may also see your progress to the next available rank by click on your username/account drop down at the header of the site (above the search bar); This'll display the progress and amount of points required to get to your next rank.. I intend of adding a lot more "requirements" or "values" that'll contribute to how to acquire points in the future; We manually recalculated everyone's points after we performed maintenance to ensure that everyone was where they should be. Badges: While this system is part of Achievements, we have the ability to add non-obtainable badges; For things such as former moderators or people who help out a lot in the community section; These badges (when added) will be considered "Rare" as they more than likely won't be given out like candy.
  12. I want to buy maps for RP server contact me here on forum
  13. I want to buy a gamemode RP contact me here on forum
  14. Hello, I purchased a gamemode a while ago but I will no longer open a server so I will be reselling the gamemode. if you want to test and buy or see more images, message me in private. Buyers, I will create a private repository on github to always update the gamemode. VERSION: 0.3DL LANGUAGE: English and Russian. Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/YQiEbUu https://imgur.com/a/wxsiveN https://imgur.com/a/IFwGJmL https://imgur.com/a/PVZZeCx https://imgur.com/a/kXa5UuO https://imgur.com/a/GZoPkpx https://imgur.com/a/0E1Y23T https://imgur.com/a/NOlRipt https://imgur.com/a/OW9nibV https://imgur.com/a/7osxlJj
  15. Hello, i'm buying prision map for roleplay server, text me in PM.
  16. Hey, I am looking for NGRP / LSRP scripts, anyway PM me for further information.
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