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  2. Buying level 3 LSRP acc $10

    title says it all, we'll use hustle lawyer as a MM, unless ur rep is high ill go first.
  3. [WTS] Cheap LS-RP cash & guns

    Will buy 10 packaged AKs, contact me. I'll go first.
  4. Today
  5. Buying LSRP Money

    I won’t buy 1 million for $20
  6. Buying LSRP Money

    Maybe taking a look at @$hustle might be a better alternative than seeing if anyone is selling... I know for a fact that Hustle is still selling money, how much he has available that you'd have to have himself.. Below is a link to his thread. https://www.multimart.org/topic/5-selling-ls-rp-money-guns-secure-ls-rp-money-network/
  7. Buying LSRP Money

    Still buying money, anybody available to sell?
  8. [WTS] Cheap LS-RP cash & guns

    I'm interested in this.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Hello. I'm selling a few millions on LS-RP. $7 per million and $3 each packaged AK-47. Deals through main man HUSTLE G.
  11. 1,000 members

    Over 2500 now
  12. Editting post

    It is useful in case something is spelt wrong
  13. Hi

    Hi I am new on this site. Any tips?
  14. We're 7D2DServerHosting, and our service is built from the ground-up for 7 Days to Die. No TCAdmin or other generic control panels, we made a custom web app for configuring and managing your servers. https://7d2dserverhosting.com Our custom web app lets you: Automatically deploy your server in minutes. Modify your serverconfig options. Update/restart/reset your server. Make/restore backups. Manage in-game admins. In addition, we also offer: FTP and Telnet support. As much CPU and RAM as your server needs. 2-day free trial and 7-day money-back guarantee to all new customers, so you've got nothing to lose!
  15. The Talk Topic - Moe's Tavern

    You love it really
  16. Merry Christmas!

    This is nearly a year old now
  17. Weird looking theme?

    Mine is fine
  18. If you have a chance, pop on discord: https://discord.gg/BjaVGux and we will further discuss it there. Also, I like your website. Simple but to the point. Great use of images. Certainly has me interested.
  19. GTA V FiveM is one of the most popular programs to be able to run multiplayer modded servers. I would love to help out
  20. Kar's Cops And Robbers

    @Kar Nice to see you back, shame that its once a month and you're not active in the community as much; However, regardless of that you still Support Multimart and haven't really had anything against it. All the best, Austin "TheOnlyDroid"
  21. Apologies to hijack this thread, however how popular is GTA V FiveM and if we created a dedicated GTA section on this forum, would you like to help out?
  22. Server Information Website: www.lvcnr.net Server IP: server.lvcnr.net:7777 IRC Server: irc.tl IRC Channel: #lvcnr (Echo Chan: #lvcnr.echo) FB: https://www.facebook.com/KCNRSAMP or https://tinyurl.com/kcnrsamp TWEET BIRD: http://twitter.com/kcnrdev or https://tinyurl.com/kcnrdev Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGTzjFtjH1o Gameplay / Script Information At Kar's Cops And Robbers (Originally Las Venturas Cops And Robbers), I am the only scripter. I've scripted this gamemode solely since 2010. From what started out to be Las Venturas Cops And Robbers for 3 years, is now Kar's Cops and Robbers of August 1st 2013. Reason behind this name change is that the server has been expanding over the years and is still yet based in Las Venturas, but does not feature everything in Las Venturas anymore. We try to visualize and create the perfect Cops And Robbers server, but also relating it to Grand Theft Auto as much as possible. We are enhancing the basic systems of GTA to make the interactivity more creative. Instead of 1 player robbing a store, we made it so that 8 players can rob a store. Instead of 1 player robbing a bank, we made it so that 4 players could rob a bank. Instead of 2 players street racing, we made it so that 6 players can street race together. By enhancing these basic systems and putting full effort into developing them, we've created some of the most fun features ever. Players enjoy robbing and street racing in groups. These are basic everyday criminal activities. Everything is visualized as playing with other players to enhance the fun of it instead of playing by yourself. I have also taken the liberty to improve the amount of crimes in Grand Theft Auto, by adding what is known to be a very common real life crime. Stick-ups. Yes I said it, we have stick-ups in SA-MP. Never has this been seen before. Come and check it out. At KCNR we've also balanced out criminals and law enforcement. With our unique arresting system, criminals can now escape arrests by attempting to break the cuffs, and with a utility clothing item, they have a better chance at it. You can also escape by entering vehicles. The way we Grand Theft Auto is better than the original Grand Theft Auto (We added MORE UNSTOPPABLE FUN). We have enhanced the original GTA aspects and made them even more interactive and fun. I hope you enjoy your stay at Kar's Cops And Robbers. The Features San Andreas Customs - Dynamic vehicle tuning system with custom spoilers, neons and more! Dynamic Personal Vehicle system Dynamic Robbery System (alarms, CCTVs, law enforcement all play their roles) Dynamic inventory / item system Stick-up system Dynamic Clothing System Utilities system where clothing items can be used as utilities to help you in-game Business System Housing System with renting, storage and more! Mechanic System Realistic Visualization - this means showing real actions (example /puke showing real vomiting or robbing a store shows money being robbed) A visual pet system where you can actually SEE the pets you purchase Pet dying feature whereas you can change the colour of your pet! Garbage System where players can poop garbage and spread infections. Garbage men there to keep San Andreas clean Diseases such as The Virus the only disease that can be spread by puking Vehicle Respraying with spraycans Airplane Flight System with skydiving GTA:SA's kickstart challenge Fuel System - fuel is supplied by the oil refinery in Green Palms around the server, players must deliver fuel to petrol stations around San Andreas Battlefield Style Spotting Visual Contact System (BSSVCS) Aiming at a player (targeting them with the green arrow) then pressing your Group Forward button, defaulting as Y Optional gameplay settings such as 1st Person Driving (You choose how to want to play) Automated Donations (Bonds) Account recovery system (using E-Mail) In-game Leaderboards Custom siren light system Dynamic Weather Interpolation System Extensive Government / Taxation system Group / Gang System Vehicle bullet resistance feature Chase system which includes placing All Points Bulletin on criminals Achievement system KCNR Radio - Become a DJ and play music for all of the community to listen and share Criminals: Group Robbery System Turfing System Grand Theft Auto Car Bombs (from all GTAs) Drug Production (Clandestine Chemistry) System Drug Planting, Harvesting and Consumption System Human Trafficking through Kidnappers! Warehouse Robberies Street Racing (challenging other players to all different types of races) Law Enforcement: Law Enforcement Siren System Dirty / Good Cop system! Perfect SWAT Abseiling (Rappelling / Roping) S.W.A.T Roadblocks Many sub-teams (FBI, Army, Street Patrol, CIA, Dirty Cops AKA Tenpenny and the C.R.A.S.H team) Emergency (Medics and Firefighting): Medic Healing System with spray cans Linked Emergency system between medics and firefighters A REAL Firefighting system Fires can start anywhere from Forests to Stores! Missions: Mail, House, Plane, Securicar, Fuel, and Cemetary Deliveries Tow Truck Missions Garbage Collection Missions News Reporter Missions S.W.A.T House Drug Raiding Missions Goods Smuggling Missions GTA-SA Original Quarry Missions Paramedic Spray Healing Missions Air Trafficking missions (with dynamic random situations) The possibilities in this server has no limits, there are too many features to explain. Come out and play to enjoy with the rest of the world! Server Media Quad Neons Stick ups Promo video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpO3Oo2FNcU Our most famous unique robbery (Warehouse Robbery) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TODapB5jvik Another major robbery http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TohSVDT-Cts
  23. Looking for an amazing GTA V FiveM roleplay community to join? Virus City is the one. Our server includes all of the latest and greatest server side scripts with amazingly detailed California patrol cars. To learn more or even join, check our site out at https://www.viruscityrp.com. We are in need and are accepting dispatchers, officers, and civilians so if you are interested and want to learn more, click the link and follow the easy steps to get started. Thanks for checking us out, and I hope to see you join!

    Locking this topic. You've ignored all my replies thus indicating you may not have a game-mp account at all.
  25. Last week

    I update the post, the account has not yet been sold - In case of sale of a space in the list, the price is $ 30. Review terms and conditions at: www.sa-mp.com/service_agreement.txt
  27. Selling RC-RP Money

    I've been asked to middleman for this because I know about security with SAMP roleplay server OOC trades. My skype is hustle.lawyer
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