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  2. 1. Main Gamemode has 2 version - English / Russian. About the gamemode code: https://imgur.com/a/ma3abJG UCP: https://imgur.com/a/rUd96Jb I am selling a fully dynamic gamemode with UCP registration (you can switch in game registration). I'm selling copies of the game mode More than 1000 commands! I am the developer of the mode and its sole owner 2. Prices: gamemode : 85€ UCP: 16€ 3. Short description: Emphasis was placed on dynamic systems. Some systems have improved copying from the LSRP/RCRP. The module was written for 2 years, ex
  3. Last week
  4. Well, I am looking for a basic roleplay script. By that I mean that includes jobs as well as factions (legals and illegals), it should include banking system, as well as activity and inactivity sytem ( for propreties and vehicles). It would be desirable that it includes donation system or donator ranks so that certain ranks have more privilages. I think this is pretty common in most of the samp scripts. Also, it should have car/bike renting system without bugs. Driving licence school, etc. Basicly, all roleplay systems. Yeah, like this is just a tiny little bit of things that I would like t
  5. Hello cyber people :D I am searching for a scriptor who could create a game mode for a sa-mp server. I am looking for someone with an experiance who could create and modify the script the way I'd like to. Unfortuantely I have no idea how to script but am willing to pay. Now, the most important thing for me is that you are very familiar with a pawno and the way that samp works. I am looking for someone who could make the script in english so that I could translate it later on to my native language. If there is anyone willing to work, please let me know, you can dm me.
  6. bump script updated with latest features and server test
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  8. Title says it all, please show screens. All deals will be held on site. $30 budget.
  11. I have a host to test the script Hmu
  12. Great service! Will help with any questions and deliver within given time. I will definitely order here again!
  13. I been scripting RageMP and AltV for a long time, I got a nice workflow and great code writing Programming Skill: HTML & CSS Javascript C# PHP DM for more information and my previous work! NOTE: I'm not looking for a longterm job. and I'm not doing server update for RageMP unless you paying well
  14. Hello I can do custom script but not for a longterm, dm for discord
  15. i got imrp v8 im looking for lsrp
  16. if you buy his gamemode send me it too =D
  17. I do have LSRP script including the BETA UCP. If you're interested PM me.
  18. Hello I am looking for a gamemode that have everything needed to roleplay properly. Needs to have a well functioning faction system such as LSPD and a jail/prison. Needs to have a working illegal faction system with either drugs or/and illegal weapons. Must also have a lot of fuctions such as businesses and so on. Scripts that have a lot of features like RC-RP, PR-RP and LS-RP? Paying good for the right script.
  19. Looking for gamemode that is advanced with some of the key factors: - Login with character memory - Inventory on character/vehicles - job system for car routes -emt/fire system factory -police factory -mafia/gangster factory -crafting for drugs for inventory -weapon system integrated with inventory with ammo and clips -car dealer ship - fuel system for cars - speedometer box at bottom corner. - houses, stores, prison, pd,emt,fire and much more. Message me here if you have this.
  20. i got greenside ucp in portugues no bugs. offer me. greenside.is-great.net
  21. Selling OGRP (P:LA) Script Images: https://imgur.com/a/3riAh7a https://imgur.com/a/cZlPhLZ
  22. i have this gamemode with ucp uploaded www.greenside.is-great.net
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