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  2. Lousterrr

    [SELLING] LS-RP Weaponry

  3. The interview questions for both factions are completely random and there is no right or wrong answer to any of them. Also, the PD manual gets leaked constantly so theres really no reason to pay for it.
  4. Gonna open this back up and see how it goes. If you need an application written send me a PM here on the forums.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Taariq

    [SELLING] LS-RP Weaponry

    As said in the title, selling guns, have 10 left Prices: M4 - 3€ per each MP5 - 2.5€ per each Desert Eagle - 2€ per each Screenshot (taken for one of the members of multimart): https://imgur.com/a/0xlP8hK Accepting paypal only!
  7. Miller021

    [LS-RP] Selling GUNS

    trade guns for other guns
  8. The weekly news for the server can be read at https://forum.eastsidegaming.net/thread-225.html
  9. Iwantgunslol

    LS-RP cash for sale

    Still available?
  10. funds

    [Buying] RP or DM gamemode

    Contact me via PMs or we can talk on discord... I am selling both of these the LSRP Script and the FoCo TDM Script but I am not selling them for cheap check out my threads and if you are interested contact me. ---- MY DISCORD IS ON MY THREADS.
  11. FoCo Team Deathmatch Script Damage System GUIs/INTERFACE System Clan/Group System Custom Donation System Administrator/Moderator System Stats System Score/Money System LOTS MORE.... [------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------] I am really not that interested in having my time wasted if you are actually interested in buying this contact me via Discord I can use a middle-man and prove that anything I am offering is legit. DISCORD: funds#8817 -- $20+ DEALS ONLY I WILL MAKE THE BIDS HIGHER AFTER I GET OFFERS.
  12. Los Santos Roleplay Replica Script - LITTLE TO NO BUGS! Drug System -- 100% Complete Trucker / Mechanic / Fishing / Taxi Driver / Theft Jobs -- 100% Complete Phone System -- 50% Complete Vehicle System -- 100% Complete Weapon / Package System -- 100% Complete Damages / Brutally Wounded / Death Mode System -- 100% Complete Housing System -- 100% Complete Clothing System -- 100% Complete Business System -- 100% Complete Faction / Warehouse System -- 100% Complete Currently, the script uses in-game stores to change skins but this can be changed and connected to the UCP as well as the donation system. The script is already in ENGLISH. UCP This UCP is custom made but is in a different language it is not that hard to be translated I just have not thought about taking the time to do all of it. It has skin changing features and the donation features from the LSRP UCP. It also holds several other things that resemble the LSRP UCP. [------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------] I am really not that interested in having my time wasted if you are actually interested in buying this contact me via Discord I can use a middle-man and prove that anything I am offering is legit. DISCORD: funds#8817 -- $30+ DEALS ONLY I WILL MAKE THE BIDS HIGHER AFTER I GET OFFERS.
  13. Last week
  14. As you guys know, 18th today, and La Piscis Grande Casino is opening and my pockets ain't filled with goods though. I'm buying LSRP multiple millions
  15. MendezR

    $8 mil. LSRP - cheap

    i'm up to it
  16. This guy is 100% percent real he just made me an UCP+ account!
  17. daMasked

    $8 mil. LSRP - cheap

    Still selling. The deal will be secured via $hustle.
  18. DANON3

    $8 mil. LSRP - cheap

  19. Why you think that? I do it deal with him and there was no problem I recomended this guy
  20. Go ahead to Community Complaints section and report me if you have proof that I scammed some1 until that, U can just keep bullshitting. I calmly told you that I'm not selling $ anymore, u just salty.
  21. IntroductionEpic Century Roleplay is a medium roleplay server, which utilizes the 0.3,7 version of SAMP. It is a server based on the community, which is us giving the players what they want, to make the server a better experience to play on. The staff are friendly and always willing to help!So why Epic Century?Like mentioned, the server is purely for the community, it has owners who enjoy SAMP and have been playing for a decade, who have the knowledge of what makes a good server to play on. Which is what makes it that bit better.What do we have to offer?We offer a range of factions, so there will be one suitable for you. San Andreas Police Department Los Santos Fire and Medical Department San Andreas Government Federal Bureau of Investigations San Andreas News There will be public families which are Grove Street Families and Glen Park Ballas, there will also be families which you can make yourself, so go ahead and gather your friends and show us your creation!We also have a group script, which allows you to be in a group and a faction at the same time, which can be very useful. For groups, we offer a Hitman Agency, aswell a Drug Distribution group (i.e Cartel) which we are yet to launch at the time of this being posted.You can interact with AI's, they will give you a task and you will be able to earn rewards in return of completing the tasks. We also have the core features such as the ability to use gas stations, DMV, IC/OOC prisons, cellphones, all of the things you require to roleplay to the max.So where to find us? Our forum is http://ec-rp.com Server IP: Discord: https://discord.gg/U5m5Srp If you require any additional help, or you have any questions feel free to ask us on either discord or our forum, we'll be sure to answer them! Hope to see you roleplaying!
  22. Do not buy anything of this guy, He's a scammer and makes new accounts on this forum to make his self look legit, me and sami posted on his last thread screen shots and he deleted them, I wouldn't even recommend buying anything from anyone here. He's also changed his name on discord to ha$her to try and scam more people. Be warned.
  23. Hi, I have had my own server and I decided to close it because of low interest my admins had. I have been developing the script actively, and it used to have a good playerbase and the players have liked the script. The script has no bugs and it is simple but unique for players. I will note down some features it has: - Dynamic Clan System (All configurable ingame) - Advanced Admin System (All logs of players are registered into the database, admins can view anything). - Advanced Report System (It's a report system very useful for admins and players, it is very very similiar to the one LS-RP currently has). - 10 deathmatch arenas - Advanced Ban / Unban System - FULL MYSQL [Running on the last MySQL version]. There are more things the script has which I wouldn't bother writing here. If you're interested, PM me on discord: Clay#8595
  24. If everyone wondering for server test, here you go, quick note, I DO NOT own this server but they're using the same script as I do. Address: server.ss-roleplay.net:7777
  25. Does anyone know what kind of anti PF license abuse LS-RP has?
  26. Taariq

    [SELLING] LS-RP Account

    As I said in the title, I got an LS-RP account to sell, for more info and a screenshot contact me in PM. Acc is level 17, has 6.9m
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