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    I want to delete my account
  6. // This is a comment // uncomment the line below if you want to write a filterscript //#define FILTERSCRIPT #include <a_samp> #if defined FILTERSCRIPT public OnFilterScriptInit() { print("\n--------------------------------------"); print(" Blank Filterscript by your name here"); print("--------------------------------------\n"); return 1; } public OnFilterScriptExit() { return 1; } #else main() { print("\n----------------------------------"); print(" Thomas' Script"); print("----------------------------------\n"); } #endif #define MAX_PLAYERS 50 static MainAccount [MAX_PLAYERS] { new AccountName[MAX_PLAYERS] = string[128], new AccountID[MAX_PLAYERS], new AccountCharacters[MAX_PLAYERS], new AccountPassword[MAX_PLAYERS] = string[128], new AccountUnqSecurity[MAX_PLAYERS] = string[128], new AccountLastLogin[MAX_PLAYERS] = string[64], } public OnGameModeInit() { // Don't use these lines if it's a filterscript SetGameModeText("Script"); AddPlayerClass(0, 1958.3783, 1343.1572, 15.3746, 269.1425, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0); return 1; } public OnGameModeExit() { return 1; } public OnPlayerRequestClass(playerid, classid) { SetPlayerPos(playerid, 1958.3783, 1343.1572, 15.3746); SetPlayerCameraPos(playerid, 1958.3783, 1343.1572, 15.3746); SetPlayerCameraLookAt(playerid, 1958.3783, 1343.1572, 15.3746); return 1; } public OnPlayerConnect(playerid) { return 1; } public OnPlayerDisconnect(playerid, reason) { MainAccount[playerid][AccountLastLogin] = date; return 1; } public OnPlayerSpawn(playerid) { return 1; } public OnPlayerDeath(playerid, killerid, reason) { return 1; } public OnVehicleSpawn(vehicleid) { return 1; } public OnVehicleDeath(vehicleid, killerid) { return 1; } public OnPlayerText(playerid, text[]) { return 1; } public OnPlayerCommandText(playerid, cmdtext[]) { if (strcmp("/mycommand", cmdtext, true, 10) == 0) { // Do something here return 1; } return 0; } public OnPlayerEnterVehicle(playerid, vehicleid, ispassenger) { return 1; } public OnPlayerExitVehicle(playerid, vehicleid) { return 1; } public OnPlayerStateChange(playerid, newstate, oldstate) { return 1; } public OnPlayerEnterCheckpoint(playerid) { return 1; } public OnPlayerLeaveCheckpoint(playerid) { return 1; } public OnPlayerEnterRaceCheckpoint(playerid) { return 1; } public OnPlayerLeaveRaceCheckpoint(playerid) { return 1; } public OnRconCommand(cmd[]) { return 1; } public OnPlayerRequestSpawn(playerid) { return 1; } public OnObjectMoved(objectid) { return 1; } public OnPlayerObjectMoved(playerid, objectid) { return 1; } public OnPlayerPickUpPickup(playerid, pickupid) { return 1; } public OnVehicleMod(playerid, vehicleid, componentid) { return 1; } public OnVehiclePaintjob(playerid, vehicleid, paintjobid) { return 1; } public OnVehicleRespray(playerid, vehicleid, color1, color2) { return 1; } public OnPlayerSelectedMenuRow(playerid, row) { return 1; } public OnPlayerExitedMenu(playerid) { return 1; } public OnPlayerInteriorChange(playerid, newinteriorid, oldinteriorid) { return 1; } public OnPlayerKeyStateChange(playerid, newkeys, oldkeys) { return 1; } public OnRconLoginAttempt(ip[], password[], success) { return 1; } public OnPlayerUpdate(playerid) { return 1; } public OnPlayerStreamIn(playerid, forplayerid) { return 1; } public OnPlayerStreamOut(playerid, forplayerid) { return 1; } public OnVehicleStreamIn(vehicleid, forplayerid) { return 1; } public OnVehicleStreamOut(vehicleid, forplayerid) { return 1; } public OnDialogResponse(playerid, dialogid, response, listitem, inputtext[]) { return 1; } public OnPlayerClickPlayer(playerid, clickedplayerid, source) { return 1; }
  7. Saint City Roleplay is an English roleplay server focused primarily on a heavy roleplay environment. The community is relatively new, however development towards the gamemode has been pushed beyond the current standards of predecessors. There are a variety of features on Saint City Roleplay, ranging from (but not limited to) the corpse script, the modshop and the illegal faction script which offers a whole new area of illegal roleplay. Below is an in depth explanation of some of our core features at Saint City Roleplay. To avoid confusion on our initial launch, we decided it would best to let you know how everything works, so you aren't wasting time wondering what to do! Weapons: We have taken a different approach on how weapons will be attainable by both unofficial and official faction members. Once your faction is up and running, assuming you are the leader of said faction, you will be able to access a special number through any available payphone on the server. Simply type /payphone to open the dialog. Next, dial 77444. Once your call has been put through, you will be greeted by a stranger who will offer you a list of weapons, which are each categorized respectfully. Keep in mind that you may only order a crate of six weapons every 48 hours, with weapons like the M4 and AK-47 being generated by chance, so they won't always be available! Weapon Crates: Once you have completed your weapon order through the payphone dialog and paid the weapon dealer, a crate containing the weapons you have ordered will spawn in a random location, mostly in Red County and rarely in Las Venturas. You will need any kind of pickup truck or van to complete the smuggle. Once you have arrived at the drop off location, simply head to the crate and grab it with the crate commands (/crate). You then take it to your pickup or van of choice, and press N to drop it inside. Each time you place a crate, an object of that crate spawns in the vehicle. Each vehicle has its own limit to the amount of crates it can store at once, so you will need to work as a team if you are planning on stealing crates from another faction! Vehicles which are usable for smuggling crates along with the amount they can hold are shown below. Vehicles Usable: Bobcat - Amount of crates: 1 Yosemite - Amount of crates: 4 Sadler, Pony, Rumpo & Rancher - Amount of crates: 2 Walton, Burrito - Amount of crates: 3 Narcotics: Narcotics on Saint City Roleplay are very unique in their own way. Narcotics definitely give a balanced advantage, with their own respective addiction and overdose rates. Depending on the type of drug, some offer max health increases and small increases to your current health, which is capped at a set maximum health value for each drug. For example, if you choose to take methamphetamine, it would offer a fast increase in maximum health and a moderate increase to current health, increasing each time you use it. However, use too much in a short period and you are more than likely to overdose, so use wisely! If you managed to take enough without overdosing, then your withdrawal symptoms (addiction) will soon kick in. You will find out more about this system on our server, as explaining more here would do it no justice! Garages: Our latest addition to Saint City Roleplay are garages. You're now able to purchase a garage which will be linked to your house by a member of staff, assuming your house meets the standards of course! Garage types range from one car to four car, and you're able to enter/exit your house and garage from either counterpart. Like other properties, garages can be locked, so it's a useful way to prevent vehicle theft and in general, car robberies (as these will be present). To enter a garage, simply approach it on foot or in a vehicle. You will be shown a panel to the right of your screen, displaying the information of that property, such as the address of the house it is linked too along with the garage type. To enter, simply press Y which is also the hotkey for most enter/exit situations on our server. Your vehicle will be assigned a slot within the garage and you're now good to go! You can remove it at any time by entering the car and pressing Y again, to exit the garage. Storing Items: Storing items on our server is as unique as it gets! When you place a weapon inside a vehicle, an object is spawned which you must then adjust to fit in your vehicle accordingly, up to a maximum of live weapons per vehicle! When you first open the trunk dialog, you're shown a list of options, the first ones being storage for general items, such as food or even weapon packages, and such. At the bottom you can view your vehicle's live weapon storage. Live weapons are weapons which have been unpackaged and are actually shown on the player. House Storage: Just like storing a live weapon in a vehicle, when you store it in a house, the corresponding object also appears which you will again, have to adjust to fit in the house. To retrieve said weapon, you would have to be in range of it before you could do so, as this brings the system more to life. To store narcotics or cash, you will need to purchase a Money Safe from the furniture store (/furniture buy inside house). You will then need to make sure it's open before typing /storage view to be shown the inventory dialog for your selected house. Safes can be opened/closed and locked. Your safe would have to be open for other people to gain access to it, however if they shoot it a few times, it will open regardless! Corpses: When you inevitably and unfortunately die, after typing /kill a corpse with your skin and name will appear at the location of which you perished. It will display what kind of wounds you had when you died, such as gunshot wounds or blunt trauma. Each corpse can be interacted with by typing /corpse to view all available commands for this area. You can place them in your vehicle, drag them and even dispose them assuming it has been properly roleplayed under admin supervision! Feature Preview: Modshop: Weapon objects: Jobs: Illegal Factions: Enjoy my script guys, and if you are looking for a cheap dev to dev the script with your server i am charging 100 dollars for the server i am deving on, and the 100 dollars is forever like until you close the server i am going to leave (( I can't upload the script cause it is 5 MB add me on discord so i can upload it for you guys if u are interested Dodoman#7435 )
  8. Don’t have 60 but I have 15 in stock right now. Hit me up.
  9. 15 Million currently in stock. Contact me if interested.
  10. Maccer


    Hello, Multimart Community, I am, Maccer. Currently attending my first year of college and using the money made through my services to help support me with college fees and dues. No interest in scamming I am down to use middlemans until I have a stable reputation if you are interested in anything contact me via Private Messages and I will respond as soon as possible. Have a nice day.
  11. Currently in stock if you still interested contact me.
  12. LS:RP Money, Application, Guides, Guns, Drugs, Accounts & Much More Private SA:MP Modifications Contact me via Private Messages. New Thread Coming Soon.
  13. Got a decent amount of private skins if you are interested contact me via forum private messages.
  14. Last week
  15. I'm looking to buy a bunch of guns for LS-RP, I'm willing to pay 20$
  16. Hello guys, i'm searching for Gangwar, i only find RolePlays here. Maybe someone has one. Thank you.
  17. I'm looking to buy around 20m, I can pay through paypal!
  18. Won't suggest you trying to use ammo hack, personally had bad expirience.
  19. samp.os-rp.com:7777 https://discord.io/os-rp https://forum.os-rp.com Old School Roleplay may be young in comparison to many alternative San Andreas Multiplayer servers out there, but our experience possess years of community management along with development team. Old School Roleplay plans on growing at a steady rate while primarily focusing on the needs and suggestions of our vibrant community, which is home to a subtle mix of different personalities, characters and individuals. We are a place where your dreams become true. It's a place which provides fun and professionalism. We're offering you a quality level of Role Play which allows you to join factions/gangs and become whoever you'd like to become one day. Old School Roleplay prides itself as a unique setting in and among the large number of roleplay servers readily available within the San Andreas Multiplayer community, where many players may often struggle to find a suitable server to fit in and call home. Especially when there are a number of large player based servers who often fail to provide its player base with the necessary support and encouragement that many players crave in order to truly enjoy their free time online. Here, we encourage creativity. This is what makes Old School Roleplay different from the rest, our love for giving you a canvas to be as creative as you want to be without any hassle. With a highly experienced, dedicated staff team and a friendly, reasonably mature group of players, new users can join us with confidence, knowing that they will always meet new friends and discover a new wave of creativity here at Old School Roleplay. Factions are a fundamental aspect of Old School Roleplay. We aim to reward active and high-quality factions over time with fun, beneficial, and exciting perks which will be discussed with the faction directly. Introducing our new “tiered faction” systems, active development defines the long lasting development of a faction here. There are no limitations to what factions you can make as long as you can imagine it, which is why we welcome a whole host of unique concepts that fit within Los Santos. Cops. Mobsters. Thugs, gangsters. Business owners, bankers, judges, lawyers. Whatever you want to be. If you're struggling with faction ideas, we implore you to contact members of our specially designated faction management to help you come to terms with what you want. They can help support, advise, and provide additional help DIRECTLY TO YOU, to help your faction concept come to life. Already, Old School Roleplay features a variety of legal and illegal roleplay factions for you to enjoy, which all help to provide active and high-quality roleplay within the community. Access to firearms and drugs are provided to illegal factions that prove to be active and successful. Old School Roleplay enforces medium roleplay standards with a firm, but inherently friendly approach. For players who are new to our community, we offer leniency and an opportunity to expand their creativity, thanks to our staff who are ready to assist and teach them everything they need to know in order to learn a better way. This ensures that even the newest or inexperienced players have the opportunity to create or become something big, in our world. Events Old School Roleplay hosts events in game, either it be a property opening such as a bar or club, or even server based events such as natural disasters, holiday events, and much more. You can expect to discover a world of casinos, nightclubs, themed events and everything else in between. Many of the events are player created, whereas others may be produced by the staff team. Professions There are plans for a number of different professions on Old School Roleplay. Currently we have a bunch of jobs, starting with Pizzaboy delivery, Trucker, Courier and so many more! At the start, every player is encouraged to start a business, give it a try, after receiving a bank loan through in character means. But as far as what we have right now, these are great ways of making money in the beginning stages of developing your character. We are actively developing new professions such as landscaping, construction companies, any type of mom and pop business you can begin to imagine. The number of professions a player can make money with will only grow along with our playerbase. Remember, we love creativity! Staff Team Old School Roleplay consists of a number of small teams that are made from players from within our community, such as developers, mappers, administrators, etc. Each team has their own role and tasks in order to make sure that every aspect of the community and server runs as smoothly as possible. Players who show a strong understanding of the community and the server, along with a genuine and courteous attitude towards players will often be invited into the staff team in order to provide their level of expertise and knowledge in helping the management of the community. The staff in Old School Roleplay sacrifice their time and energy to make this a wonderful experience for you, the player. However, they’re not here to tally up everything they do for you, they’re here to help, so please be as respectful as you can, and we promise that they will be nothing but the MOST respectful, back. Illegal Faction - Gangs There are plenty of gangs in our server. From street gang to mafia and cartel, It doesn't matter. If you like life full of murders, drugs, prostitution you can join any gang but if you wish you can even open your own. It only require a background story on our forums stated above. Being a part of a gang is very dangerous, each gang is supposed to claim territories as much as they can, this will cause beef so you can go ahead and war with other gangs but not only this, Police Department will also try to do anything to shut your gang down. Being in a gang gives you a lot of abilities, starting from gun crafting, drugs and so many more. Each gang has its own secret warehouse where they can do illegal stuff, remember if PD find out where your gang warehouse is located, they can clean and shut it down. So be careful who you trust! Each gang has its own type of representing, one of them is gang bandana, this gives your gang more reputation in the city of Los Santos, so whenever you do something that will gain your gang reputation, make sure you are wearing your bandana! The end Tired of reading the same story as to why you should join a server well it doesn't stop here. Old School Roleplay is where a community focus on the players. Actually take their input and taking it in to consideration when making a decision. We are about communicating with the community and making them feel like their voice is heard. We welcome everyone and anyone to join us, the family we have formed that you can be a part of as well. What are you waiting for! Join us now, get yourself a job and make a name in the world of Old School Roleplay! samp.os-rp.com:7777 https://discord.io/os-rp https://forum.os-rp.com
  20. hello when rip more rcrp features ? many thanks, potential buyer edit: does it have working stingers ?
  21. Its an 2013-14 leaked you can test it yourself.
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