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  3. Hello, I bought this gamemode county 2 years ago, and literally gave up on SAMP, so I'm selling it, it will be included: If you wanna buy, contact me here on multmart by Private message. Full gamemode + maps + database + ucp Prices: Gamemode + database = 45$ UCP = 25$ MAIN LANGUAGE: ENGLISH But theres a system to make the translater eazy The gamemode is full dynamic and in Modules. Perfect organization. Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/fLdoi7F = UCP https://imgur.com/a/FZZDvFI = gamemode PS: I don't work with samp anymore, so I'm not supporting
  4. Issue was not resolved. New procedures have been implemented, new advice has been given to the community and this Community Complaint has been resolved
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  6. Hi all, The sub-forum 'Archive' for 'Items' has been hidden. It has been bought to our attention that this board is being used maliciously and information posted in that board may no longer be accurate. As a result, topics may mislead members and result in scams. However, members part of MultiMart Insider will still be able to view all topics in this board. MultiMart Management will priortise support for MultiMart Insiders, giving advice where appropriate. I believe the combination of the extra support available and wider access to posts for MultiMart Insider members, users would be
  7. added LS-RP like trucking, and drugs script added furniture interact system (different furniture has it's feature like each safe feature has it's storage, door can be locked or unlocked) added garage script added boombox script it can be placed in vehicle, and house or business (using 3D sound like SA-MP) revamp char creator and customization leasing price is 100$ per month and with a fully support (you'll getting update every month) (no access to the source code) buyout: send a offer
  8. Don't trust John, he's a scammer. Be aware! Don't no-one buy from him!
  9. Alright, so - we had a deal I sent him £50 over Western Union because apparently PayPal isn't allowed in his Tunisian country. (Which I've later found out to be a lie, he lives in the US.) I sent him the money, then he later on sent me the RC-RP account. I logged into the account, later finding out it was banned. Reasons: "Attempted scam/OOC trading across servers". I filed a fraud complaint already through Western Union, they looked into it. Not had my money refunded. I'd like to give this guy a chance to send me my money back, an we can be on good terms. Worst part is, this was money I was g
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  11. Rxse

    let me buy acocunt?

  12. [BUYING] GTA:WORLD CASH, GUNS & DRUGS! Let me know what chu got, and less get this done. Scam me and I'll slap your mum no cap.
  13. Hello all, Recently there has been a surge of sellers posting in the Items board (hijacking post). Many of these posts have been soft deleted, and no warnings were issued. If you are a seller, please consider subscribing to MultiMart Insider. MultiMart Insider price has been reduced and gives you extra perks and permission to post in the Items board. We want to continue developing MultiMart; however, the site does have a high maintenance cost. The upkeep includes paying for the domain, website hosting and forum software. We would love to incorporate more features such as an auto
  14. Hi all, If you are selling, please subscribe to MultiMart Insider and create your own topic. There appears to be a large interest in GTA WORLD items and our platform would help facilitate transactions. I will be locking this topic for 48hrs. In the meantime, if you do want to sell a product please contact @tut0via MultiMart message. Kind Regards, Husky.
  15. I still got cash, guns, drugs and also I can give the trick how to do the ammo bug ( basically you can get your ammo returned after firing them )
  16. Got some cash in GTA world
  17. Still looking for someone trust worthy Do you still have guns for sale?
  18. where should i find this guy? any emails on him?
  19. The title says it all. I'm selling a WTLS Copy. PM Me for more.
  20. The title says it all. I'm offering Scripting services and also selling scripts. Roleplay, DM and DM.
  21. Anything you need homie. Hit me up. - Including [Unlimited Ammo on GTA:W] [Undetected]
  22. Hello and welcome to MultiMart. Be sure to read the TOS and Community Guidelines.
  23. wassuh my fellow cripster
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