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  1. Yesterday
  2. Vouch for him, We did transactions many many times and we will be do, I can't say bad word on him, because he is very very trustable man for a long time, you won't find another on Multimart
  3. Sell GTA RP application, PD, Sheriffs, etc Sell Accounts on different roleplay servers and money.
  4. accepting also steam items/gift cards 16 mil money cash account Overall 795,009 1,342 23,811,900 Attack 521,823 80 2,125,007 Defence 546,504 79 1,933,338 Strength 838,034 80 2,001,056 Hitpoints 832,380 80 2,117,164 Ranged 1,206,765 70 766,850 Prayer 933,163 54 158,859 Magic 1,231,632 66 510,245 Cooking 1,032,807 65 449,575 Woodcutting 367,231 77 1,552,978 Fletching 705,569 68 647,524 Fishing 742,789 66 544,987 Firemaking 212,153 88 4,601,609 Crafting 751,478 62 349,983 Smithing 696,066 60 301,307 Mining 83,538 87 4,077,953 Herblore 606,077 58 225,888 Agility 1,656,988 35 23,667 Thieving 984,556 50 109,239 Slayer 493,240 75 1,296,634 Runecraft 894,231 32 17,149 Construction 1,400,677 8 888 Minigame Rank Score Clue Scrolls (all) 1,161,350 2 Clue Scrolls (easy) 962,844 1 Clue Scrolls (medium) 837,503 1 Wintertodt 141,087 271
  5. Accepting also steam items/gift cards Level 190 1,4k attack power 2,4 defense power pet level 11
  6. Accepting steam items/gift cards level 53 (old account) 102 champions 41 total skins owned (1 mythic, 4 Legendary, 9 epic) 35 emotes 57 total icons owned 6 total wards owned
  7. Everything went smooth, big vouch +1
  8. Last week
  9. Welcome to City of Saints Roleplay. This is a light-medium samp roleplay server, but that doesn't mean low tier roleplay will be tolerated. We are currently not hiring any staff, we're handpicking people until further notice. The server uses a tweaked and improved version of San Andreas Roleplay's script, so expect a lot of nostalgia all while keeping your gameplay experience optimized and bug free! We offer a variety of jobs, factions and gangs. If you were a SA RP player in the past, we'll refund your old stats when the server launches. Discord: https://www.multimart.org/K5N3E2d Launch time: 21th of August
  10. A$IA


    Initially I thought it was a scam but then I said fuck it and trusted him. Everything went out smooth, quick and easy. This guy is creative +1
  11. Buying rp gamemodes.
  12. Diverse Roleplay is a an English speaking community that is all about providing the best quality roleplay for their members. We at Diverse Roleplay keep a high standard of roleplay and enforce all of our rules fully. Our staff is trained to act professionally and are the best out there when it comes to punishing rule-breakers and solving in-game problems. The server has a very strict rule of always roleplaying to the best of your ability. Trolling, bad grammar and other impurities in roleplay will be punished by our administrator team. The Diverse Roleplay server uses an edit of the PR-RP script which is being worked on by our development team which consists of highly experienced PAWN developers and mappers. The gamemode all in all is highly developed and has been worked on for multiple years by a couple of different people. Diverse Roleplay has the following features: [*] Default roleplay features such as buyable vehicles, houses and businesses [*]Default rolepaly factions such as LSPD, LSFD, LSG, DOC, San News and Radio Los Santos [*]Default roleplay jobs such as Taxi Driver, Mechanic, Trucker, Pizza Boy, Farmer and Streetsweeper [*]In-game registration system which consists of multiple roleplay related questions which are later submitted to the Helper team to decide if you are qualified to join the roleplay environment or not [*]Inventory system for players, vehicles, houses and businesses that allows players to store their items anywhere [*]Safe system for houses and businesses that allows for players to access that particular house's or businesses' inventory if you have the right combination [*]Vehicle engine and battery life system that requires mechanics to work on your vehicle in order to get you back on the road if you ever break down [*]Weapon clip system that forces more realistic roleplay on players and requires them to reload in a realistic manner [*]Weapon license system which is controlled by the LSPD [*]House and business backdoor system that allows for two entrances into each house or business [*]Marijuana growing and crack cooking system where official factions are given the rights to acquire the required materials to do so [*]Weapon warehouse system where official factions can acquire weapons and regulate the flow of them into the server [*]An attachments system where players can head to the clothing store and design their character to their liking [*] A realistic knock out system where players get knocked out when low on HP. (Melee weapons only) The Script itself has been a work in progress for over 8 years. And is constantly being worked on by Diverse Staff to make roleplay environments more fun and unique with all realism. www.diverseroleplay.com discord.gg/SGWmwh6
  13. Does anyone have a gta world like server script, or any good ragemp roleplay script? Hit me up if you do!
  14. restocked gta:w cash
  15. Earlier
  16. Jasper

    What happened?

    What happened to all the sections where we could sell scripts and stuff? Edit: nvm, everything shows up now.
  17. Advanced SAMP RP script. Tomorrow gonna put up test server so everyone who wants can try it out. Server has UCP where you can see basically everything and admin have all access. To join server you have to apply for RPTest and if suceeded you can join server. I'm selling this because I'm trying to move on to other servers.
  18. lmfao thats so fucking expensive ngl.
  19. BIn 45$
  20. Ultimate Generation Roleplay Monthly Newspaper Website: coming-soon Forums: coming-soon SA-MP IP: sa-mp.me:3772 About Us: Ultimate Generation is a Role-Playing server where you act out the life of the character (real life) you have made. Our server is currently at Medium Role-play level, but we're working hard to make it to Heavy Role-play sometime soon, so rules won't be so strict but you will be still able to find quality Role-Players or actually build a new friendship? Our server is now running for one day, we're investing as much effort as possible to succeed and become another Role-play server, where you will be able to relax, have fun, enjoy and where you will find more friends. I don't have any doubts about that since we're nice friendly staff members and community! This server is owned/managed by James_Collins. Server Features: Event System V.I.P System V.I.P Toys, Health Insurance, Gold Room & Vehicles System House System Business System (24/7 Shop, Ammunation, & Clothes Shop) Gang, Families & Public Services System 2 Hour Weapon Restrictions (to keep Deathmatch at a low) Server Updates Bank Robbery System Easy to use Script Accessories/Toys for your character And Much More..... Jobs: Detective Lawyer Whore Drug Dealer Mechanic Bodyguard Arms Dealer Boxer Taxi Driver Drug Smuggling Craftsman Trucker Public Services: Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) - [Open] Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) - [Open] Fire Department of San Andreas (FDSA) - [Open] Judical System - [Open] The Government - [Open] San Andreas Sheriff Police (SASD) - [Open] Hitman - [Open] San Andreas News (SANews) - [Open] Tierra Robada - [Closed until more players] San Andreas Armed Services (SAAS) - [Closed until more players] Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Q1: How do I get a refund? Answer: Once you get in game, type this in-game /report Refund Request. Note, there must be an Admin Online to give you a refund, check /admins when in-game and If no admins are online when you're in-game request it on our forums in "Administrative Requests". Q2: Who is the owner of Ultimate Generation Roleplay? Answer: James_Collins Q3: How long has UGRP been active? Answer: Only since 29/07/2020 Q4: Are you hiring Staff, Faction, Gang and Family Members? Answer: Yes we are! You can apply on the forums to get them Q5: Are you light, medium or heavy Roleplay Community? Answer: We are a Medium Roleplay community at the moment. Q6: Do you do in-game gifts? Answer: Yes we do! We do them once every one or two months and during special occasions as well. Q7: Why you using free host? Answer: We are currently in beta still, would like everyone's feedback on our server and try to make it the best server you've been on! The End: So if you're looking for new server where you can build totally new life then you're more then welcome at our server! But I would like to ask you to spend just few minutes of your life to connect, to actually see the script, to see what we're offering you, thanks for reading and new life is waiting on you, hope to see you there! Smiley [/list][/list]
  21. Hello, I'm looking for a Vice City map to implement into my server, please pm me if you have one.
  22. Please be aware, "Community Posts" also referred to as "Community Well"(s) are forbidden under our Community Guidelines; Please reference them here (Section 2; Sub-Section 6, Point 1)
  23. Hi, As out-lined in a community post; The Virtual Items section has been re-opened as a "Multimart Insider" exclusive feature.. If you're not willing to spend money to support the platform you wish to use then; To be frank, you don't deserve to use it, we've ran Multimart for years, for free at no charge to anyone on the site; We added advertisements for a short period of time, however chose to remove them due to how invasive they can be. The section will remain a Multimart Insider exclusive feature for the foreseeable future; And the restriction will be in-place as it always has been, even before the section was closed prior to us deciding what we wished to do; We've always had a section in our Community Guidelines about posting in the correct section however it was rarely an issue until the section was closed. The choice to make the Virtual Items board an exclusive feature was the choice of everyone who manages multimart and provides either funding for the site or well needed maintenance and software skills; That as a whole keep the site running for people to use it.. This choice wasn't made our of pure greed, in-fact it was made to ensure that the site is able to fund itself in the long run. As stated before, we've ran the site since 2017; And even prior to that Multimart and Sanandreas Market were entirely free... Which is what people don't seem to understand, multimart isn't ran on a free-host infact its ran on our own servers and requires constant upgrades, security checks and more; Which I provide and have done since 2017, completely free.. To conclude, if you wish to sell Virtual Items; Multimart Insider is available for £11.95 or £21.99 depending on the tier you wish to purchase to support the site; Both have their differences; Which are outlined here Thank you for your post however this is a choice which is staying.
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