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  3. SERVER IP : samp.hc-roleplay.com FORUM : hc-roleplay.com DISCORD : discordapp.com/invite/V8crbDh SERVER VERSION : 0.3.7 ROLEPLAY TYPE : MEDIUM - HEAVY Hiraya Community is a Medium-Heavy Roleplay, the server is based entirely in Los Santos and the commands/scripts are easy to use. We have built our community on the idea that anything are possible. After making many "fail" roleplay servers we've taken the time to look into the problems of the community, and we are trying our best to fix or prevent them. We hope that you will give us the opportunity to be enjoyable and safe community. Hiraya admins are also kind and caring to players, and we are expecting all players is good at roleplaying. But all players are welcome to Hiraya Community, also the will admins view all of the player feedback and suggestions, if a player suggested we will try our best to fulfill the wish of the players. In Hiraya Community you can find a friends, not only in game as well as in real life. So we are expecting a good community in this server. FEATURES - REALISTIC DEATH SYSTEM - REALISTIC DAMAGE SYSTEM - BEANBAG SYSTEM- VENDOR MACHINES - FURNITURE SYSTEM - CUSTOM MAPPINGS - DYNAMIC FACTIONS - DYNAMIC GANG - CARGO SYSTEM - JOB SYSTEMS - GRAFFITI SYSTEM- INVENTORY SYSTEM- LICENSES SYSTEM - NEW ANIMATIONS - DONATOR SYSTEM - BEANBAG SYSTEM - DYNAMIC GATE SYSTEM- PRISON YARD - Unique Weapon System- Unique Drug System - Unique Dynamic Faction System - Dynamic Business System - Dynamic House System - Dynamic Weapon Clip System - Unique Billboard System - Unique LSPD Cruiser Callsign System - Unique Metal Detector System- Marijuana License & Shop System MUCH MORE CHECK IT VIA INGAME ECONOMY AND EMPLOYMENT We don't just offer a new experience. Hiraya Community Roleplay offers a very wide variety of jobs to the players, Specific jobs give you the opportunity to work your way through the rankings to earn better rewards. Our economy is fair, balanced and wealth is distributed fairly, those who work harder earn more money. JOBS - COURIER - MECHANIC - TAXI - UNLOADER - MINER - FOOD VENDOR - GARBAGE - SORTER - WEAPON SMUGGLER - LOS SANTOS POLICE DEPARTMENT * The mission of the Los Santos Police Department is to protect and serve the populace of Los Santos. To that end, we investigate, reduce, and prevent crime throughout the city and make an effort to understand the community and conversely to give them the opportunity to understand us. We serve the community of Los Santos with integrity, honor, and respect and maintain only the highest possible professional, ethical, and moral standards. - LOS SANTOS FIRE AND MEDIC DEPARTMENT * The Los Santos Fire and Medical Department would like to welcome both new, and old returning employees to service. Starting with this handbook, you will learn or relearn the essential information needed to successfully complete not only your job as a paramedic, but as a respectful member of the department. Opportunities are always available in the LSFMD, now more than ever. General rescue and emergency medical service divisions are a good way to start. However, if you have the knowledge how to drive in a emergency situation, and have the appropriate academic intelligence; you may have the opportunity to enter into Human Resources. If you wish to become active, and pursue these positions, apply today. - SAN ANDREAS NEWS * San Andreas Network job is to report what's happening in the world (ICly) or informing people from dangers. San Andreas Network can report good news to, but bad reports is often. Also inform kids or peoples about criminals, kidnapping, etc. San Andreas Network need to be respected, because of they are not here we don't know whats the news about things, especially bad things, or floods/typhoons. - SAN ANDREAS GOVERNMENT * A political faction is a group of individuals within a larger entity, such as a political party, a trade union or other group, or simply a political climate, united by a particular common political purpose that differs in some respect to the rest of the entity. - SAN ANDREAS SHERIFF DEPARTMENT * The San Andreas Sheriff's Departmen is the principal law enforcement agency serving the entire State of San Andreas, with the exception of Los Santos, which is under the direct jurisdiction of the Los Santos Police Department. Department is responsible for providing general law enforcement services, preventive patrol, public assistance, criminal investigations, and other special services such as search and rescue, impounding service and more. In the United States, the San Andreas SD is unique in that it serves the entire state, rather than a single county. FACTIONS Law Enforcement & Medical Services There are three main departments that encompass the entire Los Santos area, They are the Los Santos Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which are designed to protect the citizens of Los Santos and to carry out special tasks. We also have the Los Santos Fire and Medical Department which specializes in saving civilians lives. Not to mention the secrecy of the Hitman Agency, a special group of men who take care of hits for cash.Gangs of Los SantosThere are many Criminal Organizations that reside in the Los Santos area, They take on many themes ranging from Japanese gangs all the way to Mexican gangs and an Old School Mafia and many more. Server EventsWe host a variety of weekly events and insane monthly events where you can win amazing prizes, such as houses, businesses, cars and many other awesome prizes! STARTER PACK LEVEL : 1HAND CASH : 20000 BANK : 15000 INFORMATION SERVER IP : samp.hc-roleplay.com FORUM : hc-roleplay.com DISCORD : discordapp.com/invite/V8crbDh SERVER VERSION : 0.3.7 ROLEPLAY TYPE : MEDIUM - HEAVY
  4. I'm looking for Web Developer.. Who will make a User Control Panel for my script.
  5. Selling a LS-RP account. The character is in the Sheriff's Department as a Trainee, second phase. Start bidding! P.S.: I'm not playing there anymore, someone might want to profit from it. I'll happily do it with a middleman.
  6. Selling a LS-RP account. The character is in the Sheriff's Department as a Trainee, second phase. Start bidding!
  7. Why is your nose in my business? Those are my prices and I think they are fine. Can't remember where have I mentioned I am looking for a personal advisor. You should stick to selling cars and scripts.
  8. Selling a clean and fresh LSRP account. It's cheap and will be here only for a limited amount of time. Hit me up in PMs, ( remember, it's very cheap and clean) -- no admin records -- no criminal records
  9. Why are your prices so much? 7 for a AK is too much bro and MP5s aren't worth the price that you have it as. No offence just giving advice.
  10. What the fuck 55 dollars? I can get 100 guns for only 1MILL LSRP cash.
  11. Atoms

    PF ABUSE[2019]

    Yes, there is a way my friend got about 20 to 30 guns but he got banned but he had a lot of evidence of bullshit and got unbanned, PM me i can teach you but its gonna be hard and risky
  12. Cap, anticheat on LSRP is too good and admins or testers can catch you anytime.
  13. Still selling handbooks and scripts...
  14. Yesterday
  15. Hello, I'm interested, please how do I get in touch with you?
  16. Vouch bought it offf him
  17. Its come to my attention and the attention of other Multimart/Avovix Solutions administrators and moderators that Private Messaging / Personal Messaging is being used as a form of support; I'd personally like to make it clear that, I (myself) or the rest of the team do no appreciate being approached at random intervals asking for specific things to be done.. As an example, someone private messaging myself or other team members demanding that their report be looked at right that very moment; As brash as this may sound, surprisingly we have lives outside of running the technical aspect of the site and have higher priorities. For example, I'm no where near as active as I once was due to a back injury that I'm currently waiting for a set of surgeries; So with the latter being states, if you wish to follow a line of support you may email us by clicking the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of the site or asking a question in one of our public sections where we will respond when we're able too and assist you with the matter; However this section is also community driven meaning if you have a solution or an idea then feel free to give your constructive, non-aggressive input and advice.. Below you will find a set of links for the aforementioned sections and links. [Contact Us] (https://www.multimart.org/contact/) [Community Answers] (https://www.multimart.org/forum/6-community-support/)
  18. Selling an LSRP account. HMU with offers in PMs.
  19. Back in business, guns for sale. Drugs are still on hold.
  20. prices lowered final prices up above
  21. Nobody gonna buy that , hustle doesn’t always be available
  22. Selling LS RP account, level 26, 1.1m in cash, 2 guns, 5 vehicles, clear admin record, part of this community for 6 years! Last admin jail was in 2016. Has around 10 ounces of Xanax, 100 strength.
  23. We Are Happy To Announce Our new Rp Server HostName: Neterval Roleplay Address: samp.n-rp.net:7777 Players: / 250 Ping: 64 Mode: N:RP v3.6.12(N) Language: English Looking for factions leaders
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