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  2. The Plug

    [LSRP][SELLING] Deagles & Shotguns for CHEAP!

    Thanks! Still in business, PM to get in touch with me.
  3. Baylee

    [LSRP][SELLING] Deagles & Shotguns for CHEAP!

    Vouching him, after I sent him the money I received the guns. I can recommend him.
  4. Huge thanks, he made for me a account application for LS-RP & RC-RP right after I sent him the money. VOUCH
  5. Yesterday
  6. Hello in the first,we made new version of cops and robbers what are systems we have? 1) Headshot system 2) Event system 3) Houses system 5) Admin system 4) shops system for criminals 5) cops and army systems 6)trucker system 7) new commands We have our own mappers We are active and have good admins to deal with players with good style Ip is: Forum: http://czcnrforum.yoo7.com/ if you want to become a part of our admins team or helper you must apply on our forum.
  7. Psychopathy

    LSRP Cash for sale - 49mil total

    Hey. I have 49mil in total and I'm no longer roleplaying on LSRP and needing money badly irl so would like to sell as much as I can. Will sell as much or as little as you want. Will definitely be using a middle man. PM me if you're interested. Thank you
  8. Losk

    [LS-RP] Selling GUNS

    stil selling?
  9. Losk

    [SELLING] LS-RP Weaponry

    Can you also buy more then 1 gun? lets say I want 4 deagles how do I know if you have 4 in stock? you should put how much you have in stock buddy!
  10. Last week
  11. Molman

    [SELLING] LS-RP Weaponry

    +HUGE VOUCH. Deal went smooth, had no problems.
  12. Taariq

    [SELLING] LS-RP Weaponry

  13. Adzkii

    crazybobs cnr money

    looking to buy money if anyone got loads of cash on crazybobs cops n robbers server dunno the limit you can send a player but whatever it is, i'd take it let me know below. will trade and communicate on site only.
  14. rafaello

    10m on lsrp

    Thank you $hustle, 10m still for sale, send me a message! Accepting paypal if you want to buy all 10m in bulk, which is 80$
  15. $hustle

    10m on lsrp

    Topic cleaned up. Keep trades on site and don't post abuse or you will be banned people.
  16. https://steamdb.info/calculator/76561198090829381/ taking offers, banned on csgo and rust main games are PUBG, Black ops 3, Dying Light, All GTA's, Both Borderlands games, Steam Pack, Arma 2 and 3 with DLC and lots more! PLUS Blizzard black ops 4 account - 20 quid
  17. Lamons


    hi, im buying about 7-8 mil on LS-RP. Using $hustle as middleman (ill pay all middleman fees). PM me if you have money. thanks.
  18. rafaello

    10m on lsrp

    And it's not about $hustle at all. I just didn't want to get 50$ on my paypal and then withdraw it and lose 35$ because of my stupid bank. That means I'd sell 7m for 15$ which I don't want to.
  19. Lamons

    [SELLING] LS-RP Weaponry

    Vouching for him. I bought a couple shotguns and deagles, deal went smooth. I can recommend him
  20. Vouch, my application for LS-RP got accepted. Quick service.
  21. MansNot

    10m on lsrp

    pmed you
  22. You are trying to sell public skins, they're located in the cache folder.
  23. Deviation Roleplay Deviation Gaming RolePlay is an online gaming community, home to thousands of people worldwide! Our main project is a San Andreas Multiplayer server, which is a modification for the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game, called Deviation Gaming RolePlay where you can play any character you wish to be! Be it a cop, gang member, FBI agent, medic or even a mayor!! In Deviation Roleplay we have five factions(we plan to open even more when the PB will increase), besides that, we're also for looking for people who want to create their own gangs which can be done on our forums. LSPD HQ pictures:https://imgur.com/a/RhFHHNi. Government HQ:https://imgur.com/a/G7MSdcK. LSFMD HQ:https://imgur.com/a/DoBJ0Is. FBI HQ:https://imgur.com/a/GL6ChA5 We're also looking for helpers to hire, so, if you have any interest of joining the helper team, get inside our discord server and PM me(Scala). Server IP: Discord server:https://discord.gg/23Z3VtU. Forums:http://forums.deviation.cf/index.php. NOTE: All the new players that will join these two weeks will get 100 grands, and free VIP for 14 days!
  24. rafaello

    10m on lsrp

  25. Contact discord: Srdjan_Paligoric#3569 Srdjan_Paligoric#3569
  26. ⛥⛧⛥

    Buying HZRP account

    selling level 13 hzrp account
  27. ⛥⛧⛥


    Level 13 HZ-RP account. discord: ⛥⛧#5644
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