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    I'm currently selling weapons and drugs on ls-rp, you are promised to get the item instantly after the payment. I've been doing deals in MultiMart since 2017 you should be pleased with your purchase, we can use a middle-man but you need to cover the fee. Guns & Drugs as well as what is available to be sold right away you can check by dropping me a PM. NEW| Selling ls-rp applications now too 100% success guarantee to get in, if it get's denied you'll get it fixed by the reason that it got denied for, Selling PF License applications as well!
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    Why should I trust you? My account was created towards the end of 2017. I have no reason in scamming people and have been selling LS:RP assets since 2016. My vouches can also be used to verify my legitimacy. How do I sell to you? Shoot me a PM with what you have to sell and we will take it from there. How do I get support with ban evading once purchased? I have been ban evading since 2015. I know near-enough the ins-and-outs of how to successfully ban evade. Can I use a middleman? Of course, however; the fees that come with a middleman must be produced by you.
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    I've contacted you in your personal messages.
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    I am looking for a long-term connection for guns/ounces, I have money but that does NOT mean I want to be raped on the prices. Prices can be negotiated if I am getting a bang for my buck. Cash: 5/MILL. Deagle's $2. Shotgun's $3. MP5's $3. AK's / M4's $4. Ounces ($5 for 10 ounces.) Any other guns you have, at your discretion choose the prices, I like packaged weapons, but I don't mind having unpackaged as-well. (As I have said, I am seeking a long-term connection, someone I can message and they supply my demand, I have money, so that's not a problem, just trying to make myself happy, and make your pockets fat.) (Still seeking a SERIOUS plug, will spend a lot of money with you if you can meet my needs.) PM me IF YOU ARE SERIOUS, I will pay in Paypal and CashApp, whatever you prefer.
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    Going to keep this short and content. I'm purchasing drugs and cash, either or. I'll pay $5/MILL. The amount I'll pay for drugs are listed below: $5 for 10 ounces. $10 for 20 ounces. $15 for 30 ounces.
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    +1 vouch from me, spent $10 and got 22 ounces, well worth it. Will be doing more business with you soon, partner!
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    Refresh, need drugs, large quantities.
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    Thanks for vouching afterwards @iSellLSRPaccounts
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    What's the highest level? Admin record? PM me, highly interested.
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    Selling vast quantities. Message me!
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    boom, vouch. I've just done deal with this guy, such a perfection.
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    INFORMATION. If you're looking to purchase weapons, contact @PrettyMotherfucker If you want to buy Money, Drugs or the Staff Handbook, contact me, @The Plug PAYPAL ONLY, we won't accept gift cards or anything else. Note: The currency is Euro (€), not USD ($).
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    Straight to the point, quick and easy. Would deal with this man again. +1
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    Bump | A lot of Guns and Drugs in stock. PM me for offers.
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    I'll sell you a LSRP application that is sure to be accepted for $3. It's for sure going to get accepted on the first app, I've done it a ton of times for numerous people. If you want me to farm an account for you, it will cost you minimum of $5 depending on how much you want farmed. If you want me to make an account then farm it it'll cost extra. { I only accept PayPal. }
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    I have 300 ounces of drugs in total, to be specific that is all Cocaine, but I can do other drugs as well. Discounts when buying in bulk, the deal will be done professionally and with RP of course, admins won't suspect anything. I have no problem with doing the deal with hu$tle lawyer as the middleman, but I expect the expenses to be covered by the buyer. (Unless in other conditions, e.g. buying drugs in noticeable amounts) I do deals ONLY in Multimart PM's, as the rules themselves say no other form of communication may be used. GUNS 2 Shotguns 1 Deagle and 1 knife left. PM for more information. 1 MILLION ON SALE, A MAVERICK AND A HOUSE IN JEFFERSON. PM ME.
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    Selling a 50$ steam card for 30$ paypal.
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    PQE & DI for sale. Those who want to join LSPD need to pass PQE & DI, we have questions and answers to them.
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    Interested, PM'ed you.
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    Vouch, bought some stuff and delivery was easy/instant.
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    Easy and fast transaction, even the RP was fun. Nice! Don't know what to say.
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    Deal still active from yesterday as I had to cut my activity short! Feel free to PM me!
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    Level 2 account sold, still selling the level 6 one.
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    Bump; have $100 USD to spend, mic and match guns. Need vast quantities, preferably automatics and handguns. PM me!
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    Cash in now in stock, accepting orders. Send me a PM for a quick transaction!
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    Bump still buying LSRP money. If you need any specific applications feel free to PM me!
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    FAQ: Q: What do I get if I buy from you? A: You come on my table of the trusted buyers, you can get discount for the next purchase! Q: Where can I contact you and where can we do the deal? A: I usually do deals over MultiMart PM's since soliciting off-site is not allowed. Q: How can I know are you legit or not? A: Answer is simple, if you take a look on my reputation and if you see comments on this thread, you will understand everything! Q: Are you planning to add more payment methods? A: For now not, but in future yes!
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    Follow the regiment below, if you have an account that fits one of the three points, PM me. Clean admin record, no prior bans, that are at-least a year old. Has at-least $100,000 in hand, and some savings started. Level 10+, including the secret password, and full permission to change everything on the account.
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    It would cost a little more, but yea, just let me know how much you need farmed.
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    Would you mind making me a new account and farming hours on it?
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    More than likely a scam, he added his Discord, don't trust this.
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    how much for the level 2 one?
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    Restocked on 300 ounces of cocaine, still for sale. Discounts when buying in bulk.
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    Selling a gun glitch on LS-RP which can get you weapons easily, 35$, admins won't suspect anything.
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    Bump, need guns, have $300 to spend.
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    Selling a LS-RP account. The character is in the Sheriff's Department as a Trainee, second phase. Start bidding! P.S.: I'm not playing there anymore, someone might want to profit from it. I'll happily do it with a middleman.
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    +2 Trusted guy, got 30 ounces from him.
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    I can give you 20 ounces for $5, 100/100 str. People here can vouch for me. Able to get you 90 ounces daily.
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