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    Hey, old-new member here. I have found out about this community 3-4 years ago at the time of TheLegitHabibi's scandal on LS-RP, haven't bothered registering until now but would occasionally lurk the forums every now and then throughout the years, decided it was time to dig in and give this place a shot it deserves. LS-RP and RC-RP goods I posses are being offered in exchange for Paypal or Skrill money. LS-RP (1m/$1): $2,000,000 = $2 From 2M and up. (VERY SAFE) -------------------- RC:RP (100k/$1): $100,000 = $1 From 100K and up. (VERY SAFE) Send a PM for any inquiries. Thank you for your time and happy shopping!
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    Was also given extra stuff, highly recommended
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    PMing (thread looks dope by the way, so I hope this is legit)
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    seems sketchy as fuck keeps telling me i need to give him $100 or he cant sell guns anymore, i wouldn't trust him EDIT: Says he needs $100 to restock on guns/drugs that he can sell asked me to take down this post, will remove once he specifies on his thread that he's currently out of stock
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    Selling a level 15 LSRP account with a decent admin record It got total of a house worth 1m and 500k on hand and 220k savings with Premier and Picardo It got total of 3 guns 1 M4 184 ammo and 2 shotguns 100 bullets each I got another charc level 3 got around 150kish And selling my gun method for the last time so no one will even get it i am selling them for cheap cause I don't play LSRP anymore I play gta world from now on, hit me up in the pms so we can see what we gonna do (I can use a middle man but you cover the fees)
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    Welcome to The Don's Warehouse. I am okay with doing deals through a middleman, as long as you pay the fee. (Subject to change depending on the character of the deal, as in me paying.) For every 10 ounces you buy, you will get another 10 ounces. For every 10 million you buy, you will get another 10 million. For every 10 guns that you buy, you will get another 10 guns.
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    SELLING LS RP WEAPONS (Restocking...) 3 $ 3 $ (2) 4 $ (1) 4 $ I only accept transactions in bitcoin so if you need help buying some i can hook you up with a few websites other then that, this is whats in stock at the moment but i am planing on re-stocking soon.
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    If you need anything PM me.
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    Hello everyone!! As you can tell by the title, I got shit ton of money to sell but very little time to play. I don't have time for 1mill, 2mill, 3mill deals, so if you wanna buy 10+mills and want a professional and quick service, I'm definitely your guy!!! PRICES: 2$ per million. (When buying 20+mills we can talk about a cheaper deal!!) If you don't trust me, find a middleman, pay his fee and we can do it like that, too. If you need any other information about all this, find me in the PM's!!!
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    Don't purchase from this user. Attempted to buy from them a while back but they kept me waiting. Still no response at all after payment.
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    Feel free to send me a message here, I won't be using discord.
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    Restocked on all guns in the OP. Additionally, have 10 AK's and 10 M4's in stock. (Packaged)
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    15% discount on in-game money starting from 50 million.
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    At the moment weapon stock is fairly low. Money stock is high, prices on large orders can be negotiated reasonably.
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    Just bought another few millions, went through smooth again. - Please trust this guy and he has the cheapest prices too.
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    Selling ingame mills i want to get rid of my money and account! 1M - 1€ PM ME! You can buy with a middleman aswell, but you cover the fee!
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    This guy is a scammer don't trust him, he scammed me on another website his discord name is Datblock don't buy from him.
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    Buyed a 5 € Acc, he helped and was nice, Recommended
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    Restocked on everything, make sure to check out my special offer.
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    multimart going to shit after hustle left lol
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    PMing you yes that's a decent bulk and i can sell, PM
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    Took a while, but bank$ did come through in the end and gave me a big compensation, so I would say I can VOUCH
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    bought from him and got my items in a few minutes, he's legit
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    Can any mods check if those commenters are legit (not the same person). $1 for 1M? not gonna lie, that looks like a pure bs.
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    This guy knows what he's doing, professional, very cheap prices and on top of that he has a technique with which you'll never get caught. - Bought over $30 millions and I was impressed with how smooth everything went. The guy even gave me additional money. A fat thumbs up and +1 for this guy.
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    Everything went smooth, reliable trader. +1
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    +1 rep, quick and easy, highly recommend and i will come back to buy more. Wishlist: that you start selling guns also
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    -Served several users -Price update: LS-RP - $1 per 1m starting from 2m and up RC-RP - $1 per 100k starting from 100k and up Active and accepting Paypal or Skrill.
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    Big vouch for this dude. I was talking with him for 2 days and really nervous and pissed him off many times. Then I just thought to myself, fuck it and paid him half first. He delivered the method and talked with me in discord with no problems! I got scammed twice before him, but this guy is legit.
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    vouch, smooth deal bought account and dupe method both delivered instantly
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    Just bought another 15M$, same deal, never got caught, very professional, fast and efficient.
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    The gun method is still available and I am selling 2.5m cash and a house in Las Flores East LS pm me if u are interested
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    I'm vouching for this guy, bought ALOT of cash from him! Very fast, professional service. He knows his shit and you won't get caught.
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    I can vouch this guy, bought some cash from him! fast and trusted service.
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    Take a look at my post, PM me if you're interested.
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    The account is still for sale and I am selling the gun duplicate method for the last time.
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    Just bought this, thanks my dude.
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    It's going for 15$ I already know there is people who doesn't trust me I'm new around and I got no reputation but we can use a middle man and I will prove it to you. I got a level 1 account aswell going for 3$

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