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    I accept PayPal, Skrill and Paysafe Card.
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    Decided to update the thread (once again) with everything I have for sale explained properly. I am currently selling my ways to ban evade, LSRP applications, my PF abusing methods, LSRP accounts and a few guns on LSRP as well. Desert Eagle, $2 each. - SOLD OUT - AK-47, $4 each. - SOLD OUT - Shotgun, $2.50 each. - SOLD OUT - MP5, $2.50 each. - SOLD OUT - Colt 45, $1.50 each. - SOLD OUT - Katana, $1 each. - SOLD OUT - Grenade, $6 each. - SOLD OUT - I am willing to give discounts if you're looking to buy in bulks or everything at once, also willing to share the middleman's fee with you if it's a large purchase. LSRP ACCOUNTS: UCP with 4 characters, level 14, 9, 9 and 1.
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    Welcome to Macayla's shop! This is my first time on this community, so I will be offering a deal. For a limited time only, get a special offer. For every 10 million dollars you buy, you get another ten for no cost at all. I look forward to doing business with you
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    Hello, Multimart! I got something real good for sale and I hope that I'll find a good & serious buyer here on Multimart. What do I have? A UCP account on Los Santos RolePlay with six characters on it, one of them is in the Sheriff's Department! Let me give you some info about the other characters: => All characters on the other are in IC prison for a very long time and I am way too lazy to AFK in-game to release them. => Character's highest level is 10. => Admin record is dirty as f#ck! I am not kidding, there are multiple bans from 2015-2019, but I've been keeping the account clean which is how I managed to join the SD. => The total cash on all 6 characters sums up to around 400,000$ which isn't a lot, but is good for starters. But, now I'll explain in detail what you probably came for - the SD character: => The character level is 3. => He was invited to the Sheriff's Department in August , passed all academies and exams and graduated. => His rank is still Deputy Sheriff Trainee and I went on only like 3-4 patrols so far. After that school started and I don't really have the time do play so I posted a leave of absence and didn't play since then (he is expected to be back by 15th November btw). The best part about this? I have screenshots of EVERYTHING I had to read/write/do in the whole joining process - I have the PQE (essay), the academy, interview is done, and most importantly - the written exam! After that, I have various screenshots I took during my time of playing, like the graduation, making my first arrest, the MDC system, all sorts of handbooks, and even an account on their official warrants site. I don't want to give away too much material like this, so all I'll give for now is probably the most important document which is the SHERIFF'S REFERENCE BOOK (I'll leave the HTML file attached. Sadly most of the visuals did not stay but all the important parts are there). I also got the SA Penal Code which is useful if you want to find out how much time which crime will deal. So, if you're interested or you want even more evidence, just PM me and I'll make sure to provide it asap. Make sure to send FAIR OFFERS. I have worked very hard to join the LSSD and I hope that we can come to a good agreement. EDIT: I'm also selling the LSSD handbook, penal code & list of radio codes individually, I ain't asking too much for them, but send me fair offers in PMs.
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    The account has been SOLD. I have one more account left, the guns and money are still available in a large amount.
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    ALL THE GUNS ARE OFFICIALLY SOLD OUT! I'LL TRY TO RE-STOCK THIS WEEK! SAVE YOUR MONEY AND DO NOT GET SCAMMED, THERE IS NO LEGIT DUDES SELLING GUNS RIGHT NOW AND I GUARANTEE YOU! Still got one UCP for sale, 4 characters (level 14, 9, 9, 1) with around 200k and a few vehicles. All 3 characters have a clean criminal record and the last admin jail was about a year ago, this means you can easily apply for PF on all the characters, it's the perfect account to PF abuse. The price is $30. I do also sell PF applications, if you're interested.
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    15% discount on in-game money starting from 50 million.
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    Bought from him, its working perfectly
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    legit seller, vouch from me. Got my product in promised time
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    HUGE VOUCH. #1 guy on MM right now when it comes to gun deals. 100% legit, if you need anything COME HERE FIRST.
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    Was quick, easy and helped out a lot, Huge vouch
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    Also have character applications, PF/CCW apps and much more. Also I have a level 22 account with 3 characters, has one SD character on it with PF and CCW, about 10 mil total on all characters.
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    Please consider a middleman.
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    TO THOSE WHO ASK WHICH METHOD TO TRANSFER THE GUNS/CASH I'M USING: I will not be responding to questions such as those since there are tons of undercover admins and snitches from LS-RP who will try to find out my methods and then will patch them or some shit. For example, on LS-RP everyone has received one free NC recently - this was obviously unintentional because the admins would never be so generous to give away one free NC to every character on LS-RP. Well, guess what! A few days later a bunch of dumbasses decided to report it as a bug and they are now investigating. There was literally no reason for those dumbasses to report the free NCs because they aren't going to gain anything from it. TL;DR If you pay, you will see how it's transferred, period.
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    Lmao. Don’t even trust That. It is clear he scams. He goes and leeches and comments on every thread so desperate to get a sale and scam.
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    says the one scamming people
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    Got a LSRP acc with one char in SD, Deputy Sheriff, level 5, currently on LOA until 5th November 2019 (like two weeks). For proof PM me. Same goes for offers, send them via PMs.
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    Message me back if interested in money.
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    No admin record at all, SQ included. Ex donator, PF. 20$ This account was invited in official faction, pretty clear admin record tho. 50$ Also selling guns in large quantities, 20 deagles 20$ (only in bulk) 20 shotguns 20$ (only in bulk) Also selling money individually, price per million 0.85$, minimum order 25 million.
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    vouch for smooth deal
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    Still for sale! I'll give additional info (incl. proof) via PMs only for security reasons.
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    LS-RP LOOK ALIKE SCRIPT I have spent around 4 months developing a script that looks like Los Santos RolePlay. It has 90% of the systems from Los Santos Roleplay, for example the radio, vehicles, houses, businesses, dynamic furniture system and dynamic in-game mapping, custom skins, a full admin system based on leaked images from LS-RP, tester system, damages & death system is identical, all of the textdraws (except for the MDC) are implemented, dynamic in-game factions (20 slots, you can change faction type, change rank names, anything you want in-game). The script runs on MySQL and the whole database is set up. It's all in the ZIP archive I'll send once I receive the payment. Send me all offers via PMs. Thanks.
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    I wanted to buy an account from him and he gave me a banned account and told me it's my problem and I can go fuck myself. I can send any proof if you want, this guy needs to be banned.
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    You still active? If yes PM me, I can help you out with both mapping and scripting.
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    Yo got 3 mil on ls from this guy, thankz man
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    +rep Contacted him and got a response in less than 15 minutes, was very friendly and fast at replying. Literally finished my application within the hour and it was everything I needed. Thank you! Will definitely buy from this seller again.
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    got 5 mil from this guy
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    About to pm you now.
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    2€ per one char application 3€ full app (with rules) 10€ gun dupe 20€ money dupe mm can be used, slide in my DM.
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    bump bump @BestManner @anakondio @Sukoshi @Tyrone14 @S$M @Cincuenta @Mobbdeep @Drizzi Bump
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    Classic scammer, don't do deals with people like that without middleman.
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    full app now 2€ each.
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    Trading house in Ganton or in Crenshaw for 4 m4's, must be packaged.
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