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    I'm currently selling weapons and drugs on ls-rp, you are promised to get the item instantly after the payment. We can use a middle-man but you need to cover the fee. Guns & Drugs as well as what is available to be sold right away you can check by dropping me a PM.
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    I've got some LSRP accounts for sale HMU in PMs for details. Out of stock right now
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    ONLY accepting PayPal. HIGH discount on big orders. A middleman can be used at the buyers expense.
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    Let's go weekday deals are in Bundles - 5 x deagle 5 x ak OldPrice= 23.50 Euro NewPrice= 15.00 Euro =-=-=-=--==-==-=--= 5 x Deagle 6 x shotgun OldPrice=16 Euro NewPrice=10euro /w free shotgun -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 5 x mp5 OldPrice=10 euro NewPrice for this week = 5 euro -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Snipers 3 euro each -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= M4's 3 euro each =-=-==-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Knives 10 for 5 euro 0.80 each -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Silenced pistol 1.20 euro each or 10 for 10 euro HMU in PM to arrange a deal, doing deals on any weapon in bulk so just ask.
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    They're probably implementing the new UCP or fixing bugs.
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    1m = 7€ (only selling 5m+) Currently not selling money. Deagles/TECs/UZIs = 1€ Shotguns/MP5s = 2€ AKs/M4s = 4€ Applications of all kind = (weapon license, factions, character etc.) 5€ Help with entire faction recruitment process = negotiable. All done via PMs.
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    I'm mostly in search of guns. Drugs would be nice as-well, kinda only looking for pills and marijuana, but cocaine will work too. What I am willing to pay for guns: Deagles - $ 1 Shotguns - $ 3 MP5s - $ 3 TECs - $ 2 AKs - $ 4 M4s = $ 4 Snipers = $ 5.50 What I am willing to pay for drugs: $4 per 10 ounces. $9 for 20 ounces. $14 for 30 ounces. $17 for 50 ounces. Hit my DM's with offers.
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    Terms and Conditions: 1) We are not new to this. We make sure to include sufficient roleplay to ensure maximum safety for both of us. 2) We keep track of everyone we sell to. Please don't try and chargeback. 3) There are no refunds. If something is wrong, let us know instantly. After the guns have been handed over, there is no way we can go back on it. 4) A middleman can be used at the buyers expense. This is negotiable on big orders. 5) By purchasing, you hereby agree to the terms displayed above. In partnership with Pakistani Male.
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    just sold the last account, currently out of stock, will update post when i get more
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    hello... I've got experience writing applications for factions, or the server generally or even character applications... whatever goes, if anyone's interested please contact me over PMs we can discuss the rate. The application is most likely to be accepted, if not... refund is available too. PM me for details.
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    You can roleplay being a hill-billy and growing up in a wild-west so you are a very angry person, and you really do not like cops. You are a not a unique person and is really a very easy person to piss off, and is not a very nice person, you can role-play having a PF and roleplaying around 50-70 so you do not give a shit what happens around you, and you can also roleplay as a grandpa and be illegal by selling weapons and killing people, selling drugs, etc.
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    Vouch for this guy again. Never disappointed..
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    best plug on here. had a wep that didnt work, homie replaced it for free. vouch x10
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    Let's get it, holla at me or @PakistaniMale for all the weapons you need, big deals and great prices to be had, shoot us a pm and let's work a deal.
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    Big vouch @oypa7 give u ur items fast and is chill through out the process
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    Big vouch @boston george very trusted and a quick service
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    Vouching again, he's very trusted
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    Vouch @PrettyMotherfucker quick and trust worthy
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    You're not gonna get "plugged" in with nobody, your best chance is to spend out-of-character cash on Multimart. You're not gonna get plugged, nigga's are stingy.
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    Vouch for this guy deal went smooth.
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    The title says it all, hit me with offers.
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    Took the risk and bought 1m, went smooth, vouched.
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    I vouch for this guy. He gave me more then expected and I will be definitely buying from him again.
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    5 star service, big vouch.
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    just did a deal with this dude, he's legit. vouch for him
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    vouching, he's legit.
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    off-site communications are not allowed, i'd remove the discord tag if i were you
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    I will shop very soon.
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    @PrettyMotherfucker VOUCH 4 SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE'S REALLY LEGIT!
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    vouch for @PrettyMotherfucker always very quick deals! recommend him to everyone!
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    And here's my setting for the Desert Eagle, in my opinion it's the best and most undetected. $ DESERT_EAGLE INSTANT_HIT 25.0 60.0 348 -1 2 pythonbad 7 70 0.41 0.03 0.12 0 0 1.2 1.2 7 36 8 6 30 7 40 7001 $ DESERT_EAGLE INSTANT_HIT 30.0 60.0 348 -1 2 python 7 140 0.41 0.03 0.12 1 200 1.4 1.45 6 30 7 6 28 7 40 7011 $ DESERT_EAGLE INSTANT_HIT 35.0 60.0 348 -1 2 python 7 140 0.41 0.03 0.12 2 999 1.4 1.7 6 28 7 6 28 7 40 7031
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    Everything went smooth, thank you for the service.
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    Big vouch for @PrettyMotherfucker and @The Plug always quick and easy transactions.
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    Boston's deals are gonna put me out of business. Vouch again.
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    @PrettyMotherfucker Went very quickly and smooth, vouch for this guy!
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    @PrettyMotherfucker This guy is number one around, big vouch for him and his partner
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    Special deal which will last until I end it. If you shop for 50€ you'll get ANY next weapon over 2€ in stock for a price of 3€. Current stock (PACKAGED): Colt 45 - 2€ Desert Eagle - 2€ Shotgun - 2€ Tec-9 - 3€ MP5 - 3€ AK-47 - Shop for 50€ and price drops to 3€ instead of 5€ M4 - Shop for 50€ and price drops to 3€ instead of 5€ Sniper Rifle - Shop for 50€ and price drops to 3€ instead of 5€ Armor - 2,50€
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    Presenting..... Superior Gaming Roleplay! Server Introduction: We have built our community on the idea that anything is possible. After watching many servers both succeed and fail, we've taken the time to look into the problems of each community and try our best to prevent them on ours. We can only hope that you give us the opportunity to provide a safe and enjoyable community for you to share your ideas and roleplay the way you want to. We encourage new and old players alike to share in the creativity and suggest things that would enhance the roleplay experience for both themselves and other. Well made scripts and mapping. Admins possess proper decorum towards players and they show professionalism in their work. Many job opportunities and Fun features everywhere to explore. Superior Gaming Roleplay, known for its grandeur place and friendly players. It is a server full of enjoyment and fair play, where admins are always on the roll for justice of the players. Different roles of every players must be kept preserved and acted well upon contact with other players. Make sure to join us for tons and tons of fun and events! Join us and Register for a splendid experience alongside with different shenanigans of many suitable players. The server for you, for me, and for everyone to play! Why should you join us?: We update our script on a weekly basis, after taking every player's feedback into consideration. We also have some unique features, combined with custom mappings and helpful personnel! with a lot of jobs, from mail sender to pizzaman job! Our script is not copied or used copyrighted scripts, It's an old released script with a lot bugs, we spend a lot time in fixing the bugs. Businesses costs around 30k, and as our refund we're giving: Platinium VIP+3 level+ 6XP+3 Upgrade points+ 23K cash+8 Goldbars+ Business Under 40k value (Limited! till 23th June) <-- Server Information ---> Website: Under Maintenance Forums: sg-roleplay.rf.gd (Under maintenance/looking for forum developers) UCP: Under Maintenance Server Address: Permanent Discord Invite link: https://discord.gg/9EqY9YS Server Roleplay type: Heavy-Medium Dynamic system <--- Some screenshots taken in our server --->
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    Guns back in stock, get them while you can.
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    Still selling, get it while you can. Actually non-duped guns and drugs, so you won't be banned when these idiots get caught.
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