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    Be very cautious of RC-RP trades. RC-RP actually do conduct "sting operations" and are complete arseholes (I'm looking at you TommyB and your admin team). Also, just saying, I've known a few admins to sell RC-RP money so it's all hypocritical.
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    Hello everyone with another one of my reviews. Today I've played on Trivium roleplay and I wouldn't say it is a heavy roleplay server at all. The script is stolen (Maybe its not stolen because the owner released it on SAMP forums) but its stolen because the developer (quezy or something) faked the fact that he took it from samp and they said it is "Unique from scratch script". I've done a couple of conversation with the admins and they all said the same that it is "from scratch" which is a total lie. One of the most important things that you never do is taking someone script especially from SAMP and not giving him credits at all, also claiming its yours. Staff Team 3/10 I would give the server three out of ten considering their staff professionalism, corruption and maturity. The staff gave everyone on the server $15,000 in the first day of the server. Yet again they claim they're a heavy roleplay server while giving everyone 15k? I don't think god would drop a 15k IRL on all the population Reee. The staff team are generally toxic and unprofessional they were insulting each other on the discord server and they insulted two players and it ended in banning the players ofcourse. Script 0/10 The script like I stated it is completely plagiarised from SAMP forums and they're claiming it is their script which is funny and pretty lame in the same time. The Community 6/10 I would give this six out of ten. The community are not toxic and it is fine, but this is usually the normal thing for new communities. In overall I would give them a 6 players a day. In overall I don't recommend this server at all especially if you to roleplay on a "heavy" roleplay server.
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    Hi everyone! I am currently selling Italy Mafia Roleplay script with a version of 6.7 and 7.0 which was previously used by England Mafia Roleplay. Unfortunately, the version of 7.0 is not the up to date version of the current Italy Mafia Roleplay but you can try it and built it for yourself. Update for version 6.7 and Version 7.0 In Version 6.7, You'll have pretty much dynamic features with bugless but not everything is in dialog. You still have to edit the gamemode in script for addon. But, it's still pretty sick gamemode which featrues like warehouse, materials and etc. In Version 7.0 You'll have everything that have on current Italy Mafia Roleplay but the different is only about the war system, in this script, you are required to have fheat while in current IMRP script, you don't need it anymore. Other than that, you can see everything in dialog for example, /car spawn, /biz, /house, and etc. The latest features in 7.0 is like below: You can... /createbusiness, /createhouse, /createfaction, /createvehicle, /setjoblocation and etc. Pretty much the same as in IMRP with slighty different things. Infos: Before you buy, make sure you confirming the version you want to buy otherwise if you bought the wrong version, there's no turning back and you have to pay for another version. Price: Version 6.7: €10 (december discount!) Version 7.0: €20 (december discount!) PM Me on facebook : https://www.facebook.com/parkshinjae91
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    Server Information Website: www.lvcnr.net Server IP: server.lvcnr.net:7777 IRC Server: irc.tl IRC Channel: #lvcnr (Echo Chan: #lvcnr.echo) FB: https://www.facebook.com/KCNRSAMP or https://tinyurl.com/kcnrsamp TWEET BIRD: http://twitter.com/kcnrdev or https://tinyurl.com/kcnrdev Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGTzjFtjH1o Gameplay / Script Information At Kar's Cops And Robbers (Originally Las Venturas Cops And Robbers), I am the only scripter. I've scripted this gamemode solely since 2010. From what started out to be Las Venturas Cops And Robbers for 3 years, is now Kar's Cops and Robbers of August 1st 2013. Reason behind this name change is that the server has been expanding over the years and is still yet based in Las Venturas, but does not feature everything in Las Venturas anymore. We try to visualize and create the perfect Cops And Robbers server, but also relating it to Grand Theft Auto as much as possible. We are enhancing the basic systems of GTA to make the interactivity more creative. Instead of 1 player robbing a store, we made it so that 8 players can rob a store. Instead of 1 player robbing a bank, we made it so that 4 players could rob a bank. Instead of 2 players street racing, we made it so that 6 players can street race together. By enhancing these basic systems and putting full effort into developing them, we've created some of the most fun features ever. Players enjoy robbing and street racing in groups. These are basic everyday criminal activities. Everything is visualized as playing with other players to enhance the fun of it instead of playing by yourself. I have also taken the liberty to improve the amount of crimes in Grand Theft Auto, by adding what is known to be a very common real life crime. Stick-ups. Yes I said it, we have stick-ups in SA-MP. Never has this been seen before. Come and check it out. At KCNR we've also balanced out criminals and law enforcement. With our unique arresting system, criminals can now escape arrests by attempting to break the cuffs, and with a utility clothing item, they have a better chance at it. You can also escape by entering vehicles. The way we Grand Theft Auto is better than the original Grand Theft Auto (We added MORE UNSTOPPABLE FUN). We have enhanced the original GTA aspects and made them even more interactive and fun. I hope you enjoy your stay at Kar's Cops And Robbers. The Features San Andreas Customs - Dynamic vehicle tuning system with custom spoilers, neons and more! Dynamic Personal Vehicle system Dynamic Robbery System (alarms, CCTVs, law enforcement all play their roles) Dynamic inventory / item system Stick-up system Dynamic Clothing System Utilities system where clothing items can be used as utilities to help you in-game Business System Housing System with renting, storage and more! Mechanic System Realistic Visualization - this means showing real actions (example /puke showing real vomiting or robbing a store shows money being robbed) A visual pet system where you can actually SEE the pets you purchase Pet dying feature whereas you can change the colour of your pet! Garbage System where players can poop garbage and spread infections. Garbage men there to keep San Andreas clean Diseases such as The Virus the only disease that can be spread by puking Vehicle Respraying with spraycans Airplane Flight System with skydiving GTA:SA's kickstart challenge Fuel System - fuel is supplied by the oil refinery in Green Palms around the server, players must deliver fuel to petrol stations around San Andreas Battlefield Style Spotting Visual Contact System (BSSVCS) Aiming at a player (targeting them with the green arrow) then pressing your Group Forward button, defaulting as Y Optional gameplay settings such as 1st Person Driving (You choose how to want to play) Automated Donations (Bonds) Account recovery system (using E-Mail) In-game Leaderboards Custom siren light system Dynamic Weather Interpolation System Extensive Government / Taxation system Group / Gang System Vehicle bullet resistance feature Chase system which includes placing All Points Bulletin on criminals Achievement system KCNR Radio - Become a DJ and play music for all of the community to listen and share Criminals: Group Robbery System Turfing System Grand Theft Auto Car Bombs (from all GTAs) Drug Production (Clandestine Chemistry) System Drug Planting, Harvesting and Consumption System Human Trafficking through Kidnappers! Warehouse Robberies Street Racing (challenging other players to all different types of races) Law Enforcement: Law Enforcement Siren System Dirty / Good Cop system! Perfect SWAT Abseiling (Rappelling / Roping) S.W.A.T Roadblocks Many sub-teams (FBI, Army, Street Patrol, CIA, Dirty Cops AKA Tenpenny and the C.R.A.S.H team) Emergency (Medics and Firefighting): Medic Healing System with spray cans Linked Emergency system between medics and firefighters A REAL Firefighting system Fires can start anywhere from Forests to Stores! Missions: Mail, House, Plane, Securicar, Fuel, and Cemetary Deliveries Tow Truck Missions Garbage Collection Missions News Reporter Missions S.W.A.T House Drug Raiding Missions Goods Smuggling Missions GTA-SA Original Quarry Missions Paramedic Spray Healing Missions Air Trafficking missions (with dynamic random situations) The possibilities in this server has no limits, there are too many features to explain. Come out and play to enjoy with the rest of the world! Server Media Quad Neons Stick ups Promo video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpO3Oo2FNcU Our most famous unique robbery (Warehouse Robbery) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TODapB5jvik Another major robbery http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TohSVDT-Cts
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    I've been asked to middleman for this because I know about security with SAMP roleplay server OOC trades. My skype is hustle.lawyer
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    LS-RP Money & Guns For Sale STILL RUNNING DECEMBER 2017! ACCEPTING PAYPAL ALSO ACCEPTING CIRCLE.COM ALSO ACCEPTING WESTERN UNION ALSO ACCEPTING BITCOIN ALSO ACCEPTING UK BANK TRANSFER If you are buying - contact us and I will sell you money I have or arrange for you to do a deal anonymously with a seller who I am working with. If you are selling - contact me and I will review your proof to verify you are legitimate, and then help you sell your money anonymously. Skype: hustle.lawyer SPELL SKYPE EXACTLY AS WRITTEN, DO NOT ADD IMPOSTERS! Why should you buy from me? ✔ You remain anonymous (No leads for the admins) ✔ You are safe from scams (I am an official middleman on Multimart) ✔ My network keeps you safe from bans ✔ My personal guarantee any trade you make with me will go smoothly without any problems. I have a 100% success rate. Guns and Drugs I am into guns and drugs as well as money. Guns and drugs can be bought and sold from the network. If you are looking to sell these products contact me and I will help you get them sold. Purchasing/discussing guns and drugs is only available to known buyers. This also includes talking about them. Accounts (Not actual product) Do you have an account you want to sell? Are you looking to buy an account on LSRP? I am also handling account sales for people and buying/selling accounts from people. If you want to buy or sell an account come to me. Accounts are only available to known buyers. Discussing them is also not possible as a new buyer. Applications & Writing Character Applications: I am selling applications into LSRP that include answers to all the questions. This is the tried and true cheapest way to get into LS-RP. Government Faction Full Recruitment Packages: This will get you into factions such as the LSPD or SASD. Every part of the recruitment will be written for you to a standard that will pass every time. You'll also be given help with the other parts of the recruitment process to ensure that you pass. When you buy this it will 100% get you in. It will get you from step 1 to the /invite without needing to lift a finger. ●● PF, CCW, and Guard Cards: I am selling the applications for these as well. If you need them doing contact me. Other Applications/Writing Services: Character/Faction Stories, Tester Applications, Special Applications, Other Servers etc. If you're looking for something else that isn't mentioned here I might am able to help, send me a message. I work with skilled writers to handle these types of services. Staff Ban Evasion Handbook Banned and want to get back into LS-RP? Hacked but can't wait a whole year just to play again? The staff's own handbook guide detailing all of their systems, methods, and tactics to catch ban evaders is for sale. When you know everything they do, you will know exactly how to get back on LS-RP and never get caught evading. BUYBACK POLICY - Get your money back when you quit! I offer a buyback policy as well so if you've bought money from me before but no longer want it because you're leaving or another reason, there's a good chance I will be able to buy your money back off you for a decent percentage.
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    This is the first competition held on MultiMart. If all goes well, we may do more competitions likewise in the future. How to enter the Competition? Simple! Just reply to this thread with a joke, a random Christmas present you intend to buy, a song or anything Christmassy related. What are the requirements? You need 20 posts on MultiMart and you need to be an active member. Anyone is eligible, even if you start spamming and helping other forum users today. How will we choose the winner? We will use random.org to choose a random comment. We will announce the winner on the 23rd January 2018. The competition terms and conditions: If there isn't enough interest in the competition, the competition won't go ahead. The users must obey all terms and conditions of MultiMart and Avovix. Furthermore, if the user is banned from the forum during the event of withdrawing a winner, the user will not be considered and another user will be withdrawn. If the user does not have all the necessary requirements, another user will be picked instead. The competition will close on the 31st of December and the winner will be drawn the following month (January 23rd 2018)
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    Bone County Roleplay Bone County Roleplay is a brand new heavy roleplay server based in Bone County. We'vecame together to bring life to a otherwise old place for roleplaying, offering a professional staff team and unique features in development, we're here to offer you more than simple promises. FEATURES It's almost 2018 folks, our community keeps that in mind! - We willrelease on the 0.3.8 version of SA:MP, offering you tons of sweet mods to make Bone County look better! - We'regoing off the traditional scripted factions/houses/businesses! We've managed to develop a full dynamic script, in which you can make changes to it in seconds! Found a house we missed? No problem! - Here at Bone County Roleplay, we carealot about our community - that's why we make sure that the staff team is perfect! We carefully handpick our staff, assuring our professionalism! - Great roleplay possibilities! Bone County is perfect for roleplay dueto the size of it's towns! This brings the players togheter and makes way for good roleplay! - Realistic & immersive factions! Here we care a ton about factions, that's why you'll often see governmental factions that you can join and have fun in! For example, as abeginner you may join the Fort Carson Roadworksfaction in which you are tasked to maintain the roads! Fun yet simple! These are only some of the features you'll find here! Visit us on our forum to see more! WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE? We're more than another 'Heavy Roleplay' server! We're a pro-community server which cares alot about the communities opinion and often shape our server so it fits everyone's type! We also take big care in what's going on around Bone County! We're oftenpromoting players who show great roleplay capabilities & most active players! Want to see your name on our next list of 'Bone County's MostFamous' ? Join us and try it out! CAPABILITIES We've picked Bone County because it fits alot of needs of the modern roleplayer. As we've specified before, it brings playerstogheter which creates tons of great roleplay! We're currently filling Fort Carson and Las Quebrados with businesses/houses and mappings! OUR STAFF TEAM Being handpicked most of our staff team, we are more than capable to offer you a pleasant and friendly experience here! You can see more about us on our Forums & Discord! FORUMS: bonecounty-roleplay.com DISCORD:https://discord.gg/9Tsfrfp
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    I'm selling around 100-150M on LSRP. Hit me up if you are interested. SKYPE:
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    Thanks, looking forward for further businesses with you buddy.
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    Vouching, not a scammer, you can trust him. We transferred quick and easy, all of our future trades will not be using a middleman. +1
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    Hi, I am currently selling my LS-RP account with level 26, Gold User, 900K money, 1 house and etc. Pay via PayPal only. We can use middlemen nor your own methods and make sure its legit. I won't give account first if you're not trusted. Contact: www.facebook.com/parkshinjae91 Check out my others topic:
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    I'm off, see y'all in a week Much Love - Droid
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    Koky is banned from MultiMart. Koky is nothing more than a bullshit factory.
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    I'M RIGHT HERE YOU KNOW!!!!!!! lmao
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    I wonder if I'm the only one that sees this weird looking theme.
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