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    NOTE: I'm Ferguson and I'm an experienced LS-RP weapon and money seller. When buying stuff from me, I fully guarantee safety and transport of the assets. I'm willing to do middleman or show proof of my assets to the interested buyers. Minimum amount per order is 3 weapons or 3 millions.
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    Weapons - Deagle/shotgun/rifle/colt - $2 each - Mp5/UZI/Tec9 - $3 each - M4/AK- $4 each Cash 1 million - $6 10 million - $50 Custom Objects stealer This tool allows you to steal custom objects, considering mappings. I've personally stole a-lot of maps from LS-RP and different server, how-ever. There isn't a pricetag on it yet. It'll be a one time sale, Private bids are also considered. Object Stealing Service! Don't feel like buying the entire script? Not a problem, We'll steal objects for you. 10$ per thousand(1,000) objects, able to do an entire area aswell. However I won't be doing entire maps (in one file) as my stealer's texturing might mess up doing the whole map at once. So for example if you need Mall mapping from LSRP I will have you it delivered safely, if you need ANY LSRP house interiors, those are available too. Custom models are also copied so you know how useful it is.
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    I am currently selling Los Santos Roleplay Items, These are listed below with special discounts weekly. Weapons Snipers €6 each Grenades €6 each M4's €4 each Ak's €4 each MP5's €2 each Shotguns €2 each Tec-9 €2 each Silenced Colt's - €1.5 each Desert Eagles - €1.50 each Armour €1 each Special offer for Money until 27/08/19 €5 per million 10 million + €4 per million 20 million + €3 per million 50 million €2 per million Guides Public Firearm Abuse - €5 (Had a PF for over a year, Got banned recently for a stupid idea). Ban evading - €3 (Easily ban evade, Have been doing it a while now). Applications Character applications €2 each. Public Firearm and CCW applications €3. Faction / Police ETC app's €5 with answer's to test. Special Offer Accounts I will create you new UCP's with 2 to 3 level 1 characters and 2 Million on one of the characters for €10 each. Other Members of the community who's trusted to buy from when I'm not on. PrettyMotherFucker Store Link -
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    Big vouch for this guy. Very trustable got 18 mil off of him.
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    maybe just make something like this? this is just rough example
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    Special offer (only today & tomorrow): If you buy 10+ millions price is only 3€ per million If you buy 20+ millions price is only 2€ per million
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    Special offer (only today): 5x Desert Eagle 5x Shotgun 5x MP5 5x M4 Everyday price 55€, only today price 35€ (save 20€)
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    Wow you're a literal scumbag. You Pretend like you didn't get the guns and you refund on paypal and then say scammed fuck yourself dude enjoy getting banned. BRAND NEW ACCOUNT BY THE WAY LOL JUST COMES ON HERE TO PLAY DUMB. Reported idiot.
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    pmed back but i have a suspicion that PugEX is an admin.
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    I guess I'm back in business. Over 100+ individual deals with a 0% ban rate. We're constantly updating our methods to provide you with the best safety. I'll be doing deals throughout the next few days. Stay tuned.
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    watchout, lsrp admin right there. Talked to him for straight 40 mins and got to know its an lsrp admin. Started to know my ways how i'll give him the weapons, wanted to buy 10 guns then wants to buy 1 gun. Makes 0 sense, whoever deals do it with caution
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    Definitely vouching for this guy, done a few deals in the past he's legit.
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    Worked like a charm! Looking to use your services again if you restock!
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    Vouch @Nolimit he gave me 3 guns, and some drugs.
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    Stop responding on my thread. Thanks.
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    On absence for a couple of days due to some real-life issues. I'd recommend giving Panda Hacker's Market for guns and Swerve's Market for money a try.
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    Hello! I am selling guns in LSRP that are cheap, soon I will make a nice discount when I hit the milestone. So here is the price: - Desert eagle, 100 ammo, 1 USD (Buy 20 gets 3 free) - 2 Colts, 100 ammo, 1 USD (Buy 20 gets 4 free) - Shotgun, 100 ammo, 1 USD (Buy 20 gets 3 free) - Rifle, 100 ammo, 1.5 USD (Buy 20 gets 2 free) Money: - $1.000.000, $7 - $10.000.000, $5 each million Bonuses: 1. If you be my loyal buyer (10 deals record), I'll give you free guns personally per deal! 2. Coming soon! Heavy weapons like MP5, AK47, M4, Sniper are coming soon! PM me if you want to discuss about the deal! Transactions are safe and admins won't bait an eye to it. If you do not trust me, you can bring a middleman when we are dealing and you must pay for the middleman's fee. All guns comes UNPACKAGED! (Dealing rule: MINIMAL 3 guns per deal for security reason) & All payments must be done in Paypal!
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    vouch, very nice guy and will do you a little discount if you are really interested.
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    vouch from me, trusted seller.
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    Very kind user, vouch from me.
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    DISCOUNT ZONE 4deagles, 6shotguns, 1rifle, all unpackaged avable 07-09-2019, buy each one for 1.5e excepting the rifle.
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    Special offer (today & tomorrow): 5x Desert Eagle 5x Shotgun 5x MP5 5x AK47 3x Knife Everyday price 55€, today & tomorrow price 30€ (save 25€)
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    Usually 20%. Droid and ThePug do Middleman deals and may charge their own rate. Usually when I charge 20%, it goes towards the site, checks and my time.
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    Admins are actually trash, they know that people are pf abusig, transferring and shits like this and 80% of the timesthey do nun
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    If it's packages, rentals, if it's actual weapons which have been unpackaged already give them to a friend and rob him on your other character
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    I may be wrong in saying this but isn't a "stealth" drop off of more suspicious than if it the transaction was roleplayed?
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    Smooth, fast service. Vouched and recommended.
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    Quick and easy while admins were online. This guys a god.
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    Selling LSRP auto car unscrambler for €1.5 (EURO). It works perfectly, and been using it for awhile. HOW IT WORKS? Just enter a car, and type /engine. The auto-unscrambler will do your job for you. If it does not unscramble automatically, re-enter the car and type /engine again. PM me if you want to buy!
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    Big vouch! Honest guy, helped me in the past with LSRP evading shit!
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    I have a nice house with a garage in Idlewood, medium garage interior, worth of 3.5-4m, i won't give you the proof because of the security reason, if you wanna buy for IRL cash would be 28 euros a bit negotiable
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    Awesome seller, reliable and nice as an angel
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    PM me if you sell stuff like I mentioned above.
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    PUSH: PM me if you need guns - making special deals if you buy in larger quantities!
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    Nope, it's 100% legit you can try it.
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    I've been PF Abusing since 2017 bro, never got caught until now. But yeah, admins can check your logs if they are suspicious of you.
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    Swerve has always done me right and continues to do so. I highly recommend him if you are interested in buying certain goods.
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    Just buy guns from Ammu (Try to go to a quiet Ammunation where players rarely go there, I'd suggest Newsstand Ammunation) when no admins are on. Oh yeah, you can safely stockpile when there are no admins ingame and you can even /passgun without worrying getting banned. They key is: If there is no admin ingame, then you're 500% safe.
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    fast n easy, explained everything throughtly vouch
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    ITALY MAFIA ROLEPLAY SERVER SCRIPT Hi, I am MaiGad and I'm a trusted Italy Mafia Roleplay script seller. I've been selling this script since last year. And here I am, I'm on a such great forum and looking to sell this gamemode to everyone who interested. As you know, Italy Mafia Roleplay script is very rare and you have 5 percents only to receives the script for FREE. Back to the topic. I'm currently selling Italy Mafia Roleplay script Version 6 & Version 7 with a different prices. Both of this script are well made but I recommend you to choose version 7 to have a dynamic features. Below, I listed a dynamic features of Version 7 ONLY! WHAT'S NEW IN VERSION 7? - Dynamic ATM (You can create ATM in-game and GUI editor. - Dynamic Faction (You can create faction in-game, edit their name, faction type, stocks and remove them aswell). - Dynamic Teleport (You can create teleport in-game, edit their name, set interior and more.) - Dynamic HQ and WH (You can create HQ and WH in-game (with faction ID) and move them around, set interior and more) - Dynamic Business (You can create Business in-game where you can set biz type, price, stocks, edit prices, and etc) - Dynamic House (You can create House in-game, upgrade alarm, wardobe, locker, garage, armour system and much more) - A MySQL version (Everything is in SQL, ex. account, logs, factioninfo, group, atms,teleports,gangzones and more) - and much more! IS THIS REALLY LEGIT? HOW DO I KNOW IF THIS WERE LEGIT? Here you can see how dynamic the system are. I don't provided any host for server check but if you want to, simply give me a message. - BUSINESS SYSTEM - FACTION SYSTEM - OTHER SYSTEMS HOW MUCH IS THE PRICE FOR THE BOTH VERSIONS? - VERSION 6.7 cost €15 (Dini version, non dynamic, work 100%) - VERSION 7 cost €40 (SQL version, dynamic, work 100%, satisfied) HOW TO CONTACT? - You can either PM me over this forum - You can PM me over Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/parkshinjae91) - SOME PAYMENT THAT HAS BEEN MADE BY CUSTOMER! EVERYTHING ON THIS THREAD HAS BEEN UPDATED BY 06/03/2018
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    vouch, he's legit. deal went smooth and got my guns quick
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