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    Vouching, gave him the money and minutes after I had bronze on my account. I can recommend him as always.
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    Hi, I'm in need of LSRP account(s). PM me what you have and your price. Sincerely, Lord.
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    Hey, unfortunately I only accept PayPal as payment method. Sorry!
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    Yea peps, watch out who you hire as your scripter, there's a guy called Darkey, he will beg you and inspire you to get him as your developer and then he will take your script and claim as he made it, while selling it to people! https://www.multimart.org/profile/1513-drakey/ This dude over here! Don't ever buy thing from him, he's a fake ass wannabe developer who copy paste and edit colors.
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    Basically, if this dude does not see the credits on this script (which obviously was there) he will claim it as he done it and sell it. I'm getting him sued tho, I got everything, his address, phone number, email, even more evidence of the chat with him and the victim (which is in one of screenshots).
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    Thanks! Still in business, PM to get in touch with me.
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    He PM'ed me on the multimart site and told me that he has 3 millions to sell, he then added me on discord and sent me picture of the stats (this) after he sent me that, I asked him why he doesn't sell more, and he said he doesn't because hhe has to sell rest to his friends, and that he doesn't has time for middleman, I asked can we use $hustle then he started shitting and on the end he blocked me, so I want to advise people to not deal with him because he is potential scammer and he attempted to scam me for $15 USD
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    Buying accounts, money and guns, if someone is selling, post below then I will DM you.
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    Contact me in PM's, I'm interested.
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    Not recommending this guy from personal experiences with him.
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    are you stupid?
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    Vouch got a lot of stuff from this guy, and a really cool guy overall.
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    FAQ: Q: What do I get if I buy from you? A: You come on my table of the trusted buyers, you can get discount for the next purchase! Q: Where can I contact you and where can we do the deal? A: I usually do deals over MultiMart PM's since soliciting off-site is not allowed. Q: How can I know are you legit or not? A: Answer is simple, if you take a look on my reputation and if you see comments on this thread, you will understand everything! Q: Are you planning to add more payment methods? A: For now not, but in future yes!
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    Quick and easy, vouched.
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    I want to thank you guys for the confidence, and also to say that I added table of the trusted buyers!
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    Back with new prices & guns!
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    Out of stock for now, will notify when I get re-stock, probably in few days.
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    2 Rifles and 1 TEC9 left only! 8€ for all three guns, re-stock on 1st of February!
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    Refresh & prices updated!
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