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    Since the increase in lsrp playerbase, I'm once again offering my services to almost all of you. I'm selling PF/CCW/tester/character applications. Weapon Duplication/PF abuse trick. Weapons aswell, pricing is listed below. PF Application - $10 CCW Application - $15 Tester Application - $20 Character Applications(with rules) - $5 without rules - $3 Weapons Duplication trick - $40 PF abuse trick - $10 All of these services are fully undetectable, there's 0.1% possibility that you'll get banned. Weapons: M4 - $4 SMG - $3 Pistols - $2 I know how to transfer items without being caught and I've a huge history and a good reputation, hit my PM's!
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    Seller is trusted dealt with him in literally under 10 minutes.
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    First at all it's not ls-rp th. And it's not a 2015 copy. Don't put ls-rp on your script bc this is the worst copy of all. I can say that because I tested your script. you haven't tested mine so you don't know what you're talking about. I can guarantee that everything in lsrp currently has in the script that I’m selling, but you don’t. that was my last message, i will not pay attention to idiot, just stop talking shit at my post to try to sell this script shit. good luck trying to sell this shit for 250$.
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    I paid this "seller" $90 for a ls-rp deal in exchange of in-game money. He is blaming me and accusing me that I am the guy who scammed him last year, just because "I looks like him." And now he has my money and not giving me the "items," not responding to my messages as well since last Saturday, even he said "he will be in touch with me everyday." I can see he read it 30 minutes ago. Now I have positive suspicion he is scamming me because of someone else's fault, and not follow his promise. Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/mskeSha
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    Hello, Multimart is an all purpose site; We aren't just here for people who sell virtual goods on platforms such as SA-MP; FiveM or otherwise; We made the decision to close the virtual items section while we evaluate our choices and where we'd like to take the site, pursuant to this the section was closed and left readable for anyone who has or had threads open (this will be changing). As soon as the section was closed we intentionally laid restrictions down to what can be posted in specific categories/sections to as-least in part attempt to curb the inevitable amount of threads being posted in the incorrect category/section due to the closure, this while acting as a warning most of the community neglected to read, understand or follow the instruction; This resulted in a warning to begin with, then a seven day ban and now as it stands a thirty day ban (this will stay in place). Due to this and due to the communities lack of understanding or respect for our choices while we come to a final conclusion the section will remain closed for the foreseeable future; And as it stands, I personally won't be reopening the section as the SA-MP community as of current and the community behind LS-RP/SA-MP sales are toxic, disrespectful, ungrateful, narcissistic, moronic and outright pathetic; Or at-least in part mostly are, there are a few decent people. All the best.
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    You realize that you're using a fake video right? Those mappings can be seen on LeRoleplay.fr's video, The same video you cut out lmao. I hope no one fell for this
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