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    LS-RP Money & Guns For Sale STILL RUNNING January 2019! ACCEPTING PAYPAL ALSO ACCEPTING CIRCLE.COM ALSO ACCEPTING BITCOIN ALSO ACCEPTING UK BANK TRANSFER If you are buying - contact us and I will sell you money I have or arrange for you to do a deal anonymously with a seller who I am working with. If you are selling - contact me and I will review your proof to verify you are legitimate, and then help you sell your money anonymously. Why should you contact me? ✔ I have over 5 years experience in LSRP trading and how to do it right ✔ You remain anonymous (No leads for the admins) ✔ You are safe from scams (I am an official middleman on Multimart) ✔ My network keeps you safe from bans ✔ My personal guarantee any trade you make with me will go smoothly without any problems. I have a 100% success rate. Guns and Drugs I am into guns and drugs as well as money. Guns and drugs can be bought and sold from the network. If you are looking to sell these products contact me and I will help you get them sold. Purchasing/discussing guns and drugs is only available to known buyers. This also includes talking about them. Accounts (Not actual product) Do you have an account you want to sell? Are you looking to buy an account on LSRP? I am also handling account sales for people and buying/selling accounts from people. If you want to buy or sell an account come to me. Accounts are only available to known buyers. Discussing them is also not possible as a new buyer. Applications & Writing Character Applications: I am selling applications into LSRP that include answers to all the questions. This is the tried and true cheapest way to get into LS-RP. Government Faction Full Recruitment Packages: This will get you into factions such as the LSPD or SASD. Every part of the recruitment will be written for you to a standard that will pass every time. You'll also be given help with the other parts of the recruitment process to ensure that you pass. When you buy this it will 100% get you in. It will get you from step 1 to the /invite without needing to lift a finger. ●● PF, CCW, and Guard Cards: I am selling the applications for these as well. If you need them doing contact me. Other Applications/Writing Services: Character/Faction Stories, Tester Applications, Special Applications, Other Servers etc. If you're looking for something else that isn't mentioned here I might am able to help, send me a message. I work with skilled writers to handle these types of services. Staff Ban Evasion Handbook Banned and want to get back into LS-RP? Hacked but can't wait a whole year just to play again? The staff's own handbook guide detailing all of their systems, methods, and tactics to catch ban evaders is for sale. When you know everything they do, you will know exactly how to get back on LS-RP and never get caught evading. BUYBACK POLICY - Get your money back when you quit! I offer a buyback policy as well so if you've bought money from me before but no longer want it because you're leaving or another reason, there's a good chance I will be able to buy your money back off you for a decent percentage.
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