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    Its come to my attention and the attention of other Multimart/Avovix Solutions administrators and moderators that Private Messaging / Personal Messaging is being used as a form of support; I'd personally like to make it clear that, I (myself) or the rest of the team do no appreciate being approached at random intervals asking for specific things to be done.. As an example, someone private messaging myself or other team members demanding that their report be looked at right that very moment; As brash as this may sound, surprisingly we have lives outside of running the technical aspect of the site and have higher priorities. For example, I'm no where near as active as I once was due to a back injury that I'm currently waiting for a set of surgeries; So with the latter being states, if you wish to follow a line of support you may email us by clicking the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of the site or asking a question in one of our public sections where we will respond when we're able too and assist you with the matter; However this section is also community driven meaning if you have a solution or an idea then feel free to give your constructive, non-aggressive input and advice.. Below you will find a set of links for the aforementioned sections and links. [Support] (https://www.multimart.org/support/) [Community Answers] (https://www.multimart.org/forum/6-community-support/)
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