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    Hey.. due to this multimart insider thing. I am willing to provide scam free services. GTA world accounts x2 $25(each) Money on GTA:W, 100k for 10$ GTA:W Applications. - 15$ each. (Story, character etc). LSRP Applications - 5$ each. (Story, character etc). Fresh LSRP accounts - 10$ each. LSRP PF abuse guide - $20 LSRP PF application - 20$ LSRP CCW application - 30$ LSRP tester application - 50$ GTA:W AFK script - 30$ LSRP AFK script - 50$ LSRP BAN EVADE GUIDE - 30$ GTA:W Ban Evade Guide - 30$ Services: Middlemanning - 1 percent of the entire deal for e.g if the deal is worth 120$, i'll take 12$ Article writing - I can write articles. Depending on the work i'll take payment.
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    We'd like to let you know that we're looking for new moderators; These moderator positions will be limited to six people for the time being, and must follow the following criteria; This is to ensure that our moderators are not only experienced but also have an active presence within the Multimart Community.. As usual; Moderators that are brought on must still follow the same rules and guidelines put in place by us to ensure a fair playing field; Moderators may continue to trade, sell or monetise their work of their own free will; However are not permitted to use their permissions to gain an advantage over other members of the community. Potential moderators must have at-least six months of tenure on the Multimart Platform Potential moderators cannot have any active warnings over the old warning system (6 Points); Or under the new warning system (11 Points) Potential moderators must not have any ban history that directly breaches our Community Guidelines Potential moderators must be at-least eighteen (18) years of age; And be fully able to sign a Non-Disclosure and Moderation Agreement Potential moderators must be fluent in written and spoken English.
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