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  1. Blackaslan

    Looking for hosted tab listing

    Hi , I want add my server to hosted tab who is selling this service? thanks for your attenttion My skype is : daniel.ruiz130
  2. Blackaslan

    Buying GAME-MP ACCOUNT 250 dollars!

    Done , thanks for the answer
  3. Blackaslan

    Buying GAME-MP ACCOUNT 250 dollars!

    Well I'm looking for a game-mp Account ,I'm paying up to 250 dollars but I only can pay by paypal If you are instersted comment this or send me a pm , thanks
  4. Blackaslan

    Selling Steam Account

    I'm selling my steam account with e-mail included , the steam account have the next games: 7 Days To Die Arma 2 Arma 2 : Operation Arrowhead Banished: Battlefield Bad Compañy 2 Batlefield bad Compañy 2 vietnam Blood & Gold : carribean ! Carribean! Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Cities Skylines The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim The Guild 2 : Renaissance Kenshi Killing Floor Left 4 Dead 2 Mount & Blade Mount & Blade : warband Mount & Blade : with fire and sword Natural selection 2 Portal 2 Primal Carnage RESCUE 2 Rust Survivalist 911: First Responders There are some picks (I have screen shots from my account if you want check games , you can watch it just send me a pm) If you are interested send me a pm please .
  5. Blackaslan

    [Selling] Firewall for servers

    "Firewall based on iptables " But yeah alright you are right , Maybe I have to change that phrase
  6. Blackaslan

    [Selling] Firewall for servers

    Yes , Of course you can attack it if you wanna see , Already pmed you with the ip
  7. Hi , actually I have a RP server and it has received 2 gb's log's off atack ( my account on forum samp : http://forum.sa-mp.com/member.php?u=244459 ) so I stopped this with a firewall owned by me , if you are tired of attack I can sell you an advanced firewall based only on iptables (There is a Thread of me about Security (Is just a demo about my real firewall). You can sit down , relax and let my firewall work , you will never worry again about those kid's that are trying to kill you effort (Or even a big attack it doesn't matter really with my iptables). Also you can use this firewall on any server (Of low cost's for examples and this will be online anytime online whatever the kind of attack received . Pm me if you are interesed thanks.


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