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  1. MultiMartUser

    [buying] xenforo valid or expired license

    Licenses don't expire, only the support does.
  2. MultiMartUser

    SA-MP vs Google, FIGHT!

    I think it's time to just stop playing. I've had this feeling for a while now and not that this raise change is anything that "made up my mind" neither is it an overreaction, it's simply the little extra thing that made sure that my previous judgement was correct. Ever since Kalcor came back people got to see the true him and while I could accept him responding unprofessionally on his forum, which he may as well do since it's his forums as he pointed it out, we also have a choice to simply not waste time on his "product" anymore and with recent changes maybe this is what he wishes; afterall he's getting older and older, and so are all of us who truely enjoyed this modification of San Andreas. I came back to SA-MP, developing my own gamemode (first gamemode from scratch to be precise) because I wanted to help a guy who really wanted to open a server and I did. But over the time I got reminded of how SA-MP really is, filled with people who are not playing fairly at all. There were servers coming onto our server advertising in /pm multiple time, people posting 3 times under "Server Advertisement" on SA-MP forums without any bigger consequences and things just piling up. Maybe this is how SA-MP has always been, maybe it's just become recently like this but it's not a place for me personally anymore which is why I am simply going to quit. I do realize that this won't really affect a lot of people but I thought of just voicing this out and perhaps "vent out" a bit in a place where I know my post won't be deleted for negative feedback
  3. MultiMartUser

    EX-RP Gamemode

    Hello there! I am now selling a gamemode which was originally developed by Emmet_ but then it was sold to a guy called Trill which had a brother called GhettoStar. Us 3 (GhettoStar, Trill and me) started a community based on the script a very long time ago called PS-RP, it closed down and then we started up another roleplay community called EX-RP. The gamemode was given to me to develop at the server, I was an owner there equally as those two (there were 4 owners in total but the fourth one is not relevant to this thread). I developed and changed it throughout my time at EX-RP (6 months in total) and am now ready to sell this script as I was a rightful owner of it according to what I have gathered in PM's with TheOnlyDroid. Please do note that Emmet has done the base of this script but while that is true, it is also true that I have changed a lot of stuff and even replaced a lot of things for a bit "better" performance-wise and feature-wise. Youtube Video If you're interested into seeing the script through video form, here it is, it's quite long though and it would be impossible to go through every single feature but I hope you find it informational. I also mention everytime a feature has done by Emmet so I hope it's a bit more explained that way: Script Versions So what have I actually implemented throughout those 6 months of work? I'd say quite a lot considering that it went from here: All the way to here: What the versions actually mean is: x.0.0 = very major gamechanging update 0.x.0 = major feature implementation 0.0.x = small update of new feature but mostly fixes and small changes Random Screenshot But that doesn't really state what kind of features are here so I'll try to list them with a few screenshots from in-game: Changelogs that I implemented (that I still have notes of) 1.10.6 - Added when someone inside the car smokes weed and windows are closed, players inside the vehicle get affected. - Drugs stuff - /setting - admin bug - /aduty bug when dc/quit - fixed /editcompany product bug 1.10.7 - Changed so player can be jailed for unlimited amount of time. - Added jail-logs into /arrest + reason/felony - Fixed message with intoxication of marijuana. - Silenced gun will not make echo sounds. - Added /v check for loads on vehicle - Added hidden way to obtain ammunition - Added /my command - Added /blackscreen - Illegal faction members can steal job vehicles 1.10.8 - Added /newb command as an alternative to /helpme (both are doing the same still, just a redirect when doing /newb). - Added /elm to LCTRL button instead - added /vrr 1.11.0 - Fixed /editcar bug with spawn - Added shortcut commands /n (/newb) and /e (/engine) - Added ELM to also flash back-lights when enabled - drastically decrease miner job payment per mine delivered - added mechanic job 1.11.1 - Fixed /arrest according database error - Fixed red smoke flares Z-position - Spike strips - Fixed ELM bug - Adjusted speed of ELM - Added /v bonnet - Altered /mrepair to also open vehicle hood - Added so more items can be given in different quantaties. - Fixed bug with duty skin and civilian skin being confused. - Added so that duty and duty skin is saved upon logout/crash and readded when entering game again. - Synced /Facduty and locker duty. - Refreshes armor/health upon going on duty at locker only. - Altered colors in shout and in normal text to see clearer difference - All items that are considered illegal will be removed from your character upon death - Added /smokejoint && /passjoint (NOT TESTED) 1.11.2 - Added (and fixed) /smokejoint && /passjoint 1.11.3 - Added shortcut '/h' for '/hangup'. - Added shortcut '/anims' for '/animations'. 1.11.4 - Added shortcut '/h' for '/hangup'. - Added shortcut '/anims' for '/animations'. - Improved spectate mode slightly. - Added clarification upon entering rental company (http://ex-rp.com/forum/index.php?/topic/48-map-icon-interior-bug/). - Added clarification with hotwiring vehicles. - Attempting to fix bike bug where alt-tabbed players would fall off when resuming game. - When in drive-by mode, you can now press key 'Y' in order to head back inside the car. This was experimented in many different ways and scriptwise, the current solution was the most fitting one. Spamming the function may result in a server kick. - Added bank location to '/guide'. - Altered level of mask usage, when they are picked up. - Added commands '/detach' and '/attachcar' for towing purposes. - Added '/checkip' for administrators. - Added '/toglogging' for administrators to see who goes on and offline if they choose to have that setting on. - Added clarification on transporter job. - Added '/smoke' command for cigarettes. 1.11.5 No note was found of this update sadly. 1.12.0 - Fixed mask-bug when performing '/sl'. - Masked players logging in/out will be shown as named players now for administrators log-in/off logs. - Made Paused/AFK labels above players take LoS in consideration - Added new nametag system completely: - Nametag label changes color depending on player's health. - Nametag label takes LoS into consideration. - Nametag label remains completely white if player has armor and becomes slightly grey if player does not have armor but has full health. - Added bank money to '/stats'. 1.12.1 - Added teleporter to PD roof and back inside. - Increased range for '/vrr' and decreased the amount of waiting time to 20 seconds. - PD can only take equipment from locker when on duty. - Added '/editranks' for faction leaders and co-leaders, instead of having to ask faction mods to change them. Also will be able to change amount of ranks wanting per faction. - Made LSPD vehicles enterable in driver seat (and therefore also hotwired) upon requested by new LSPD chief. Other governmental factions will still have restrictions. - Allowed more types of characters in '/adminname'. - Added '/phone' to close and open it. - Added '/trace' for LSPD tracing phone number purposes. - Fixed major bug with '/reloadgun' and ammunition usage. - Changed color of '/low'. - Changed range of '/me' and '/do' to 15 instead of 10. - Changed positions of garbage pickup to promote less non-rp driving with garbage trucks. - Fixed minor bug with '/pm'. - Added command '/ping' which will return "Pong!" as response, in case players want to know whether they are lagging or not, without having to say anything in other chats. - PD can no longer drop firearms into trashbins. - Fixed so joints are removed from the player's hand who share the joint to. - Furnitures can now be colored! Both already implemented colors may be used but also custom colors. - Altered '/lock' algorithm to work slightly better. 1.12.2 - PD can now enter PD vehicles only again as drivers. - Added some new accessories as well as categories. 1.13.0 - Removed '/contacts' as used in new phone system. - Removed bank money showed in '/stats' as can be seen in bank application. - Removed '/text as can be used by SMS application on phone. - Removed '/call' for phone purposes, as it can now be used by the new phone system (payphones still use '/call'). - Added '/togphone' to open/close phone. - Added '/ph' shortcut to '/phone'. - Added '/phone' to open up the phone on the screen. - Improved '/trace' to update every 5 seconds. - Added '/drag', '/stopdrag' and '/acceptdrag' to use when someone is shot down for instance but you roleplayly move their body. Know that both players must accept in order to perform this, to prevent any powergaming. - Attempting to improve anti-hack. 1.13.1 - Added more logs. - Improved anticheat again. - Changed so max accessories per character is 15. - Added new accessories. - Added new furnitures. - Attempted to fix old textdraw bug where player even after being revived in hospital would have ((/exminane)) tag above their head. 1.14.0 - Increased streamer distance for house checkpoints. - Tiny change of paycheck message. - Removed ID display on autoshops. - Added '/checkautoshop' to show ID. - Changed death animation. - Improved anti-cheat, yes... again. - Improved database security. - Fixed misspelling with '/lastactive'. - Made admin healing command to also cure "Injured Player ((/examine))" diesese. - Increased company streamer to 15. - Added bank money checker for administrators. - Added print when banned from first level security hack. - Fixed PD tab-color bug. - Fixed ELM bug, hopefully. - Fixed annoying '/trace' bug. - Fixed dragging bug. - Fixed '/eb' bug. - Decreased '/eb' time to 30 seconds. - Fixed bug with too long names and nametags, "Beinvenido Pintruero (id)" will now be visible and won't cut at "(i". - Removed '/tduty' color on tablist, the command still exists for color in '/testers'. - Added mappings of Ocbie, Anzole and James Jacken. - Changed layout of '/dr'. 1.14.1 Update notes were not found. 1.14.2 - Added '/sa' as a shortcut to '/stopanim'. - Altered change health command for administrators. - Fixed the mapping issue with objects. - Fixed set health message. - ELM fixed... attempt 3! - Added '/clearallelm' for administrators to clear just in case. - Added dealerships to '/guide' for easier orientation. - Added 311 phone line as an non-emergency line. - Altered the design of 911 call and added location question when calling 311 or 911. 1.14.3 General - Added melee weapon damage (on testing period, the stats might get changed). Faction - Added restrictions to MP5, M14/M4 and Sniper Rifle to specific ranks. - Added restriction to level 4 or below to not be able to use '/tazer' at all (finally). Mappings - Removed awfully placed bench in the middle of the road in Ganton. 1.14.4 General - Added '/dice'. - Added '/deathanim' as a temporary command. Faction - Added '/gunrack' as a replacement for '/v trunk', for LSPD. Mappings - Added ganton / grove house mapping by Ocbie. 1.14.5 Fixed /mdc bubble message (grammar mistake). 1.14.6 General Added new death animation. Improved '/drag' to try to always place the dragged victim behind the dragger. Reimplemented '/blackscreen' again with a different method. Let me know in this thread or bug section if anyone sees other textdraws as black. Removed '/deathanim' as it's no longer needed (most of them were already in another animation command). Fixes Fixed purchase safe bug. Fixed PNS bug. 1.14.7 General Added new death animation. Improved '/drag' to try to always place the dragged victim behind the dragger. Reimplemented '/blackscreen' again with a different method. Let me know in this thread or bug section if anyone sees other textdraws as black. Removed '/deathanim' as it's no longer needed (most of them were already in another animation command). Fixes Fixed purchase safe bug. Fixed PNS bug. 1.14.8 General Added winter-time (less light during the day). Added '/togsnow' for players who lag. Remember that it is still snow in character. Changed '/help faction' a bit to show commands only usable for the specific ranked players to those players and not to low ranked. Faction Added badge system for all governmental factions. Added faction messages when someone leaves or gets kicked out of the faction. Added last 911 and 311 calls for PD, inside '/mdc'. Added command '/apb' and included a simple BOLO system in it. Changed maximum impound price to 5000 instead of 1000. Changed maximum ticket price to 3000 instead of 500. Updated '/mdc' message to actionbubble. Fixes Fixed MDC message. Fixed issue with furniture purchase, should give warning at proper time. Mappings Added interior "Elias & Elena's Massage Parlour" by - 6ix - Ocbie Added Embers Club by - Colby Staff Added messages when: - reviving - admin healing - breaking/fixing leg - starting/stopping bleeding 1.14.9 Faction Added on duty message when going on duty for legal factions, from locker or from '/facduty'. Added back on duty message when player logs back in after leaving game while being on duty. Added '/getcoords' to display coordinates. Mostly helpful in development but is available for anyone. Added '/toll'. Changed colors of faction radio as well as department radios. Changed the price of the drug and weapon packages (increased). Changed the amount of drugs you receive in drug packages (increased). Changed prison message. Changed maximum amount of tickets again (increased). Fixes Added toll station system through '/dr'. Added '/hq' command. Fixed '/showbadge' minor bug. Fixed major bug with weapon purchase. Mappings Toll Stations made by Hansrutger Staff Added message when someone publishes an advert. 1.14.10 General Added PD glasses to accessories (glasses section). Added region and street name above and underneath the minimap. Added '/checkfur' to check how many furnitures you have. Added knockout function, when low on health and you have received melee hits, you go into knocked out mode before dying. This will prevent players from having brawls fights until death and then expect admins to revive. If you go too far, you go too far now and you have killed the person - simple. Changed effect of tazer (increased). Changed PM sending and recieving colors (2 different colors). Changed advertisment color. Changed the requirement to accept death time (increased). Removed the annoying " ! " from cmd:s / shout. Faction Changed colors for dept & radio, for both PD and FD. + LSPDDUTY color for both, till FD gets their own On Duty section/line. Changed the "HQ" message when going on duty / returning on duty. Fixes Fixed toll message for legal factions. Fixed bug with '/settings'. Fixed issue with calling number "0" with /phone. Staff Added '/ban' to veterans. Added new tester rank 'Senior Tester'. Addition to current '/unban' was added to take in an optional variable (full name of player) for easier access. 1.14.11 General Added command '/tlist' to display all tolls there are, works for everyone. Faction Changed effect of the tazer (decreased). Fixes Fixed building issue with street calculations. Made us save a whole lot of resourses by reducing time of street functions causing lag. Before it took us 5 seconds to perform this action, now it takes us only 0.2 seconds, cause lag when playerbase is higher to be reduced A LOT: http://i.imgur.com/zWnEv66.png Staff Added veteran commands into '/help'. Added furnatiure debugging commands. 1.15.1 General Added a max health of fires. Added unique license plates for static (job) vehicles, for fashion reasons. Changed paycheck slightly (increased) of all jobs. Faction Added message to PD when vehicles and houses get broken into, provided they have an alarm installed. Added 911 call when shots are fired (firearms without silencer), inside Los Santos and by a non-LEO. Changed toll response time (longer). 1.15.2 General Added age restriction to completing licenses. Added simple system for job progression where you earn more the more and longer you work. Added '/pawninfo' to communicate with the NPC. Added '/pawnhelp' to fetch information regarding the vehicle pawning. Added '/pawn' to perform the action of pawning a vehicle. Changed the payment of the jobs back to normal payment (decreased) due to job progression implemented. Fixes Fixed '/addfire' bug with virtual world and interior world. Fixed "minor" license bug. Fixed minor bug where administrator catches fire when spectating inside a burning house. Fixed bug with players able to use '/v trunk' while in death state. Mappings New PD interior added by Michiel Hoods Staff Added register and connecting to logging. 1.16.0 General Added '/clientcommands' to display helpful commands that SAMP has implemented automatically into every client. Added new interior for PD and adjusted everything accordingly (ticket and impound checkpoint for instance). Removed "proper license" message. Faction Changed ammo of fire extinguisher from lockers (increased heavily). Fixes Fixed a few bugs regarding accessories. Staff Added more information into '/check'. Added tag system. Added locker system. 1.16.1 Faction Added restriction so legal factions can only take out equipment if on duty. Changed '/deploy' so you can edit the object when you first create it. Fixes Fixed issues with gate linkers (you can now connect gates to each other to open/close at same time). Fixed issues with naming products in companies. Staff Changed '/toglogging' to work for testers and trial administrators. 2.0.0 General Added more information to '/getcoords'. Added warning when you are bleeding, in a roleplaying manner. Added space/handbreak key to be able to start engines or hotwires. Note that this won't work to kill engines for obvious reasons. Added seatbelt, engine and door status information underneath the fuel status while inside vehicles. Added an achievement system with a few achievements (44 for the time being, more will be added in the future). Added possibility to SMS from contact list instead of having to type in the whole number. Added a core to a referral system, simply placed: Once joining the server you are able to tell how you found the server. The referral system itself will be perhaps built upon later on. Added ability for government to change citizen, property, vehicle and company product taxes. Added '/gates' as an aliases to already existing '/remote' and '/gate'. Added so that during summer it's shorter night and during winter is longer night time. Added new intro to registering. You go through a scenario if choosing to get into Los Santos by illegal measures. Added possibility to choose if you want a detailed paycheck statement or a short one, in '/settings'. Added so fuel is now registered into the database, not sure why it wasn't until now. Added a few more objects to furniture system. Added a garage system. Changed so passengers can see vehicle information that driver could only see before. Changed whisper ('/w') to a different range (decreased). Changed the knockout minimum value (increased) so you get knocked out quicker. Still same requirements as before however, need to still punch the person to that state instead of shooting. Changed the maximum amount of accessories that can be held at the same time, due to SA-MP restrictions (maximum 10 attached objects where 1 is already used by jobs and 4 are used by weapons). Changed the current progressional jobs into different tiers. Changed the radio station system, added so that admins can dynamically add stations while players still can listen to their own music if they have custom links. Changed street name 'Paul' to 'Ronald Reagan'. Improved anti-cheat system again. Faction Added new type of faction: trucking! A couple of new commands came along with this: '/twork', '/tload', '/tunload' and '/tstop'. Added possibility for faction leaders to change paychecks of their faction's ranks. Added faction vaults ('/vault'). Added command '/bloodsample' for LSPD, specifically for their detective divsions. Fixes Fixed so players cannot receive "fake" paychecks before logging in (they were not doing anything other than displayed anyways). Fixed minor bug with tags. Fixed bug with some deployed objects not being editable in certain directions. Fixed small bug with beacon pager message. Fixed bug where KMH-meter wouldn't be centered on the screen. Fixed PNS bug where you would be removed from it. Fixed a bug where numbers could turn out to be the same ones. Fixed Indo's annoying /passjoint bug. Fixed knock-out bug. Mappings Added three custom garages (small, medium, big size). Removed multiple El Corona mappings as we suspect them to crash players when entering Idlewood until further notice. Removed multiple Idlewood mappings as we suspect them to crash players when entering Idlewood until further notice. Staff Added '/checkpump' to remove ugly ID label. Added '/downslap' because I was pissed when I got stuck above interiors. Added '/achon' to try out achievement looks, sizes and text labels. Added '/radiostations' to dynamic feature handlers. Added '/jobs'. Added garage commands. Changed '/factions' so that only higher levels administrators, to eliminate any possible metagaming. 2.0.1 General Changed so you have to quit your current job at City Hall before picking up a new one (purpose for the 70% loss of job levels when quitting). Faction Added all license types to MDC for LEO factions as well as blood type, when searching for player names. Changed plate tracing to not work for LEO factions. They can still search for them in the database and hence see who owns it but they cannot trace them. Changed so '/facduty' removes your faction duty even though you're not in a legal faction. In case you somehow had faction duty stuck after leaving a faction. Fixes Fixed a few bugs where vehicles would have no fuel. Fixed so Tanker is an allowed type for trucking factions. Fixed where some achievements wouldn't pop up (solved by mistery). Fixed all trucking trailer points. Staff Added '/gotogarage' to teleport to garages easier in case they need to be fixed. 2.0.2 General Changed amount of needed deliveries for every job to level up (decreased). Fixes Hopefully fixed the vehicle bug, still unknown. It was either the trucking system or the illegal system that screwed up the vehicles when creating the Dingly and the trucking trailers.* Hopefully fixed the ELM bug.* * Note that these issues are quite hard to fix as I do not see what is wrong. If the reappear please do tell me. 2.0.3 General Changed amount of needed deliveries for every job to level up (decreased). Changed vehicle despawn so you need to be close to the vehicle before despawning it. Changed speed limits for DMV tests according to new IC laws (http://ex-rp.com/forum/index.php?/topic/527-city-of-los-santos-press-release-001-increase-in-speed-limits/). Changed welfare (increased). Faction Added '/setwelfare' for government faction to set hourly welfare in-game instead of bothering me. Added '/setmintax' for government faction to decide how much a citizen must have earned before they must pay payroll taxes. Fixes Hopefully fixed the vehicle bug, still unknown. It was either the trucking system or the illegal system that screwed up the vehicles when creating the Dingly and the trucking trailers.* Hopefully fixed the ELM bug.* Fixed vehicle plates to not have ability to duplicate when first added. Fixed minor bug with gas pump labels. * Note that these issues are quite hard to fix as I do not see what is wrong. If the reappear please do tell me. Mappings Added LSPD interior mapping by Carson Staff Changed '/help admin' to display a few more commands that weren't on the list. Changed '/addcar' and '/addrental' to act as actually adding a real car and not needing '/confirm'. Changed '/vspawn' to save into the database which means that admin vehicles needs to be deleted with '/vdestroy' otherwise they will exist forever. Changed '/vsave' to save the vspawned vehicle (which means changing it from an admin vehicle to a normal vehicle as it will not be destroyed when '/vdestroy' is performed). Removed '/confirm' command as it's no longer needed. 2.1.0 General Added "General Information" to '/jobhelp' so players can see their current job progression. Added command '/jp' to check job progression easier. Added opium plants to spawn on grass/dirt around Los Santos, respawn time is random between 20-40 minutes approximately. Added command '/harvest' for opium and weed plants. Added one new achievement. Added random weather. Weather is changable every hour (this doesn't mean every in real life hour like 13:00, 14:00, but instead every hour from when server is launched). Changed so players can use both '/factions' and '/jobs'. Faction Added three locations (LS, FC and RC) where truckers can do and do shorter routes. The random "whole-state" route is still available through /twork and the checkpoints. Changed so trucking employee's receive a bonus for each route they do, into their personal paycheck. Note that this meant that the faction itself made less money as a result. Fixes Fixed engine starting issues with temporary vehicles. Fixed callsign bug. Fixed inventory bug \o/, a Dingly made us all suffer, please burn down all Dingly's you see in the world as revenge. Fixed '/vdestroy' bug. Fixed major exploit with transporter job. Fixed bug where vehicles would randomly disappear. Fixed bug with random generator function (fault in calculations). Fixed format money issue when using '/check'. Fixed bug where administrators couldn't change the interior type of garages. Fixed so much I lost count and it's been a stressful few days so didn't even write down everything I've fixed. Staff Added '/setfuel'. Added '/togaddiction' to toggle addiction for players if ever needed to do so. Added logs of some sort. Changed '/alock' so it works for garages as well. 2.1.1 General Added so actors reload every ten minutes automatically. Fixes Fixed achievement bug with players who weren't connected. Fixed bug where you bought a garage and it took wrong payment method. Fixed bug with planting cannabis, it would give an error and still take away one seed from inventory. Fixed minor bug where respawned transporter vehicles would still have goods. Fixed minor MySQL bug with NaN. Fixed issue with rank names and saving to database. Fixed an NPC misplacement (due to mappings) inside LSPD. People should be able to pay their impounds and tickets now once again. Mappings Added mappings south of Jefferson church by Carson. Staff Added command '/reloadactors' to reload all the NPC's (sometimes they magically disappear). 2.2.0 General Added option to disable news broadcasting in '/settings'. Faction Added small (1428) and big (1437) ladder objects to '/deploy' that can be used for certain roleplay scenarios by both legal factions or to climb places. Added new faction type: News faction Added commands: '/news', '/hnews' , '/interview'. Fixes Fixed minor welfare bug. 2.2.1 Fixes Fixed bug with building enter/exit's being confused. Fixed bug where weather was weird indoors. Fixed bug with text saying that "sun is shining" in the middle of the night. Staff Added '/endtutorial' and '/restarttutorial' for highest administrator level. Added '/aforcedance' for fun mostly. 2.2.2 General Added a counter for how many items a player used (statistics). Added '/setforumname'. 2.2.3 General Added forum name to be displayed in /stats. Fixes Fixed bug where /setforumname would reset (I was being silly last update! Heh'...). Fixed MySQL error. Fixed bug where vehicle components would disappear after restart. Fixed bug with rental vehicles not displaying (with 3D label) that they are rentable. Mappings Added second FD mapping (Ganton), by Colby. Staff Added so '/unjail' will also be displayed in database. 2.3.0 General Added a company goods limit (500000). That way, eventually, transporters will have to pick new companies to deliver to rather than just one and the same. Added '/who' as an alias to '/id'. Added weekly hours to '/stats'. Added garage alarm system (including '/garage alarm confirm', similar to house alarm and vehicle alarm). Changed the string at the DMV /start. Changed range of '/lock' (increased). Changed texts to green whenever you received a message of increased paycheck from job or house rentals. Changed pawning system, it will be completely random vehicle models now and they will change every four hours. You can repawn vehicles, but they will despawn once they are pawned. Vehicle models will be picked randomly as stated, but will only be added to the "randomness" if there is at least one vehicle spawned with that modelid, so there will always be a vehicle to pawn for players. Changed so the closest gate will open to your character, with the given range it is allowed to be opened with, instead of the lowest id. Removed chance of weather becoming sand storm, normal storm or puring rain. I guess people, 2017, still have potatos. Removed warrant gains upon stealing ammunition. Removed '/tapwater'. Players should now use either drugs or company products to restore health. Faction Added active tickets to '/mdc', when searching for a player. Added so database saves the person who gives out the ticket as well, and therefore also displaying it when printing out a ticket from the "IC" database. Added error when no 911 or 311 calls found in MDC list. Added a few more categories in the MDC such as active tickets, old tickets, player records, vehicle impound records and so on forth. Changed tazer duration (decreased). Removed ability to track warranted players (not sure why this was ever implemented). Fixes Fixed minor mistake with air breaking hack message. Fixed minor bug with /unjail. Fixed misspelling in '/jp'. It said that you had 11 out of 10 levels, this was incorrect and was meant to display 10 out of 10 levels. Note that this "fix" does NOT make you reduce one level, it's only for displaying's sake. This means you also start with level 0 instead of level 1 now. Fixed '/adeleteblood' bug. Fixed bug with vehicle respawning in another interior/world id than intended. Fixed major exploit with weed. Fixed issue with beer and wine not being grabable from trunk, trashbin etc. Mappings Added police interior (not in use yet) created by Tyler. Added stop sign mapping and removed most of the intersection red/green lights, by Carson. Staff Added '/setpoplocation' so admins can set a custom location message that players will see (under level 5) when they log in, to know where the roleplay is happening. Added '/toglogging' to '/settings', and it will now save when logging off. The previous command will still work. Changed a few behaviours of certain log-type commands and added them to '/settings' instead. 2.3.1 General Added ID to display on the connection messages. Removed '/blackscreen'. Removed the '/pay' limit since everyone used vehicle trunks anyways. Still exists for players under level 20. Fixes Fixed '/smokejoint' to regain your health just like marijuana used from inventory. Fixed '/smokejoint' bug where it would make your screen shake forever. Fixed bug with '/stop' not letting you redo the job at transporter. Fixed bug with displaying actual weekly hours in '/stats'. Fixed '/harvest' so you cannot move while performing that activity. Fixed house alarm message to LEO factions. Fixed bug with '/pawn' where you could pawn non-player owned vehicles (faction or job vehicles). Fixed minor bug with fire decreasing player's health when burning. Mappings Removed objects that looked like opium plants but weren't actual ones. Staff Changed '/adminheal' to also remove being tazed and shaking screens. Things that I have removed from the script but was used in EX-RP and mentioned in the changelog above: Achievement system (this is one of the first Street names (this took very long time for me to do as you have to manually record the movement of every street, something I am not willing to share)
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    SA-MP vs Google, FIGHT!

    Was Vince every anything in SA-MP? Or "just" a member (I know he has contributed a lot, but you know what I mean hopefully)?
  5. MultiMartUser

    Buying Game-MP Account 100 $

    Especially in times like these...
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    Hosted Tab Listings - $19.99 (USD)

    Not selling anymore, can be closed.
  7. MultiMartUser

    SA-MP's cookie connection attack

    This only affects servers on hosted tab right? Also Kalcor posted new test update files.sa-mp.com (order by last modified).
  8. MultiMartUser

    Hosted Tab Listings - $19.99 (USD)

    2 listings left!
  9. MultiMartUser

    ONLY $20 for Hosted Tab Listings!

    If I got it right you need to purchase a server in order to use the hosted tab listing service, correct? Anyhow good luck with your services!
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    Hosted Tab Listings - $19.99 (USD)

    4 listings available!
  11. MultiMartUser

    Hosted Tab Listings - $19.99 (USD)

    3 listings available (can't edit my first post sadly). The two policies were removed.
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    Lack of Activity

    Hope you get better soon! Cheers mate!
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    Looking for LSPD Division images 2017 -- LS:RP

    Then that's great! In that case I am still offering the first thing that I proposed, the ones I have made if he/she still is interested.
  14. MultiMartUser

    Hosted-tab Listings - Provider.

    (You might want to change website or thread to go along with whichever price is right though since one is saying another price).
  15. MultiMartUser

    [TUTORIAL] How to actually get guns on LS-RP

    Cool, not that I play on LS-RP. In one way it surprises me that a long lived community like LSRP (not to mention even the way it has turned out to be) has yet not figured out a good system for themselves to properly warn when abuse like this is happening. But then on the other hand it would also be a pain in the butt to moderate over the whole population they have. Last but not least, a third hand joins the party and would simply just accuse the whole thing being abusable to begin with and is intended that way so that administrators X, Y and Z can also perform these sort of scams. As we say in Sweden: the taste is like the ass ("there's no accounting for taste").


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