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  1. westside405

    Selling lsrp money

    I’ll buy them all right now. PM me
  2. westside405

    [4SALE] lsrp cash

    I'll buy 10 mil, hit me up with your price.
  3. westside405

    Selling lsrp money

    Would you trade a steam account worth double that for the 20 mil? See my thread.
  4. westside405

    Trading massive steam account for LSRP goods.

    PM me on the forums, please. I prefer not to put myself under the risk of the LSRP admins.
  5. westside405

    Trading massive steam account for LSRP goods.

    Taking offers. Also very wealthy on GTA Online, yachts and everything.
  6. It has over $500 in games on it, the popular games such as CSGO, all the Grand Theft Autos, and Black Ops 3 which is included in the account. The account has a good history, and I simply have no use for it anymore as I spend my time on LSRP rather than play these games. Let me know if you're interested, $hustle can vouch for me.
  7. westside405

    Selling RC-RP Money

    Shoot me a PM
  8. westside405

    Selling RC-RP cash!

    Shoot me a forum PM.


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