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      Complaints and Inquires   04/02/2018

      Hi all, It's come to my attention that Complaints and Inquires are ending up in the wrong place. If you have a Complaint or Inquiry (e.g- A Staff Member, a ban etc) please contact @Husky or contact us at our email at [email protected] Kind Regards,
      Avovix Solutions.


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    Hit me up.
  2. Selling RC-RP Money

    Shoot me a PM
  3. Selling RCRP cash for steam wallet

    PM me I'll drop $140 in your steam wallet.
  4. Selling RC-RP cash!

    Shoot me a forum PM.
  5. LSRP 100M

    looking to buy 100m in LSRP cash. hmu. $hustle will be used as a middleman and to confirm your reliability
  6. $25m cash for SALE [Cheap if buy them all]

    I'll buy all 25.
  7. [WTS] LS-RP cash

    I'm interested. Serious inquiry.
  8. Hello. I'm selling a P:LA (now Opis Gaming) account with MANY amentities from the marketplace, that makes all their items so expensive. Want to be a boss on P:LA? You've opened the right thread. This account includes the following; - A NICE house in Mulholland with a custom interior, exotic sports cars, helicopter, and much more. The account is valued at over ($149.00) in MP purchases, but I'm looking to only sell it for $90!
  9. Your PM's are disabled. I'd like you to do mine.
  10. [Buying] RC-RP things, good budget

    Money, and houses is what I'm looking for.


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