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  1. I am selling a limited amount of slots on the hosted tab listings via my Game-MP account. Listings can be purchased from http://hostedtab.co.uk. Listings run for 31 days - if you wish for it to continue running after this you must manually renew through the site at least 24 hours before your listing is due to expire otherwise you may lose your listing, and do so every month for which you wish to maintain your listing. Listings can be edited via the site, changes may take up to 24 hours to be acted upon and you will receive an email when this is confirmed. Current selling price is: £24 GBP for a one month listing Please feel free to reply or PM if you have any queries.
  2. Vouch for my guy @PakistaniMale, smooth sale pleasure to deal with and very effective. Look forward to doing business again!
  3. Andrew

    [B] LS-RP Cash

    Cheers but have done and unfortunately they're out of stock atm.
  4. Andrew

    [B] LS-RP Cash

    Hi, Playing SA-MP for the first time in many years, want to have a little play around on LS-RP for memories but would like the freedom to enjoy it with some cash. Not looking for much maybe a couple or a few million. If anyone has any for sale please give me a shout. Cheers.
  5. Have my very old Game-MP account to sell, tried to sell once before in 2016 but by the time offers came in I had completely forgotten about it so never got to actually sell it. Don't play/host/use SA-MP anymore and haven't done for several years, looking for a quick sale in the region of £200. Get in touch if interested. Cheers.

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