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  1. oxyzog

    [SELLING] LS-RP (Money)

    $200,000 for $2. PayPal.
  2. Hey Buyer, I got LS-RP account if you're interested PM me.
  3. oxyzog

    Selling LSRP Account

    Good deal, vouching @bamea
  4. oxyzog

    selling lsrp account 15$

    Damn, scammers everywhere.
  5. oxyzog

    selling lsrp account 15$

    Did he scam you?
  6. oxyzog

    [Buying] LS-RP: LSSD/LSPD/GC Acc.

  7. oxyzog

    Selling LSRP Account

    I got a LSRP account with level 10 and level 4 character, the account has nothing but a freeway and few money. I'm selling this account for 10$, if anybody interested can PM for my discord and we'll chat.
  8. oxyzog

    Buying name change in LS-RP for IN-Game cash!

    For a reason he can't reply to this thread, he'll give you $200,000 for a namechange, PM him for the discord.
  9. oxyzog

    Buying name change in LS-RP for IN-Game cash!

    Vouching this guy, trustable!
  10. As the title says, if interested, PM me or post below
  11. oxyzog

    Selling LSRP Account

    Scam free dealing, always trusted. Account sold to @TheGuyWithTheMask
  12. oxyzog

    Selling LSRP Account

    Bump. Still for sale.
  13. oxyzog

    Selling LSRP Account

    Selling LSRP Account Characters:- Level 8 PF License Cash: $200.000 Bank: $42.000 Savings: $112.000 Sunrise Furnished Apartment Trucker Level: 5 (Trucker) Few more hours to achieve Professional Trucker Other Characters:- Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 Price: $15 - PayPal ( Willing to use Middleman )


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