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  1. I got an account for sale which includes characters of four where two characters are level 6 and the others are below 5 for $15. Payment through PayPal only
  2. Completed the deal without stress, this guy deserves a big trophy. Vouch @The Plug
  3. Buying amount below $1,00,000 in-game LSRP cash.
  4. I got a level 2, PM me for more info.
  5. Got anything for 2$? HMU
  6. People who are struggling for getting into Los Santos Roleplay server, here is your chance! A fresh account which haven't used at all for sale! I would like 3$ for this account. People who are interested DM me right now! Payments only through PayPal ( Willing to use middleman but you should take responsibility of his fees )
  7. Vouching, bought account from him before.
  8. Those who are weak in English and are not able to make an account on LS-RP, this is your opportunity to get into the server. Character Application for $2. Also filling out PF License Application for 2$. DM w/o hesitation right now. ( Payment via PayPal )

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