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  1. SA-MP's cookie connection attack

    Once I added the thing that Kalcor released, the server wasn't been attacked anymore.
  2. Website | Forums: http://www.versatile-rp.com/Versatile Roleplay is a an English speaking community that is all about providing the best quality roleplay for their members. We at V-RP keep a high standard of roleplay and enforce all of our rules fully. Our staff is trained to act professionally and are the best out there when it comes to punishing rule-breakers and solving in-game problems. The server has a very strict rule of always roleplaying to the best of your ability. Trolling, bad grammar and other impurities in roleplay will be punished by our administrator team.The V-RP game server uses a customized PR-RP script which is being worked on by our development team which consists of highly experienced PAWN developers and mappers. The gamemode all in all is highly developed and has been worked on for multiple years by a couple of different people.Inventory SystemInventory system is dialog based and has over 100 items available for players to use. All items are droppable and stay on the ground until being picked up. Item types vary from food, drugs, weapons, tools and others.Every player has 15 inventory slots. Reason why we don't want players to have a ton of inventory slots is to keep aspects of realism.Weapon SystemWeapon system is one of the cool features we posses. Firearms are either obtained through PF & CCW permit that has to be obtained through application process by our customized faction policy that brings a lot of roleplay with focus on arms dealing. Most of the firearms have 2 or more types of magazines. Magazines take an extra space in inventory. Police Department have access to magazines with rubber bullets and beanbag ammunition while official factions with weapon rights have access to extended magazines that have larger ammo capacity.Factions SystemOur factions system is dynamic. Every type of faction can be added in-game - both LEGAL and ILLEGAL.Police Department have access to their armoury, marked and unmarked vehicles, MDC system, tasers, prison and other general features. They also handle Personal Firearm & Carry Concealed Weapon permits. Emergency Services have access to their marked vehicles, can treat patients and can handle fires which are created after each explosion and spread across territory.Government have access to marked and unmarked vehicles, can shut down businesses, control taxes and other common stuff.Illegal factions have 3 types of rights: WEAPON & 2 Drug Types (chemical and non-chemical drugs - this is to improve roleplay between factions and so not everybody has same rights).With weapon rights factions can order shipments of un-marked firearms (without serial codes) and shipments require administrative permission if they include automatic firearms & vehicle bombs (which can be planted on vehicles with turned off engine and when engine is turned on the vehicle explodes). They also have access to marked firearms through faction warehouse with SERIALS which is an easier method to obtain firearms but more risky.With drug rights there are lots of drug types obtainable such as ACID, Cocaine, Crack (which can be cooked by mixing Cocaine with Baking Soda), Heroin, Ecstasy, Meth, Crystal Meth, Cannabis Seeds (which you can plant with growing chemicals to gain Cannabis), Cannabis.After all we’re working on a system that brings more roleplay into the deals, so every shipment an administrator roleplay the arms dealer, and decided which factions gets rights to which types. If you piss off the administrator for example if you’re late, he can raise the prices if he feels like it. Custom Damage SystemEvery weapon's damage has been customized on V-RP. We wanted to keep it on a realistic ratio and so people take cover and do not rush like they usually do on SA-MP. Melee weapons are now more deadly and reason why we did this is to increase usage of melee weapons than firearms.Certain high-caliber firearms can kill you by a single shot. Also, headshots depending on severity can cause instant death while other body parts being can be deadly in one-two hits, as said previously depending on caliber.Vehicle SystemEvery non-donator player can own up to 10 vehicles (boats, bikes, cars), while Bronze, Silver, Gold & Premium donators (which are permanent donator statuses - but you can upgrade from Bronze to Silver, Silver to Gold, Gold to Premium, Premium + Club membership) can own up to 13 vehicles and players with Club Membership (obtainable monthly) can own up to 15 vehicles. All vehicles stay even if your Club Membership runs out.We have decided to give freedom to players regarding their vehicles as long as they keep them realistic. Players can customize their vehicles with custom objects. Also, they can furniture vehicle interiors and enter them.Players can have all of their vehicles spawned but have to /v spawn them upon destroyal. They can't despawn them due to us trying to keep a realistic aspect and having people actually locking their vehicles and storing them in garages. They have the usual features like trunk inventory slots, engine status, mileage, glovebox inventory slots, etc.Property SystemAt current status every player is able to buy 1 house with it's garage (if the house has a garage) and 1 business (but we’re working on re-writing the house script and remove the limit on both houses and business.)Every house has it's own realistic class and players can choose empty interiors which they can furnish. Also, players are able to furnish their backyards and around their houses as long as they keep it realistic. Houses have ability to buy 1 safe and safes have LOCK COMBINATION so people are able to break into the safes if they know the correct 4 DIGIT combination.Players are able to park their vehicles into the garages. Garages can be bareswitched (into warehouse interior) and furnished however the player wants to furnish them as long as they are realistic.Businesses can be bareswitched, custom mapped in a warehouse interior and players have the ability to furnish outdoor around their business as long as it's realistic. Safe system works the same like in houses.Players are able to change object materials and map practically anything they want as the object limit is very high. Sky is the limit.Every business and house has an option to have a back-door/second entrance or exit. This is to increase realism and implement new ideas.We also have bunch of other systems that you as a player might like:Default roleplay jobs such as Taxi Driver, Mechanic, Trucker, Pizza Boy, Farmer & StreetsweeperVehicle engine and battery life systemWeapon clip system that forces more realistic roleplayMarijuana growing and crack cooking systemAttachment system for playersRealistic knock out system when players get knocked out when low on HP (Melee weapons only)Corpse system (when player dies - corpse is created)Shell Casing system (shell casings drop after weapon has been fired - they have serials unless obtained illegaly - can't be picked up when hot)And other unique and cool features..Versatile Roleplay staff team consists of ex. Project Reality Roleplay staff team members and other communities as well, we do not put inexperienced players into our staff team.We welcome every type of suggestions and actually listen to our players. Reasons why we implemented certain donator but no PAY2WIN features is because we have to fund the server somehow so we hope you PLAYERS are not mad because of that.Players who bring new players will be rewarded and same goes for those who help us in finding both small and important bugs.We are here because of you and not our own interests.Website | Forums: http://www.versatile-rp.com/
  3. Drakey's SA:MP Services [LOW-RATES]

    Scripts such as — RED COUNTY ROLE PLAY (UCP NOT INCLUDED) LOS SANTOS ROLE PLAY (LEAKED VERSION BUT HEAVILY EDITED WITH NEW ADDITIONS SUCH AS THINGS LIKE THE LS-RP /PHONE SYSTEM AND BUGS FIXED & SECURITY IMPROVED TO PREVENT MYSQL INJECTIONS ETC.) PROJECT: REALITY ROLEPLAY (WITH FULL DATABASE SUCH ASACCOUNTS, FURNITURE, HOUSES, BUSINESSES, MAPPING, ETC.) VITALITY GAMING ROLE PLAY (FULL DATABASE, GOOD DEAL, RARELY FOUND, DEV VERSION & FULLY FIXED WITH NO BUGS) NOTE: This is the old script, not the current one they are using but still good script with a good price. I am also aware there is one currently out which is completely bugged, but this is not completed bugged and is a verified dev version as it has the full database working and no bugs. MORE SCRIPTS ARE AVAILABLE, CONTACT ME AS PRICES ARE GETTING CHEAPER. Note: these are only a few of the scripts that I obtain, more are for sale. Cheap prices, best deals.
  4. People who can't run GTA:SA play that.
  5. Drakey's SA:MP Services [LOW-RATES]

    Make sure to contact me through Skype or PMs like everyone else. Thanks.
  6. [align=center]DRAKEY'S SERVICES.[/align] [align=center]RATES:[/align] [align=center]BUG FIXING / QA TESTING — $2 PER 1000 LINES[/align] [align=center]FILTERSCRIPT — $5 PER SCRIPT[/align] [align=center]GAMEMODES:[/align] [align=center]DM/TDM GAMEMODES — $10[/align] [align=center]RPG/RP GAMEMODES — $10-40 DEPENDING ON SIZE[/align] [align=center]STUNT/RACE GAMEMODES — $10[/align] [align=center]GAMEMODE SYSTEMS: BANKING SYSTEM — $5 HIT DETECTION SYSTEM — $2 STATS SYSTEM — $3[/align] [align=center]VEHICLE/GARAGE SYSTEM — $5[/align] [align=center]FACTIONS SYSTEM — $5[/align] [align=center]MYSQL/DATABASE SYSTEM — $10-20 DEPENDING ON SIZE[/align] [align=center]ADMINISTRATION SYSTEM — $5-8 DEPENDING ON SIZE[/align] [align=center] [/align] [align=center]MISC:[/align] [align=center]FORUMS SETUP (WEBHOST) — $3-5 DEPENDING ON SIZE[/align] [align=center]VPS SETUP — $3[/align] [align=center]TEAMSPEAK CHANNELS SETUP — $2-4 DEPENDING ON SIZE[/align] Contact me for further questions. (Skype or PMs) [align=center][/align] This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
  7. [BUYING] Red Countyrp

    I have the script, that's all.
  8. Want to make a server?

    Okay, but I'm not saying just make it off those scripts. I'm talking about developing, testing, developing testing, making a UCP and developing it to the point it's ready to be fully used.
  9. Want to make a server?

    [align=center]Willing to make a server, as a previous Head of Developer, Head of Administrator and etc. with a ton of experience and effort put into previous servers I am willing to create another server. I have a load of scripts that we could use to make a server.[/align] [align=center] LSRP SCRIPT PRRP UPDATED (WITH DB) SCRIPT ETC. [/align]
  10. Bullsh*tters in this area

    yes yes multimart gang gang
  11. [align=center]SAN ANDREAS MULTIPLAYER[/align] [align=center]Scripting Services (2+ years experience)[/align] [align=center] - Fully understand Pawno - Fully understand MySQL - Partially understand PHP (able to create UCPs) - Worked with Pawn Language for about 2 years now - Alongside, one year of experience with Management (helped create 90+ player-base servers) [/align] [align=center]Wanna build a server with an experienced Management member & scripter, contact me A.S.A.P (No payments required).[/align] [align=center]Contact me on Skype for more! (live:drakewest2) [/align]
  12. If anyone has the RCRP script, let me know. I'll give the PR-RP script in return.
  13. [align=center]Project:[/align] [align=center]San Andreas[/align] [align=center] Server IP: Forums/Website: www.project-sarp.com (fixed soon)[/align] [align=center]Server Skype Group: join.skype.com/xypWKVgql9VC[/align] Project: San Andreas is back and better! We have a whole new Management team, with the server administration organized much better than before and we are now currently in testing phase and plan to open very soon. We currently have a script that has unique & dynamic systems that have been put in place and a lot of testing has been put into the script so we currently expect no bugs! [align=center]Faction System[/align] [align=center]The server has a quite dynamic faction script as there are no such things as "families", it all depends on your faction you develop to go official. A faction-administrator can create a faction in-game, edit factions easily so there is no need for scripting for each faction.[/align] [align=center]Furniture System[/align] [align=center]The furniture system is great and working 100%, it's easy to browse as there are sub-categories such as living room, kitchen etc. and you can easily find the furniture you are looking for and furnish your house nicely.[/align] [align=center]Anti-cheat System[/align] [align=center]The server currently has a up-to-date anti-cheat system working 24/7, stopping any hackers from hacking on the server and to ensure that every player has great gameplay on the server and that is what we strive to achieve.[/align] [align=center]Vehicle System[/align] [align=center]Vehicle System has many options to it, which you can choose from. The dealerships' can be created in-game by Server Management or Lead Administration and they are pretty easy to find (Grotti's, Commerce, Jefferson).[/align] [align=center]Job System[/align] [align=center]The job system is neat, and realistic at the same time for example if you choose to be a taxi driver or a mechanic you must go to the dealerships and buy the vehicles yourself.. Along with that, there is a unique system that the script holds of administrators able to create new jobs on the server, edit them and much more![/align] [align=center]Drugs/Gun System[/align] [align=center]To try and stop guns pouring into the server in the first couple of days, we plan to make only illegal factions able to distribute guns to players and players can go up to gang members and buy them. This will keep a low amount of guns on the server, which will not only keep the roleplay atmosphere realistic but it will also reduce the amount of death-matchers' on the server.[/align] [align=center]Housing/Business System[/align] [align=center]Since we are completely restarting the community from the old communities that have failed, everything and absolutely everything is being reset meaning everyone will have to re-register onto the server - this means that business and houses are available all over Los Santos for you to buy! [/align] [align=center]Economy[/align] [align=center]We plan to keep the economy as /realistic/ as possible, and not let players access to millions of $ in the first few weeks. Also, donators can only buy NRGs', Cheetahs and fast vehicles which normally cost a lot. This is to also stop the server just being filled with people who drive on NRGs doing NON-RP jumps/stunts with bikes.[/align] [align=left]- And there is much much more to the script and to the server community! We are currently in a testing phase and going through development. We've put countless hours into developing this server and we would like /YOU/ to come and join us![/align] [align=left]As of for our forums, forums will be up very soon once our Head of Forums & Website is done creating it. [/align] [align=left][FORUMS IS NOW UP] [GRAND-OPENING IS VERY SOON]! Let's make this happen people![/align] [align=center]Server Information:[/align] [align=center]Server IP:[/align] [align=center]Forums/Website: www.project-sarp.com[/align] [align=center]Server Skype Group: join.skype.com/xypWKVgql9VC[/align]
  14. [align=center][/align] [align=center]Complex Roleplay is a server that was open since 2014, as it used to have over 60+ players every single day with a steady player base and professional factions and a whole reliable administration/helper team. Complex Roleplay has a diverse and unique script along with numerous updates to come through out the weeks.[/align] [align=center]Complex Roleplay closed a couple of months ago due to security issues, leading a hacker to come and remove things from the database causing the server to shut down and now we are back, better than ever with a new Management and Administration team.[/align] [align=center]Website: www.complex-rp.com (Down for now) TeamSpeak: Client: Expectations?: We at Complex Roleplay are a heavy role-play server that has been in development for a few months. The small community is made up of complex minded people who enjoy quality roleplay. They enjoy a great script, yet with simple to use systems to help everyone have the best playing experience possible. Factions?: At Complex Roleplay we have a variety of factions such as; Los Santos Police Department San Andreas Fire Department San Andreas Government Various Organizations such as; Narcotics, Mafia, Afro-American and so on. The server has a dynamic faction system with a fully manageable system for faction leaders to customise just about everything in their factions. We are looking to create new official factions for dedicated players who can demonstrate exceptional roleplaying abilities and dedication to the rules. Furniture System!: We have a furniture system for privately owned houses or apartments that will allow you to customize and textures objects in your very own unique way, just how you like it! All houses are created with an empty interior for you to customize however you see fit! You can also make objects on the exterior of your house to be able to have a more realistic roleplay experience outside as well. If you're in a faction and it's on a porch a lot, you can add chairs outside to make it better for roleplay. Custom Mapping:We can create maps inside and outside interiors and create unique objects such as graffiti, garbage for bad neighborhoods, custom textured objects to make cool wall papers, etc. We here try to avoid completely remapping GTA:SA but we do have some noticeable differences in our mappings. We did this to make sure that our server can be held up to par with a modern aspect.[/align] [align=center]You can go in-game today and find out much more so come along and join us, once you log on you'll be asked to register and the server script will ask you a couple of questions you must answer before entering the server.[/align] [align=left]Created by,[/align] [align=left]Drakey - Management.[/align] [align=left]Many thanks to,[/align] [align=left]Blake (Server Owner).[/align]