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  1. 000

    $ Selling SARP Cash $

    I've got a large amount of cash that I'm willing to sell, it's $1 per 5million - untraceable! I will do bulk deals, but you have to message me directly to do this. Have to use a middleman ($hustle).
  2. 000

    Selling RC-RP account

    Haven't logged on since 2015, it's got a Voodoo and $4,000 in cash, pretty cheap.
  3. This is still for sale, by the way.
  4. 000


    How does this work - you have 12 mil in stock but you're still selling 15mil worth, in your prices?
  5. @$hustle is a great middleman - got my purchased items quickly and easily, best by far.
  6. It's a light-medium roleplay server This account has no previous admin record. I have no way to prove this to you, as SARP does not carry records of previous bans, but I can guarantee that punishment will not be based upon previous actions, but by the rule broken (if you understand what I am saying).
  7. [align=center]Trading either LS-RP cash, or Paypal - middleman required (preferably $hustle).[/align] [align=center]Account details: [/align] [align=center]$20,152,019 total (cash, bank)[/align] [align=center]Restricted surname[/align] [align=center]Donated number[/align] [align=center]100 armor, health[/align] [align=center]House in Richman[/align] [align=center]9250 Materials[/align] [align=center]26 Pot[/align] [align=center]35 Crack[/align] [align=center]Any further details will be provided upon request - mostly looking for LS-RP cash, but as I stated previously, I am willing to look at Paypal offers too.[/align] [align=center]Don't hesitate to drop a PM. [/align]


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