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  1. This is still available. Can also do this sale in-site, as enforced by the community rules in this thread. The payment method still remains: PayPal or Western Union If you are willing to use Shustle as your middle man be my guest.
  2. Hello, if anyone is selling RC-RP CASH (even if it is a small amount) please send me your DISCORD in FORUM PM's so we can have a talk. I'm willing to pay. I'll add you right away.
  3. Send me your discord in PM, i'm going to drop a $30.
  4. It is outdated, but it's still for sale as it contains some of the main features of lawless roleplay. like the land system for instance.
  5. Some of the script features can be found in this album: https://imgur.com/a/ukUEG
  6. I have updated the gamemode to 0.3.7, and its working perfectly. Also the database has no errors. https://puu.sh/yjWGA/07aeed08af.pnghttps://puu.sh/yjWM1/b01cf0279d.pnghttps://puu.sh/yjWTZ/ab0b6c574e.pnghttps://puu.sh/yjXjZ/6fbc57c3bc.png
  7. Yes definitely, I replied to your PM, reach out to me whenever you can.
  8. True. Let me know if you are interested, this is still available.
  9. It's a leaked gamemode. One of the developers leaked it, as for the permissions, if he did leak it with or without one, I frankly don't give a shit.
  10. Update: Accepting Western Union as a payment method as well, for those that do not have/use PayPal, also, price is negotiable. p.s: Sorry for the double post, it won't let me edit my main post.

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