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  1. Buying Accounts!

    buy my sarp acc bf4 i get banned
  2. If you wanna sell guns to me & drugs let me know.
  3. [PS4] PS4 On Sale

    Still open :angel:
  4. [PS4] PS4 On Sale

    Georgia, I accept paypal, no scams. I'm trying to get it sold quick as possible so I can afford a Gaming PC
  5. [PS4] PS4 On Sale

    Update; Includes Infinite Warfare } Black Ops 3
  6. [Request]

    [align=center]Anyone giving lessons out on coding?[/align] [align=center]:angel: :angel: :angel: [/align]
  7. Selling RP script fresh

    Price $ ?
  8. Purchasing LSRP PD/SD/DOC applications

    Consider making one yourself, will benefit you in the long run. Just put a little effort into the application & you´ll pass it.
  9. [PS4] PS4 On Sale

    Playstation 4 Original Included with: HDMI Cord (High Defination) Charging Cord (Controller) Power Cords Controller Turtle Beach Recon 60P Gaming Headset Condition ; Excellent/Like New Payments Price: Highest Bidder Payment Acceptations: Paypal
  10. [FOR HIRE] Web Developer & Designer

    Might get in contact with you soon.
  11. Hellaw.

    [align=center] :angel: [/align]
  12. [Suggestion] Avatar

    Well it doesn't have to necessary be 150x150, but at least create a option for those who would like to remove the auto-outline of the image, and for those who would like to use transparency. Not everyone has to use it...
  13. [Suggestion] Avatar

    150x150 capability:A more flexible avatar, something like LS-RP's (avatars), transparency, square images with no outline, etc.
  14. origin account for sale

    Lower it, and I'll buy it