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  1. threestapz - scam

    Bought two game-mp accounts from this user. His Skrill account got limited because of too much money received. He promised me a refund, but now he has been ignoring me for more than a week already. Obviously I also haven't got any of thw two accounts. Value of the scam: 200 EUR MM profile: https://www.multimart.org/profile/2406-threestapz/ Discord: jasond#2046 Fake name/alias: Nero Evans Real name: Paulius Veitas Email: skadufex19@gmail.com Country: Lithuania
  2. jurgenk - scam

    Bought game-mp account from this user in September. I couldn't access it anymore the next day and also the user stopped responding to me at that exact time. It's worth noting that we were in business relation for some months prior to this, so he was definitely very responsive earlier. Value of the scam: 100 USD MM profile: https://www.multimart.org/profile/2219-jurgenk/ Skype: jurgenskm_2 Email: jurgenskm@gmail.com Paypal name: Jurgen Kindermann Email 2: jkm_r@hotmail.com Paypal name: Jurgen Kingz
  3. Had a few active hosted tab listings with this user. His account got disabled and he promised me to give me a refund for remaining days for my active listings, but has ignored me for more than a week already despite multiple messages from my side. Also as a note, recently this user removed one of my listings a few hours before the real expiration date. He clearly thought I would not notice that. When confronted about it, he tried to talk himself out and not admit what he did. Defenitely not a trustworthy user. MM profile: https://www.multimart.org/profile/1819-rida/ Skype: rida.xd
  4. BizzyD - ignorance

    Bought game-mp account of this user a few months ago. Everything went well, but account got disabled recently without a reason. I contacted this user on skype again nearly two weeks ago. He responded to my initial message quickly, but then when I told him why I am contacting him, he immediately started to ignore me and haven't replied ever since. Just want to leave his details here as a warning to others, since such behaviour is unacceptable when doing business. MM profile: https://www.multimart.org/profile/1876-bizzyd/ Skype: appendy2012 SAMP account: http://forum.sa-mp.com/member.php?u=116256
  5. Hello. Does somebody by a chance have an owned WHMCS license? I'm looking to buy one. Cheers
  6. Hosted tab listing - €24 - hostedtab.com

    The price has now been reduced to €22 per month.
  7. Hello. Hostedtab.com is a premium third party provider of SAMP hosted tab listings. We have been in this business since the early 2014, which makes us the longest standing seller out there. Our website should offer you all information that you need before making a purchase. However, in a case you have a question we are always reachable over our support email address. Price: €24/month https://www.hostedtab.com We are looking forward to serving you!
  8. Looking to buy a hosted tab account or listing!

  9. How to get easily to guns in LS-RP (Hacks needed)

    I hope you realize that with exposing this, they will fix it sooner or later and you will be caught.
  10. the history

    And there was also Avovix in between.
  11. Buying listings

    I am looking for someone with a game-mp account, that got some listings available. Stable monthly income guaranteed. Please PM me.
  12. Conspiracy Theory of San Andreas Multiplayer

    That is Kye's old account. Kye was the founder of SA:MP, later renamed to Kyeman then Kalcor. Wasn't it Kyeman -> Kye -> Kalcor?
  13. Conspiracy Theory of San Andreas Multiplayer

    What if SAMP is actually a massive botnet?
  14. Some graphics

    Hello. I'm in need of someone that can make me some San Andreas themed graphics (logo in a few different sizes and some wide images for header and footer). If you are interested, please PM me a few example of your work and approximately how much are you charging.
  15. Desktop'mania (Something new)

    What do you people use computer for? Only internet and games? I can't understand how your desktop could be that empty otherwise.