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  1. Hello. My proposal is that you remove the Game-mp section since it's a completely infested with scammers. People already went so low that they will scam you for a single listing.
  2. threestapz - scam

    Bought two game-mp accounts from this user. His Skrill account got limited because of too much money received. He promised me a refund, but now he has been ignoring me for more than a week already. Obviously I also haven't got any of thw two accounts. Value of the scam: 200 EUR MM profile: https://www.multimart.org/profile/2406-threestapz/ Discord: jasond#2046 Fake name/alias: Nero Evans Real name: Paulius Veitas Email: [email protected] Country: Lithuania
  3. jurgenk - scam

    Bought game-mp account from this user in September. I couldn't access it anymore the next day and also the user stopped responding to me at that exact time. It's worth noting that we were in business relation for some months prior to this, so he was definitely very responsive earlier. Value of the scam: 100 USD MM profile: https://www.multimart.org/profile/2219-jurgenk/ Skype: jurgenskm_2 Email: [email protected] Paypal name: Jurgen Kindermann Email 2: [email protected] Paypal name: Jurgen Kingz
  4. Hello. Does somebody by a chance have an owned WHMCS license? I'm looking to buy one. Cheers
  5. How to get easily to guns in LS-RP (Hacks needed)

    I hope you realize that with exposing this, they will fix it sooner or later and you will be caught.
  6. the history

    And there was also Avovix in between.
  7. Conspiracy Theory of San Andreas Multiplayer

    That is Kye's old account. Kye was the founder of SA:MP, later renamed to Kyeman then Kalcor. Wasn't it Kyeman -> Kye -> Kalcor?
  8. Conspiracy Theory of San Andreas Multiplayer

    What if SAMP is actually a massive botnet?
  9. Desktop'mania (Something new)

    What do you people use computer for? Only internet and games? I can't understand how your desktop could be that empty otherwise.
  10. Lock this.

    Or you can simply setup localhost server.
  11. [Buying] LS-RP Cash Using Paypal .

    I suggest you to contact $hustle, if you need something about LSRP http://www.multimart.org/showthread.php?tid=9
  12. What was the average player count when it was running? And why did you cloise it down if it was so successful?
  13. Uhm, I don't see any connection here. Give me some help please.
  14. Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time.
  15. I completely believe you that you got fair deal with you. Many guys did. The problem is that he abused his reputation and pulled a scam. Unfortunately, he was not careful enough with covering it up. It doesn't matter if he made million deals and only one of them was a scam. He's still a scammer and doesn't deserve a place in this community.


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