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  1. pm ur discord.

  2. Selling RC-RP Money

    ur bugging tf out. Hustle sells 1M for $10-$15 for ls-rp
  3. Selling LS-RP Account!

    I also hope that you got the secret password for it so people who buy it could change email and password from the ucp if not you shouldn't even bother selling this.
  4. Selling LS-RP Account!

    i'll buy offer $30 for it if u got discord doe, i dont use anything else as i'm not that interested in samp anymore.
  5. Selling a SARP account

    i'll buy for $10
  6. Selling LS-RP Account!

    when a lot of people are selling ls-rp accs that mean the server is dying
  7. Nah, but you can buy cash on hz, niggas sell it everywhere just made an /ad saying "Buying Gold Coins, hmu" and someone will sell you 1M for $15-$20 as you know hzrp economy is one of the best, be rich asf and everything else cheap.
  8. Buying RC-RP stuff

    Or you can just hit my dm/inbox.
  9. Buying RC-RP stuff

    buying cash level 5 donator accs etc etc.
  10. Willing to use my nigga 4 ever hustle.
  11. Selling a HZRP level 30 account, it has 3 months DiamondDonator, level 5 trucker, level 5 detective and level 5 arms. Has a sand king, Sultan and Cheetah. Selling it for $30
  12. Selling Level 4 Donator For RC-RP | $20

    i would love to buy this from you, please reply and inbox me your skype we can use middleman.
  13. Selling SARP account with 110m+

    $200, are you autistic? That server is dead as hell b.
  14. NGG Scammer

    I don't want the account anymore.. He can just give me the materials, cash and cars.
  15. NGG Scammer

    Wait huh? But you agreed with $20 until I had the other $10. Why are you lying? http://imgur.com/a/4pWKT


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