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  1. Michael B

    Game Panels

    Thanks! I'll take a look on it whenever I decide to start hosting servers again.
  2. Michael B

    The Talk Topic - Moe's Tavern

    Get back the damn shoutbox. It's boooooooooooooooring......
  3. Michael B


    Welcome mother yaar!
  4. Michael B

    LS-RP Undetected weapon hack[READ]

    Excepting pure MySQL injection, I don't think there is another way of getting weapons there, so you are most likely lying.
  5. Michael B

    The Talk Topic - Moe's Tavern

    I had no clue that there's a website called Gitlab. Is it a replacement for Github? Anyway, what's that? 3rd party Twitch software? @$hustle : I'm looking forward to partying.
  6. Michael B

    The Talk Topic - Moe's Tavern

    Hey guys! Are you still alive?
  7. Who still plays this game? I noticed that the biggest server from there has around 30 players online at once, and that's all.
  8. Michael B

    LS-RP Undetected weapon hack[READ]

    How can you affirm that is an undetected hack, when you didn't even test it? Anyway, I would doubt that there is such as "undetected hack" as the script simply checks if there are imported weapons from other sources excluding their function, and does not check for a specific hack.
  9. Michael B

    The Talk Topic - Moe's Tavern

    Congratulations to @TheOnlyDroid for the promotion! Anything else new out here?
  10. Michael B

    The Talk Topic - Moe's Tavern

    Yo' ma' dawgs, what's poppin'?
  11. So, are you slayer101 from SA-MP forum, or just took over the project and decided to continue it?
  12. I thought the server closed. Th script was released as well. I took time to analize the script and seemed to have nice features. I found some bugs as well. Anyway, I hope you will have success with it. P.S. I noticed the weird SA-MP version, but what's up with it? Is only an edit of the original client modified with an app workshop or has any extra features?
  13. Michael B

    The Talk Topic - Moe's Tavern

    I could not have said that better myself. Are you sarcastic or serious? @TheOnlyDroid: You should go to NASA.
  14. Michael B

    Buying PR=RP script with UCP

    You won't see it, unless you ask Mr187, which I am highly convinced will deny your request.
  15. Michael B

    The Talk Topic - Moe's Tavern

    @TheOnlyDroid Looks good actually! Keep it up!


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