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  1. I've banned @Outfit. I will be in contact if Outfit appeals his ban.
  2. @Yaseen Or you could report the conversation? @Elegante You have 24hours to respond to this allegation.
  3. @Fr0sty Please watch your language. Using such profanity in posts again will result in a warning. Please use the report tool as your comment was far from constructive. OP has been banned for multi-accounting. Thank you all for bringing it to my attention.
  4. I mean, the server mimics Project LA, inlcuding a pay-to-win system.. So I'll give them that I guess.
  5. I think there is bit of a contrast between C++ and C# with one being PP and the other one being OOP. Both languages have their advantages. I personally prefer OOP (C#) as it saves repeating code constantly.
  6. User has been suspended as they haven't responded on any of the Community Complaint topics within 24hours.
  7. Lets not. All these replies were fake vouches. Always consider using a middleman. Thank you for the person who reported this thread :]
  8. I've not really seen any of the complaints alleged against progressed @Jebem Ti Majku
  9. I've read the conversation and I'd like some proof of the goods being delivered @Jebem Ti Majku. No details in the conversation states how you did the transfer, other than you replying you've done the transaction.
  10. Lets get everyone else sorted before we look into this Community Complaint more specifically.
  11. @Jebem Ti Majku You have 24hours to respond.
  12. @Blair hasn't responded to the allegation and has been banned.
  13. I'm locking this thread; Jebem Ti Majku needs a bit more time to resolve his PayPal/ Skrill issues. Banning Jebem whilst his being compliant and trying to resolve the issue, would be a bad idea. I'd rather give him a chance to resolve the situation. I'll give him another 24hours. I will unlock this thread after 24hrs has surpassed and check up on the situation. Please just be patient. I understand you all maybe frustrated, but please give him sometime to get his shit together.
  14. I've seen the conversation. @Jebem Ti Majku You have 48hours to respond to this allegation. I would really appreciate it you two could sort this issue out.
  15. I've removed the screenshot. I wouldn't make screenshot public.

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