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  1. Husky


    There is no denying LS-RP Staff Members use MultiMart. Please use trusted sellers. If something has happened, you can always open a Community Complaint and a Staff Member will investigate the report.
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you get vBulletin 4 with the vBulletin 5 licenses?
  3. I like the fire system. I wish you all the best with the server. Make sure to keep us updated with any changes. Looks like this server has potential.
  4. Bumping this topic due to the lengthy time it took to approve this topic.
  5. I appreciate it being a new server although it would've been lovely to see some screenshots of some gameplay or features. For example, any mapping or any game mechanics you are pleased with. I wish you all the best with your server.
  6. Hi. Welcome to MultiMart LSPDBidness! Please avoid taking trades off-site because if you get scammed, there is little support our staff can give you. Also, it is highly recommended to use a middleman. Best of luck with your sale!
  7. I'm just surprised this topic isn't archived tbh. Moe's Travern lives!
  8. Love you 😍

  9. Hi all! Lets make Moe's Traven great again!
  10. Please create a Community Complaint otherwise OP can request for your comment to be deleted as it isn't productive and just a mere allegation. Edit: OP banned due to violation of MM's TOS. To avoid getting scammed, please use a middleman or at least contact a staff member beforehand.
  11. I'm locking this topic during the meantime as OP hasn't responded to any of these allegations on this thread. Please open a Community Complaint otherwise no further action will be taken. Also, its against the rules to solicit off-site trading.. I can only assume everyone here has done exactly that.
  12. These are just allegations and aren't adding any productive meaning to the topic. Please open a Community Complaint with evidence supporting your claim.
  13. If you've been scammed please open a Community Complaint. Thank you.

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