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  1. Accidently tagging @TheOnlyDroid

    (For those who don't understand: https://www.multimart.org/profile/6-theonlydroid/?status=5&type=status )

    I suppose this is a work around as I'm not directly telling you.. But you will feel obliged to check your notifications out.

    1. TheOnlyDroid


      Considering I can't ban myself.... I'll just have to put up with this.

    2. Husky


      I now feel obliged myself to watch this video, and think how this got into the charts.

  2. NGG Scammer

    Hi, May I confirm this is the user: @iRandom Thanks in advance. Kind Regards, Husky.
  3. NGG Scammer

    Hi @$OG Thank you for the Community Complaint. To confirm, it is the member @iRandom? If so, iRandom has 24 hours to respond to this thread. Unfortunately, in that video, you are scrolling too fast. My recommendations are to, keep the video listed on the thread but post the chat log in another post (to this thread) in a quote element. Thank you! Kind Regards, Husky.
  4. Absoultely love the new forum. Lots to do still, but it's a start. Thank you very much @TheOnlyDroid for the help and dedication.

    1. TheOnlyDroid


      Pffft... I'm the only dedicated one here O.o

  5. This is Limitless Gaming - Real World at War, not Limitless Roleplay. RWW is a TDM server.
  6. Hosted-tab Listings - Provider.

    Links and names of the website in question have been removed from the topic. 1) The link you provided, was hyper linked to the wrong website. e.g.- face-book.com was redirected to facebook.com. 2) The website looks too similar to hostedtab.com. I'll be more than happy to unlock this topic and delete this comment, if you can prove that the website you are using is a template which is publicly available to buy or adjust the website so that both websites are distinguishable. The website in question, metaphorically speaking, looks like an assignment I've copied of someone else - just slightly reworded, so that the tutor won't notice. I understand you've put time and effort into this website, and want to make bit of a profit out of this (I wish you good luck with that) but just needs a bit more work in terms of changing the theme/ template. Please do note, you don't have to change anything whatsoever. However, to gain some publicity in the event of finding some customers, I would recommend my above suggestions. The reasons as to why I've taken such steps are, hostedtab.com is owned by an ex-moderator of MultiMart and additionaly, I don't think anyone appreciates their websites being ripped or potentialy, impersonated. Nevertheless, best of luck to you and your business.
  7. Game-Mp

    Locking this thread due to an on going Community Complaint. Community Complaint: https://www.multimart.org/showthread.php?tid=1901 Do not trade game-mp accounts with this user until a resolution has been concluded. Additionally, refer to thread: https://www.multimart.org/showthread.php?tid=18 It's very rare that someone is selling a game-mp account, nevermind two accounts.
  8. Selling GAME-MP account

    You need 5 posts before you are able to access the private message feature.
  9. Selling GAME-MP account

    Firstly, are you who I think you are (SA-MP forums?). Secondly, nothing on game-mp's TOS forbids selling or buying game-mp accounts, however it's probably just another grey area.. I'd recommend opening a topic if you maintain a game-mp.com account.
  10. User Suspicious / Warning

    Hi, Thank you for the warning. Is this USER** registered on MultiMart? If so, may I advise creating a Community Complaint against this individual? It would help with clarity. Kind Regards, Husky.
  11. $hustle False Banning

    Thank you. Please confirm the valdity of the first screenshot that $hustle provided. Is the intergrity of information correct? For example, none of the messages haven't been tampered via a third party applicaiton. Additionaly, to confirm, these messages were sent from your Skype account (I don't care who sent the message). If the valdity of the first screenshot is invalid, please specify why below. In addition to this, please specify why you didn't challenge the screenshot in the first place if it wasn't valid. Kind Regards, Husky.
  12. $hustle False Banning

    I've cropped the image and reuploaded it. I disagree with the statement "I've already asked you nicely" if your idea of nice is calling people "asshole". Your statement "why did u just give away my skype? now u are basically snitching on me, bro" was very vauge in terms of how did hustle leaked your skype details. In addition to this, this statement was embedded within the quote therefore wasn't clear and could've easily been missed out. Nevertheless, the screenshot, which included your avatar, could be argued it added validity to $hustle's post (e.g.- It was you who sent the messages) and added clarity of who sent the messages. Per what $hustle stated earlier, "Your Skype memo is that you're selling LSRP methods." and his screenshot, implies you do transactions and trades via that Skype account. I can only assume you added people on Skype who were interested in the "Royal Services" without regard to who they are. This contradicts that you "know EVERYONE on [your] skype". As a result, I don't believe $hustle is "trying to get [you] banned". I believe that adding your Skype picture to the screenshot was indirect and wasn't intentional "to get [you] banned" either. But, I fully understand and respect your security concerns and with immediate action, cropped the image. Your attitude within this topic is appalling. However, I do understand you might be frustrated. Calm down please. Otherwise, it would be very unlikely this topic will come to a conclusion. Thank you. Kind Regards, Husky.
  13. It's came to my attention that the mod OpenIV has been discontinued and terminated due to Take Two. As it states on OpenIV (http://openiv.com/): I've opened this thread here for discussions. What are your thoughts and feelings?
  14. How much has Mow made from LSRP?

  15. Expert writer for your academic needs

    Unsure if this topic is "spam via bot" or not...