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  1. If you have a chance, pop on discord: https://discord.gg/BjaVGux and we will further discuss it there. Also, I like your website. Simple but to the point. Great use of images. Certainly has me interested.
  2. Apologies to hijack this thread, however how popular is GTA V FiveM and if we created a dedicated GTA section on this forum, would you like to help out?

    Locking this topic. You've ignored all my replies thus indicating you may not have a game-mp account at all.
  4. Weird looking theme?

    The difference:
  5. Weird looking theme?

    IMO the width is a bit small for my liking. Apologies for posting this here @TheOnlyDroid (I don't have discord on this computer).
  6. Selling RC-RP Money

    Be very cautious of RC-RP trades. RC-RP actually do conduct "sting operations" and are complete arseholes (I'm looking at you TommyB and your admin team). Also, just saying, I've known a few admins to sell RC-RP money so it's all hypocritical.
  7. Trivium Roleplay Review

    Thank you, Tester. Do you intend to create more Server Reviews? I also suggest adding videos and screenshots of your experience - it would make fun for reading.
  8. Users must provide adequate proof during the creation of a Community Complaint. Accusations won't be tolerated. Staff are concerned and want to remove toxic members from the community. However, merely stating information without any kind of proof is simply wasting our time and has no productive meaning. Please do not let this discourage you from creating a Community Complaint. We care about you. We want to remove scammers from our community. It prevents other members from being thrown in front of a bus. But, without any valid proof, we cannot verify any facts and becomes a headache for staff. Thank you for your understanding.
  9. This is the first competition held on MultiMart. If all goes well, we may do more competitions likewise in the future. How to enter the Competition? Simple! Just reply to this thread with a joke, a random Christmas present you intend to buy, a song or anything Christmassy related. What are the requirements? You need 20 posts on MultiMart and you need to be an active member. Anyone is eligible, even if you start spamming and helping other forum users today. How will we choose the winner? We will use random.org to choose a random comment. We will announce the winner on the 23rd January 2018. The competition terms and conditions: If there isn't enough interest in the competition, the competition won't go ahead. The users must obey all terms and conditions of MultiMart and Avovix. Furthermore, if the user is banned from the forum during the event of withdrawing a winner, the user will not be considered and another user will be withdrawn. If the user does not have all the necessary requirements, another user will be picked instead. The competition will close on the 31st of December and the winner will be drawn the following month (January 23rd 2018)
  10. Promotions

    Hosting Companies, Are you looking for extra exposure to your website? Recently, we've partnered up with Prestige Steve Hosting to promote their website. This has created 50,000 impressions. Avovix Management is accepting applications to enrol other hosting companies on the same advertising scheme. Please get in contact with @Husky or @TheOnlyDroid for further details on this matter... Alternatively you can submit an application form directly to us here Regards, Avovix Management.
  11. Remove topic.

    @CaptainMorgan You have 24 hours to respond otherwise you will be banned from accessing this website. @Mister_Reata Case isn't "solved" until we know the full details. If you could enlighten us of an account what has happened, that would be much appreciated. @Someone You commented on this as well. If you could provide details of what happened, that would be much appreciated.
  12. Please open a Community Complaint with supportive evidence.
  13. Supervisor: Pickup your pace, I did my cage in 30 mins

    Later Supervisor: This palet doesn't seem to go down! The last palet outside is my fault.


  14. This game-mp account is authentic and I've verified it - it's a legitimate game-mp account. My recommendation to any buyers is to post any offers in this topic.
  15. Selling Game-MP Accounts

    Due to the volume of scams within this board, it is now mandatory to utilise a middleman. I will be the middleman for all trades in relation to selling game-mp accounts. Contact me via Discord and we will further discuss the trade. Furthermore, if your intent is to sell a game-mp account, I must verify the game-mp account before you post a topic. Yet again, contact me via Discord and we will further discuss it there.


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