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  1. Hello, I need you as a middleman. Can you message me?

  2. If you'd like me verify your account and add a vouch to your topic, shoot me a message.
  3. Husky

    Hey guys!

    I would recommend starting out properly - it might cost some $$$ but at least you'll have a proper dedi with appropriate protections, without annoying customers later down the line with IP changes etc.
  4. Husky


    Usually 20%. Droid and ThePug do Middleman deals and may charge their own rate. Usually when I charge 20%, it goes towards the site, checks and my time.
  5. Hey Husky, could you be a middleman for me and for KimboGangRip?

    1. Husky


      Shoot me a message on the forum and sure!

    2. MyNameIsHEY


      Sent you a message, can you answer?

  6. Why is this thread so out of wack? I'm locking the topic because it appears nothing constructive is happening. Also, this is why you should consider using a middle-man. If you did get scammed, open a Community Complaint instead of breaking numerous forum rules (flaming, spamming and so on). Its also important that using discord to solicit your trades has nothing to do with MultiMart; there is nothing as a community we can do or advice you to do.
  7. Zion

    is Taariq suspended for scamming?




  8. oh. I'm guessing the senior admins are run by a brigade of children then?
  9. Just sounds like a normal day in Russia?
  10. Sounds like a DM/TDM server? You sure this is a roleplay server?
  11. User hasn't responded and has been suspended.
  12. I'm going to close this thread and no further action will be taken. I feel like there was a break down in communication and a ton of misunderstandings. This dispute should be between you two - if you both need a staff member to step in and tell you what actions either party needs to do, please give me a message.

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