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  1. Husky

    I Want To Buy Hosted Tab

  2. Husky

    Server name

    Go for it. You can make a strong brand and a strong community/server with any name.
  3. Husky

    Server name

    What ideas do you have in mind at the moment? You mention 'country', but you don't specify any country?
  4. Please use the forum for trades. I'm pretty sure this forum contains the functionality to do just that.
  5. Husky


    Considering the SA-MP section "Screenshots & Videos" have been removed, it would be nice to use this as an alternative sub-forum for that. I'd be interested in seeing content if anyone wants to post any here.
  6. No surprise there. I'm going to lock this topic.
  7. Husky

    [NEED] Investor

    This topic was posted in December 2017. There are reasons why someone might choose to have an investor, instead of using free-services or cheap services.
  8. It's no problem. But, I'm not too sure what my position is on this topic anymore after reading the title. Koky is a banned member and is a scammer.
  9. Why remove content in the first place? I doubt you'll get a sale as there's nothing to this topic. It's like a ghost town, without the ghosts.
  10. Husky

    [NEED] Investor

    This topic was posted in December 2017.
  11. Husky

    Game-mp account for sale

    Join our Discord server and shoot me a message.
  12. Husky

    Game-mp account for sale

    game-mp.com allows you to purchase a listing and put your server on the hosted tab. I know a few contacts of mine who are looking into selling their game-mp account. Price: $150. Disclaimer: These are not my game-mp accounts. Posting on behalf of a trusted member.
  13. Husky

    Selling Roleplay Script

    I know you won't be able to list all the features, but at least include a few screenshots of the main features?
  14. Locking the topic.
  15. Husky


    Please create a Community Complaint. Until then, this topic will remain visible.


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