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  1. Didn't you get banned on the old platform for scamming a user over a game-mp account?
  2. Husky

    Job locations

    I' I've removed the dust off my SA-MP button and booted the game up. Heres the place I'm on about.
  3. Husky

    Job locations

    Nope. That's next to Unity Station. My location is behind Unity Station, across the tracks (towards the airport). There should be like a little trucking depot. This is where I'd place the bus/ taxi job.
  4. Husky

    Job locations

    You probably have the correct location. There should be a mud ramp/slide which leads towards the highway.
  5. Husky

    Job locations

    Ocean Docks can be considered as an industrial estate, where courier jobs are commonly found. Whereas for a mechanic job, you'd probably best of mapping a location for this. Perhaps somewhere near the airport? If you intend to map a mechanic job, I'd suggest mapping close to other businesses like Pizza Stack etc. Taxi driver, I'd probably suggest either Unity Station or your own mapping. Alternatively, behind Unity Station, across the train tracks, there's a yard and a building that could be utilised for this job location (as well as bus location).
  6. Glad to hear you got it working. Best of luck!
  7. what even is this advert?
  8. Husky

    Job locations

    There are realistic places to pinpoint jobs although you will risk sacrificing convenience for the players. Does your server utilise any mapping? Any mapping and additions to Los Santos can change the immersion and the experience for the player.
  9. Hi, The image utilised in this advert is rather small. May I recommend enlarging it? I believe the forum should automatically scale it. Other than that, I'm sure it looks great on mobile but I can't really read it on my PC. Kind Regards, Husky.
  10. Hi, May I suggest adding comments to your code so that other programmers can understand what is supposed to be happening. Anyway, I'm not entirely too sure what you are asking exactly, although I noticed that under /makebusiness that you set both the enter and exit position to the players position. Furthermore, if you have troubles entering and exiting, may I recommend showing relevant code for this too? Kind Regards, Husky.
  11. Husky

    Hi all

    Hi. Welcome to MultiMart. Credit goes to @TheOnlyDroid in regards to the design and development
  12. Husky

    Server name

    Go for it. You can make a strong brand and a strong community/server with any name.
  13. Husky

    Server name

    What ideas do you have in mind at the moment? You mention 'country', but you don't specify any country?
  14. Please use the forum for trades. I'm pretty sure this forum contains the functionality to do just that.

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