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  1. We don't set base rates of products although we will be reviewing all our systems currently in place including the use of the middleman. Either way, we feel this is the general direction we should take to move forward - even if we are making nothing - that doesn't matter.
  2. Hosts & Game-mp

    This topic is just a matter of interest. Where do you pay for your server at: Who provides your server with hosted tab: How much do you pay for hosted tab: Just really interested in seeing what other people do. If I could have some responses, that would be much appreciated.
  3. threestapz - scam

  4. EX-RP Gamemode

    Not being sold anymore.
  5. i need a lsrp account


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      im not gay, no thanks


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      Neither am I, but I don't have the D in my profile picture.

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      :D - I'm Staff, I shouldn't be laughing.... But the Truth is, you do have a D for a profile picture. lmao

  6. The Talk Topic - Moe's Tavern

    Nothing has changed. @TheOnlyDroid Do you approve?
  7. Selling 2 copies of PUBG Keys.

    I've reviewed a Complaint from a Sponsor. You are to resolve this case immediately by either offering a refund or giving a legitimate key. I am certainly not impressed by your actions by blocking this user after the supposed deal was processed.
  8. Ridiculously Overpriced Hosted Tab - $50

    I agree. I should raise the prices to $60 or $70. (In all seriousness, I'm surprised no one else is selling - I've already had a few offers!)
  9. So according to SA-MP forums, people would actually pay $50 for a hosted tab listing. I doubt it. But the offer is here if anyone is really desperate.
  10. To be honest, considering it costs $45 for renewal (I think) for a whole year and $140 for the original license, $10 is extremely cheap with an expired license. As a result, I don't think anyone would sell you a $10 license - especially if they could afford the original price.
  11. MultiMartUser

    Lets give this thread 24 hours before any kind of action is taken...
  12. SA-MP vs Google, FIGHT!

    One rude Kalcor. Hosted tab listings raised from $15 to $30. Time to jump off a cliff. I really can't believe people would pay more. It's a really old game as it is.
  13. SA-MP vs Google, FIGHT!

    Internet Tab is opened yet again. Hoping it actually stays open this time. The Internet Tab is very useful.
  14. I'm not condemning the use of weapon hacks here, but no offence, this comment is just amazing. Also, isn't this the same community that wants to raise hosted tab listing prices? Apologies for intruding the topic!