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  1. Issue was not resolved. New procedures have been implemented, new advice has been given to the community and this Community Complaint has been resolved
  2. Hi all, The sub-forum 'Archive' for 'Items' has been hidden. It has been bought to our attention that this board is being used maliciously and information posted in that board may no longer be accurate. As a result, topics may mislead members and result in scams. However, members part of MultiMart Insider will still be able to view all topics in this board. MultiMart Management will priortise support for MultiMart Insiders, giving advice where appropriate. I believe the combination of the extra support available and wider access to posts for MultiMart Insider members, users would be
  3. Hello all, Recently there has been a surge of sellers posting in the Items board (hijacking post). Many of these posts have been soft deleted, and no warnings were issued. If you are a seller, please consider subscribing to MultiMart Insider. MultiMart Insider price has been reduced and gives you extra perks and permission to post in the Items board. We want to continue developing MultiMart; however, the site does have a high maintenance cost. The upkeep includes paying for the domain, website hosting and forum software. We would love to incorporate more features such as an auto
  4. Hello and welcome to MultiMart. Be sure to read the TOS and Community Guidelines.
  5. Hey

    I have LSRP Cash to sell.



  6. Hello TheMagican, While I understand how you may feel, accusations are not tolerated. It wastes administration time and defames the member you are accusing off. Please refer to the following topics that are stickied (first threads on this board that are pinned, that should be read before posting): Please provide more information as to what transaction you have had with this member, how you conducted your transaction and so on. I look forward to your response. Kind Regards, Husky.
  7. Hey man I'm selling guns and money on LSRP please get back at me, I'm not a scammer on my mother's grave I just need some money asap and I wanna get rid of my assets I havent played lsrp properly for a year and I'm not planning to scam anyone help me please.

  8. Hey added you into a group for a middleman, i can pay fees, please check it out thanks

  9. Hey man I need middleman on lsrp money dup method, how can we do that?

  10. I could probably have more luck finding £1 than seeing anyone donate £1 towards MultiMart 🤔

  11. Selling game-mp account $200
  12. Hello, I need you as a middleman. Can you message me?

  13. Hey Husky, could you be a middleman for me and for KimboGangRip?

    1. Husky


      Shoot me a message on the forum and sure!

    2. MyNameIsHEY


      Sent you a message, can you answer?

  14. Zion

    is Taariq suspended for scamming?




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