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  1. Issue was not resolved. New procedures have been implemented, new advice has been given to the community and this Community Complaint has been resolved
  2. Hi all, The sub-forum 'Archive' for 'Items' has been hidden. It has been bought to our attention that this board is being used maliciously and information posted in that board may no longer be accurate. As a result, topics may mislead members and result in scams. However, members part of MultiMart Insider will still be able to view all topics in this board. MultiMart Management will priortise support for MultiMart Insiders, giving advice where appropriate. I believe the combination of the extra support available and wider access to posts for MultiMart Insider members, users would be
  3. Hello all, Recently there has been a surge of sellers posting in the Items board (hijacking post). Many of these posts have been soft deleted, and no warnings were issued. If you are a seller, please consider subscribing to MultiMart Insider. MultiMart Insider price has been reduced and gives you extra perks and permission to post in the Items board. We want to continue developing MultiMart; however, the site does have a high maintenance cost. The upkeep includes paying for the domain, website hosting and forum software. We would love to incorporate more features such as an auto
  4. Hi all, If you are selling, please subscribe to MultiMart Insider and create your own topic. There appears to be a large interest in GTA WORLD items and our platform would help facilitate transactions. I will be locking this topic for 48hrs. In the meantime, if you do want to sell a product please contact @tut0via MultiMart message. Kind Regards, Husky.
  5. Hello and welcome to MultiMart. Be sure to read the TOS and Community Guidelines.
  6. Hello TheMagican, While I understand how you may feel, accusations are not tolerated. It wastes administration time and defames the member you are accusing off. Please refer to the following topics that are stickied (first threads on this board that are pinned, that should be read before posting): Please provide more information as to what transaction you have had with this member, how you conducted your transaction and so on. I look forward to your response. Kind Regards, Husky.
  7. I could probably have more luck finding £1 than seeing anyone donate £1 towards MultiMart 🤔

  8. Selling game-mp account $200
  9. Husky

    [NEED] Investor

    This topic was posted in December 2017. There are reasons why someone might choose to have an investor, instead of using free-services or cheap services.
  10. Husky


    Hello @Daniel D. HMU when you visit the site again ( I'm aware of the date this topic was posted! )
  11. Apologies for the spam on my status's, but this status is much needed. 3k members registered now! :o

    1. $hustle



    2. Husky


      Time to get this 10k and beyond! Let's do this team! :D

  12. Hello ;)

    << Inserts a message about what I want from LS-RP here >>


    1. $hustle


      Repetitive 😂

  13. @Kevin I think your signature needs an update? Haha :P

    1. Kevin


      @Husky What needs an update is the "your content will need to be approved by a moderator" restriction placed on my account! All I did was post my opinion on https://www.multimart.org/topic/2486-13072018-community-announcement/? Rediculous!

    2. TheOnlyDroid


      @Husky Yeah, I liked the content that he was warned for purely to make his date change 🤣

  14. Hi @Lalala Could you take a minute to respond to https://www.multimart.org/topic/2455-lalala-report/?do=getNewComment, please?
  15. Happy New Year (and month)

  16. Husky

    Old screenshots

    Got any old SA-MP screenshots you'd like to share? Post away!
  17. Your avatar looks more intriguing than the topic. Pics, information, etc, please?
  18. If you have a chance, pop on discord: https://discord.gg/BjaVGux and we will further discuss it there. Also, I like your website. Simple but to the point. Great use of images. Certainly has me interested.
  19. Apologies to hijack this thread, however how popular is GTA V FiveM and if we created a dedicated GTA section on this forum, would you like to help out?
  20. Thank you, Tester. Do you intend to create more Server Reviews? I also suggest adding videos and screenshots of your experience - it would make fun for reading.
  21. Users must provide adequate proof during the creation of a Community Complaint. Accusations won't be tolerated. Staff are concerned and want to remove toxic members from the community. However, merely stating information without any kind of proof is simply wasting our time and has no productive meaning. Please do not let this discourage you from creating a Community Complaint. We care about you. We want to remove scammers from our community. It prevents other members from being thrown in front of a bus. But, without any valid proof, we cannot verify any facts and becomes a headache for st
  22. Please open a Community Complaint with supportive evidence.
  23. Supervisor: Pickup your pace, I did my cage in 30 mins

    Later Supervisor: This palet doesn't seem to go down! The last palet outside is my fault.


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