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  1. This 31st Decemeber, two things will happen: year 2018 and I'll be an outside to my internet home, Multimart. lol

    Also merry christmas fam!

    1. Husky


      Happy New Month!

    2. Husky


      and Happy Christmas.

  2. So you finally betrayed me. If you don't know what I am saying, I just saw your profile picture.

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    2. Kapersky


      I'm boat = goat + idk

    3. TheOnlyDroid


      Yeah its gotta be that... I'm not even sure anymore, life is such a blur.

    4. Kapersky


      Yeah, I just got my PhD from stanford for researching on that thingy

  3. You can't do it. You CAN'T.

    1. TheOnlyDroid


      I CAN.... I WILL!!!!

  4. just a heart for you: <3 

    not3: to other people seeing this, currently me and droid are not in any relationship. 

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    2. Kapersky


      I see deep within you that you can and you will. Come on, I have seen your.. *ahm* *ahm* and you are capable of handling that.. 

    3. TheOnlyDroid


      I'm seeing someone, I'm sorry baby :x

    4. Kapersky
  5. Kapersky

    Lack of Activity

    I'll miss you, sweetheart!
  6. Kapersky

    What are your thoughts?

    Looks awesome! I love the design. Keep up the work guys! Sincerely, THe MuLtiMarT OG
  7. Kapersky

    The US presidential election

    As of today, Hillary Clinton has to be considered the favorite for 3 big reasons. Here they are in their order of importance. The electoral map. In the 6 presidential elections since 1992, the Democratic candidate has won 18 states + DC every time. That’s 242 total electoral votes. The Republican nominee has won 13 states in every one of those elections. That’s 102 electoral votes. If Clinton wins the 18 states + DC that every Democratic has won since 1992 AND she wins Florida (29 electoral votes) the election is over. She is president. The demographics. Republicans had a demographic problem going into this election. They are facing down a demographic nightmare now. Mitt Romney won 27 percent of the Hispanic vote in 2012. Trump is, currently, doing half that well. Given the massive growth in the Hispanic community and the declining percentage of the white vote as a function of the total electorate, that’s a massive problem. Donald Trump. Trump will get blamed more than he probably should if he loses on November 8. Trump hasn’t helped himself with his inflammatory rhetoric and unwillingness to stay on message of course. Also, After closely watching the GOP presidential debates, it's not hard to see that Donald Trump has been far more shrewd than his opponents have been giving him credit for. However, he isn't just playing loose with all the anti-hispanic and anti-immigrant stands - he has a plan and one can pick up patterns of it with some careful observation. If Donald Trump leads and ultimately becomes the GOP nominee, he's going to pick Ben Carson as his running mate. He's already said that he likes Ben Carson and is not going to campaign against him. Donald Trump is going for the African-American votes, a group that has traditionally been at loggerheads with the GOP. It shouldn't come as a surprise then that this also plays well with his rhetoric about illegal immigrants stealing american jobs, a theme that strongly resonates with the black community. Now look at the voting patterns of 2012 elections: Obama Romney White(72%): 39 59 AA(13%): 93 6 His(10%): 71 27 While Donald Trump might say that he will bring the Latino votes back, it looks unlikely that will be the case and deep down he knows it. He's really counting on the African American votes, a group that has traditionally been liberal and gone with the Democratic Party. If he can turn them around, he wouldn't need the hispanic votes. And unlike some people here who think he's too bombastic and will likely make himself a fool over the course of run up, I think the likelihood of that happening is not much different than for any other candidate. Think about it: while probably knowing the least of the specifics amongst all the candidates and not having any firm policy positions, he's faring much better than his competitors despite being under more scrutiny. So far, he's playing it smarter than any candidate imho and dominating the field. I would put his odds as 4:1, which is pretty good as there's so much time ahead of 2016. Sources: Washington Post and some other websites. Scrap all! Donal Trump won and he will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
  8. Kapersky


    I understand your excitement buddy but atleast be conscious enough to add server ip and website, we're not psychic and not being psychic refrains us from reading minds.
  9. Kapersky

    The Talk Topic - Moe's Tavern

    RIP Shoutbox.
  10. Kapersky

    600 members - a new achievement!

    you made me think about it, especially that LSRP stuff!
  11. Hello there, I've nothing to say, just posted this thread to announce that the forum has reached 600 members. Posting the member updates is what I do on this forum, and that is my only interest; because I'm not of a sales man guy GREETINGS, CONRATZ! HALLOWEEN! MEMBERS!
  12. Kapersky

    GTAStuff Snippet - Online Script Sharing Tool

    Cool. Thank you Harry!
  13. Kapersky

    [C#] Simple Form (Follow)

    You clever little jelly bean, I hoped nobody would notice that. am a science freak.
  14. Kapersky

    [C#] Simple Form (Follow)

    f = MA; Rate of change of momentum which is directly proportional to the applied force on the body (f=ma)
  15. Kapersky

    500 members

    why? i was going to post this! i'll be active after the exams, i assume


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