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  1. Hey! We've got an upcoming server called Palomino Creek Roleplay, and I'm going to keep this post nice and simple. We don't have any graphics yet - yes, and we're still in development however that doesn't mean you can't join our discord and keep up to date with our development status. We're quite active and we keep our Members informed of any major updates to the script. We are nearing completion, however, may still take some time as the script will need polishing and such. The Discord server link is - https://discord.gg/CEaYHwa. We aren't hiring staff or whatever, this is a Heavy Roleplay server - you can apply for it once we complete our forums' setup, though we definitely are in need of graphics designers and mappers urgently so whenever you join please do contact me as soon as you can and I'll lead you to the correct person.
  2. Selling Level 4 Donator For RC-RP | $20

    Still wanting to buy. hit me up over PM's
  3. Insanity Roleplay

    The server's called Insanity Roleplay and its a Roleplay server (duh). Its another one of those Project Reality Roleplay edits like Versatile RP, etc. Not to be rude or anything, but I wonder what the forum creator was on at the time. The forum does not look professional at all. Its a copy (well, similarly enough) of PR-RP/SARP/NGG's forums. They got to work on that. If I'm 100% honest, I don't see any unique features that differ the PR-RP script and the Insanity Roleplay script. The community is 1-2 weeks old, yes, but that isn't an excuse, the developers should have made sure that they did something about that, but no. The Staff seems decent in general, I haven't had many communications between them and myself. However, what I noticed is that the Staff are a bunch of friends who always stick up for each other no matter what and give each other ranks because 'they're irl buddies' or 'they met over on LSRP and became friends right away'. No. That's not the way to hire Staff because then they start abusing and the Management (who hired that person) keep letting it slide because of the biased-ness. The PD is just a literal copy of LSRP's PD probably when Caden Lin was around, but now he's over in GTA World. They used all their logos, topic responses, you know the drill. That's pretty much all I got to say. If the server changes in regard to the above then I might edit the review or re-post a new one.
  4. selling lsrp money

    Yo @wiseguy I wanna buy can we do it via discord or skype? pm me.
  5. New Generation Gaming [NGG] Roleplay

    NGG better be good
  6. I need a mapper to map palomino creek with me. I'll pay you for your efforts, please do PM me over the forums and ill give you my discord/skype. The deadline will be discussed over PM's. Also, to the mods, if I posted in the wrong section sorry Move it to the correct section! thanks!
  7. Selling RCRP cash for steam wallet

    I'd love to deal with you @Gahar just PM me and I'll give you my discord
  8. I am a PAWN scripter myself however I am in search of another scripter who can boost development in my roleplay script within a 48 hour timeframe. You'll be paid for your efforts and given credits both inside the script and on the forum. I need the boost because I get extremely busy with school related stuff so... yeah. PM me and we can talk on Discord or Skype.
  9. [$5 OR LESS] Scripting Service

    Sent you a friend request on Discord bro! Also e-mailed you. Hmu please!
  10. Core Roleplay Gamemode 4 Sale

    how much?
  11. Selling Level 4 Donator For RC-RP | $20

    If its still available please hit me up through my PM's
  12. Selling RC-RP cash!

    Yo dude I'm willing to buy some, or some LSRP cash, you already have my skype hit me up on there
  13. [WTS] LS-RP cash

    Sent you a PM. Send me a message back!
  14. [align=center]Modern Life Roleplay[/align] [align=center]www.modernliferp.epizy.com[/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center]Modern Life Roleplay is a community-driven heavy roleplay server created by Infinity, which has been in development for a little over a few months now. Modern Life Roleplay has many unique features such as a 25-rank fully dynamic faction system and a two slot radio system.[/align] [align=center]FACTIONS:[/align] [align=center]There are currently 7 factions available here at Modern Life Roleplay.[/align] [align=center]The Los Santos Police Department[/align] [align=center]The Los Santos Fire Department[/align] [align=center]The San Andreas Government[/align] [align=center]The Rapid Recovery[/align] [align=center]and the San Andreas Network News.[/align] [align=center]As this is a heavy roleplay server, we are not hiring faction leaders directly.[/align] [align=center]For official factions, we have many features which will benefit them overall, such as a dynamic spray tag system, which allows them to tag up walls and buildings. They also have access to weapon/drug shipments which are delivered by plane in a remote area for the faction. If factions want a custom radio frequency that only they can use, they have the ability to apply for that on the forums.[/align] [align=center]DEALERSHIP/VEHICLE SYSTEM:[/align] [align=center]There are dealerships scattered everywhere around Los Santos, one located in Rodeo (for more luxurious vehicles), one located in Jefferson and one in Willowfield for bikes. The vehicles are priced as realistically as possible, allowing each and every one of our players to purchase a vehicle of their character's kind. There are also different fuels, for example, petrol, diesel, and premium. Most luxury vehicles will use Premium while regular vehicles will use either petrol or diesel.[/align] [align=center]VEHICLE INTERIORS:[/align] [align=center]Here at Modern Life Roleplay, we have vehicle interiors for the Journey, Enforcer, Tropic, Ambulance and AT-400, which are mappable from the inside. This allows for more community-driven roleplay to happen everywhere and anywhere on the server.[/align] [align=center]GARAGE/BUSINESS/HOUSE SYSTEM:[/align] [align=center]We also have a Garage, Business and House system which are all bareswitch-able! What does that mean? That means you can set the interior of the garage/business inside a factory so you can completely re-map the inside of the property without SAMP's interior limitations! The sky's the limit! Garages are also re-mappable but can only be purchased when attached to a house.[/align] [align=center]BACKDOORS:[/align] [align=center]For every house, business and garage that you own, you can also request to have a backdoor placed. What are backdoors? For example, they can allow you to crawl or climb out of your window outside the backside of your house, or it can be a garden door even![/align] [align=center]INGAME MAPPING SYSTEM:[/align] [align=center]House, garage, business owners or mappers are able to map objects inside their house, although mappers can map them anywhere. They also get the option to change the texture material, just like SAMP forums' texture studio can provide! Do you like the stone wall material? Why not place it on the walls of your business! If you own a faction and would like a HQ mapped, then feel free to request mapping to be made by a mapper! They will be more than happy to help you out with your request.[/align] [align=center]COMMUNITY-DRIVEN STAFF:[/align] [align=center]Our staff at Modern Life Roleplay are community-driven and are dedicated to improving the community here at Modern Life Roleplay. They are willing to help you any day, anytime at no expense! Get in![/align] [align=center]AND A LOT, LOT MORE![/align] [align=center]There's a lot more to discover and explore here at Modern Life Roleplay! Why not hop on and give it a try? We're sure that you'll love it![/align] [align=center]I would like to end this off by wishing you a pleasant day.[/align]


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