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  1. I was gonna say 'are you retarded' then I saw this. 'i want to increase my own packetloss, need it for something' Play fortnite, should do the trick
  2. To add to what I've already mentioned, yes I am highly interested in negotiating with serious buyers. Just make sure you let me know.
  3. I have about a mil you can buy, offer! Going in intervals of 100k, we could say 5 USD per 100k? If you decide that you want to buy all of it or more than 200-300k I will lower the price per 100k! Not here to rip you off or anything. I have contacted $hustle about him being a middleman. If he's interested he should pop a message below. Thank you for taking the time to look at my advertisement!
  4. Here is a preview of one of the division logos since you can't view them on the forums without having correct perms. They are easily editable if you wish to use them for your server and alignment is proper.
  5. I'm selling PCRP's RCSO graphics, including banners, forum theme, rank logos, division logos, department logo and the handbook, looking for around $5. Replicates both RCRP and LSRP. Live preview available at https://so.pcrp.co/ PayPal only, you will receive everything in a .zip file all prepared including the PSD's for the rank logos and the division logos. All created in Adobe Photoshop CC 2018. Will also throw in a neat looking National Guard logo plus PSD.
  6. Can we please talk on Discord? DM me directly here.
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