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  1. PM me please

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    2. jknsdfjksdfjkb


      When do you plan on adding staff and getting this market palce up and running?

    3. TheOnlyDroid


      When we get around to reviewing active applications.

    4. jknsdfjksdfjkb


      Cool. Let me know.

  2. The forums is defunct in all honesty
  3. No unless it's a reputable staff member from this site don't use any.
  4. Still selling need it gone 60£ will add 8 guns in
  5. Lead from back in 2013. 1st char level 20. Cheetah, Sultan and other vehicles totalling extra about 600k easily. 400k in hand. 2nd char level 30 1.2m hand 200k in savings sultan squallo and fcr and another car 3rd char level 11 100k in hand cheetah, huntley and 4 other cars in inventory worth about 400k 4th char has cheetah huntley and maverick and some others and 100k Will also give forum acc with Retired Tags if needed. PM !!!! Serious offers only, PM me. Willing to use a middle man.

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