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  1. Selling account thats in the SD

    He just blocked and that was the end i even spoke to him in voice.
  2. Selling account thats in the SD

    Guys be carefull this guy just scammed me. *Never trust someone without reputation on this website its very risky use a middleman i got scammed twice now*
  3. Selling account thats in the SD

    Read my private message.
  4. LSRP cash/guns

    I contacted shustle on skype i hope he replies asap.
  5. LSRP cash/guns

    He said that you send $20 but he received $17,84 and it seems that he has to pay $2 charges to send it back to you correct ?
  6. Selling LSRP Cop account

    Hi , i am very intressted in your account , send me a message privately for price/payment method information, or contact me on my skype: [email protected] ( can use shustle as middleman )
  7. [CASH] 5x $10 Christmas give-away

    Merrry christmas everyone, lucky number is ( 2 )
  8. Selling LS-RP Account!

    Are yo Are you still selling ?
  9. Paying €40 for LS-RP account

    Contact me on my skype if you wanna talk more.
  10. Paying €40 for LS-RP account

    Yes, You could get gta 5 with a prepaid card lol
  11. Paying €40 for LS-RP account

    You can buy things online with it on websites like games, stuff on amazon lots of things look it up. its a online paymethod
  12. Paying €40 for LS-RP account

    I can't sorry ... but il be able to get any prepaid of your choice
  13. Paying €40 for LS-RP account

    Hi guys , I am offering €40 prepaid card (steam,paysafecard,amazon,etc.. )of your choice for a medium lsrp acc with not too much admin records with property and some money. ( offering €60 if its a good account ) You can contact me on my skype: [email protected] We use shustle as middleman.
  14. Cuhris scamming LSRP acc

    I just send you some pictures.


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