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  1. MaiGad

    Hello everyone!

    Hi, welcome to the community! Enjoy your stay!
  2. MaiGad


    How much money you need?
  3. MaiGad

    Weird looking theme?

    Oh cool, thanks.
  4. MaiGad

    Weird looking theme?

    Or nevermind. I fixed it by switching to default theme then back to the new theme. Everything seems cool. But, I don't know if this fix will work with others.
  5. MaiGad

    Weird looking theme?

    I tried, nothing changed.
  6. MaiGad

    Weird looking theme?

    I wonder if I'm the only one that sees this weird looking theme.
  7. MaiGad

    Adidas Roleplay - www.adidasrolelay.ml

    Are you sure bout the samp server (ip)?
  8. Send me PM or contact me via the link that I provided.
  9. MaiGad

    Selling RC-RP Money

    Damn, I can afford 2 PS4 for $10M.
  10. Hi guys, I am back selling my 2nd account! I am currently selling my LS-RP account with level 18, Gold User, $1.9M money, with donator vehicles, namechanges, numbercahnges and etc! We can use middleman which is $hustle nor we can use your own ways (must be legit). If you PM me faster than the others, then your chance to buy this account is high! I don't placed price for this account but you can offer me through PM not comment. Hit me up with PM or contact me via facebook http://www.facebook.com/parkshinjae p/s: I'll update this thread from time to time. 1st account sold:
  11. MaiGad

    Buying LSRP Money

    $3M for $22 is a bit too low. I can sell you $1m for $20*
  12. MaiGad

    [BUY] Gamemode Roleplay.

    Maybe you might like this one? https://www.multimart.org/topic/1869-on-sale-italy-mafia-rp-v67-v70-super-rare/
  13. MaiGad


    @$hustle can you confirm this?


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