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  1. PrettyMotherfucker

    bugs on PRRP gamemode

    If it's the old PR-RP script you can duplicate money easily. You have to play on two accounts at the same time, have the first one being employed as a mechanic. Get a rental or any other vehicle on the second account, make sure he got all his money on hand. Fix the second account's vehicle with the first account, the money will duplicate when receiving the paycheck. X offers Y a repair for 15,000$ Y accepts the repair X won't receive the money yet and must wait for the paycheck to arrive X receives 30,000 even though he charged Y only 15,000$ for the repair. Enjoy. I used to make millions on this when PR-RP was still up, make sure you find a way to stash the money so it won't show in your /stats. Figure this out yourself, I'm still using this method on a couple servers with a PR-RP script. I have a couple more bugs I could tell you, just hit my PM's.
  2. PrettyMotherfucker


  3. PrettyMotherfucker

    LS-RP Account 4 Sale

  4. PrettyMotherfucker

    LS-RP poker scam?

    I actually used google to look up for poker scams and it was actually pretty simple, it's not really rulebreaking in LS-RP it's just a method you can even use in reallife
  5. PrettyMotherfucker

    LS-RP poker scam?

    I have a feeling a lot of people doing it. I'm still an amateur at poker, can anyone explain the ways of scamming in poker in ls-rp?
  6. PrettyMotherfucker

    Selling undetectable SA-MP ammohack

    bruh LMAO
  7. PrettyMotherfucker

    [SELLING] gamemode looks like LSRP

    What's your price? Do you need someone to translate the gamemode to English?
  8. PrettyMotherfucker

    Selling RC-RP Money

    You're way too expensive. 1m on LS-RP is not 100k on RC-RP. Good luck with your sales anyway.
  9. PrettyMotherfucker

    Hacks that work on LS-RP (working list)

    Don't forget infinite stamina! Been using that simple infinite stamina cleo for years on any server and NEVER been caught even when running on foot from cops for 15 min without a break lmao.
  10. PrettyMotherfucker


  11. PrettyMotherfucker

    Selling ( OG-RP / P:LA ) Guns.

    Bet you using my method which I've posted on Ug-Base ;-) - MrUnknown
  12. PrettyMotherfucker


    [align=center]Selling two UCP's, 1. UCP: Character 1: Level 10 Expensive Vehicle Character2: Level 2 Two medium range vehicles 2. UCP: Character 1: Level 10 50-100k $$ Bronze Donator Three Vehicles Character 2: Level 6 10-20k $$ Two Vehicles About the price, offer me something. I only accept $$. If you feel like using a middleman and he's charging then you're paying the middleman fees. [/align]
  13. PrettyMotherfucker

    Opis Gaming RP (P:LA) account for sale [MUST SEE]

    Nevermind. The account is not banned. I've tried to log in with a banned username which wasn't the one from the stats pictures. Anyway, I'm about to sell it for 80 USD. Sold.
  14. PrettyMotherfucker

    Opis Gaming RP (P:LA) account for sale [MUST SEE]

    Account is suspended. A close "friend" of mine has reported it to the staff team. I'll deal with it soon.
  15. PrettyMotherfucker

    Looking for a Skin Mod Creator - Paying.

    I'm experienced when it comes to creating skin/weapons/car/etc mods. PM me or let me know on skype if you're still interested. I can showcase some of my skins if I find any renders left on my PC. I'll hand you my skype ID via PM's.


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