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  1. Might as well slap a little extra on top of all 3 methods, but that's going to be a surprise.
  2. Hello there, offering three methods on how to duplicate Money, Weapons and Drugs on LS-RP.io The staff team is aware of the Weapon duplication, but they can't figure out how it's done. However, if anyone's interested in buying these methods all in one let me know. We can use a middleman, I'm able to provide videos/text tutorial on how to use these methods to the middleman. https://i.gyazo.com/f1d1f12cfbf65cfa7ce78e3cb0f8a793.mp4 Serious PM's only, highest offer gets it. I only accept PayPal, nothing else. Drugs can be duplicated without having to be worried about being banned, duplicated kilos of Cocaine while management + devs were online and on duty. Money will require a throwaway account which is never going to be used again after you've reached the desired amount of money. Duplicating a ton of weapons at once only leads to no good. Duplicating 5-10 weapons per day or week will keep you safe. This works for every weapon in the server. NOTE: I have discovered these bugs myself, these methods haven't been shared with anyone. The methods might be a little hard to understand, but as long as your IQ isn't under 50 you're good to go. After receiving the methods, I will be around in case you're having difficulties or questions. I don't care what you do with these methods, if you share them that's up to you. I'm leaving the LS-RP community, it's fully up to you. I'm only giving away one copy, this method won't be sold multiple times. Edit: Forgot to mention that you're going to pay the middleman fees. Current Bid is at 35 USD. (Minimum bid raise is 10$)
  3. Admins park bait cars with a weapon inside a lot, don't be too obvious when you spot a weapon in a vehicle.
  4. You will get caught sooner or later, just use a weapon finder hack and break into cars. Keep in mind that this is risky as well, admins put up bait cars with a desert eagle inside. Got this information from a friend in the admin team, watched one person getting caught with a bait car myself.
  5. Scamming with guns which have less than 3 bullets, selling those for a high price. You're welcome
  6. If it's the old PR-RP script you can duplicate money easily. You have to play on two accounts at the same time, have the first one being employed as a mechanic. Get a rental or any other vehicle on the second account, make sure he got all his money on hand. Fix the second account's vehicle with the first account, the money will duplicate when receiving the paycheck. X offers Y a repair for 15,000$ Y accepts the repair X won't receive the money yet and must wait for the paycheck to arrive X receives 30,000 even though he charged Y only 15,000$ for the repair. Enjoy. I used to make millions on this when PR-RP was still up, make sure you find a way to stash the money so it won't show in your /stats. Figure this out yourself, I'm still using this method on a couple servers with a PR-RP script. I have a couple more bugs I could tell you, just hit my PM's.
  7. I actually used google to look up for poker scams and it was actually pretty simple, it's not really rulebreaking in LS-RP it's just a method you can even use in reallife
  8. I have a feeling a lot of people doing it. I'm still an amateur at poker, can anyone explain the ways of scamming in poker in ls-rp?
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