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  1. Caution when buying methods, especially from newbies with no reputation at all around the community.
  2. When exploits were discovered on LS-RP we used to have a lot of active and legit sellers. I'd say that isn't the case as for now, so stick to using a middleman or simply ask a trusted member if he knows any legit sellers. A lot of people left the community though after the exploits have been fixed, so I can't really help you there as well. Take care and enjoy your stay on MM.
  3. Title says it all, this method is not guaranteed to work on every server but works on over 60% of the ones I tested them on. It's pretty simple, but effective and can duplicate inventory/money within seconds. You can even do it with a fresh new character, there's basically no requirements needed sometimes. You will receive a well explained text document with video tutorials so you get the drill. I repeat, this is not guaranteed to work on every server and it does NOT work on LS-RP/RC-RP. Read carefully before you bid. There's no starting bid, I don't mind if you post your bid on this thread or shoot me a private PM. No deadline, method gets sold if the price is right. However, I may reconsider selling this if it's sitting for too long since the methods are pretty valuable. This method is only going to be sold once, I'll announce as soon as it's sold so you can stop bidding.
  4. Just a quick little note, known duplication methods have been fixed on LS-RP. I doubt there's going to be another duplication method anytime soon, don't fall for it.
  5. 3x MP5 3x M4 3x Shotgun 3x Colt45 5x Desert Eagle 1x Armour For a lousy price of 25€. Those are the last packages sold for now, who comes first gets served. This offer can only be bought once.
  6. Special deal ending on Monday: Pay for 10 weapons & Get 15 weapons! Shop for at least 30€ and pick 5 weapons of your choice for free on top of your order: Colt 45, Desert Eagle, Shotgun, MP5, M4
  7. I've been flooded in PM's lately. If you're still interested in buying weapons, PM me again. I can not reply to everyone because it's too irritating to keep track.
  8. On absence for a couple of days due to some real-life issues. I'd recommend giving Panda Hacker's Market for guns and Swerve's Market for money a try.

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