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  1. Just a quick little note, known duplication methods have been fixed on LS-RP. I doubt there's going to be another duplication method anytime soon, don't fall for it.
  2. 3x MP5 3x M4 3x Shotgun 3x Colt45 5x Desert Eagle 1x Armour For a lousy price of 25€. Those are the last packages sold for now, who comes first gets served. This offer can only be bought once.
  3. Special deal ending on Monday: Pay for 10 weapons & Get 15 weapons! Shop for at least 30€ and pick 5 weapons of your choice for free on top of your order: Colt 45, Desert Eagle, Shotgun, MP5, M4
  4. I've been flooded in PM's lately. If you're still interested in buying weapons, PM me again. I can not reply to everyone because it's too irritating to keep track.
  5. On absence for a couple of days due to some real-life issues. I'd recommend giving Panda Hacker's Market for guns and Swerve's Market for money a try.
  6. Looking to purchase another account again, must have a character with at least level 5 on it. Must be able to provide full access, such as the secret answers to change details on the ucp. Shoot me some offers, my maximum budget is 10-15€. Do not contact me if you're trying to sell something for way more than that.

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