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  1. The Samp Call Of Duty - TDM Server Call Of Duty - Global Ghost Wars Is BACK . Details Are Below : -> Name : CALL OF DUTY - GLOBAL GHOST WARS <- -> IP : <- -> Site : http://www.cod-global.com <- -> Server : TDM - COD <- -> Feature : Refunding - New Sub-Classes - New Navy Class - New Army Classes - New Airforce Classes - Anti-Aircraft-Missile Cars Added - Anti GPS Scrambler - GPS Scrambler - Official Site & Forum - Ships Added [ Anti-Aircraft-Missile SHIPS & Ground Attack Ships ] - Alot More <- -> In NEED Of MAPPERS - Some Active Admins & Members <- Join Us ! The World Is Under Great War And You Can Be The Only One who Can Save The World And Your Country ! Join The Game And Enjoy New MODS - Features And All Pictures Will Be ADDED Soon
  2. CALL OF DUTY : GLOBAL GHOST WARS WEBSITE : https://www.cod-global.com IP : Call of Duty GLOBAL GHOST WARS also known as PRO GAMING, is a Call of Duty based game-mode. This time it's not just involving battling with other countries but also special abilities as like nuclear weapons, bombardments, airstrikes, anti aircraft vehicles, and many more. HOSTING SYSTEMWe also Host Samp Servers. PG-Host Provides you Free 30 Slots server with Ddos Protection. We also provide Samp Premium servers at Cheap Prices and with best Protection and Ping. You can Get Samp Server here Website: https://www.Pg-Host.com 8 TEAMSThe main idea of the server is cooperating with the team members against the other teams and terrorists. The server has 8 countries which are USA , Arabia , Veitnam , Austrailia , Euraisia , Soviet , Taliban And Mercenery . World countries have to fight against each other while they also fight with the terrorists. Team System- Each team has a base especially mapped for the team, a special color, skin, radio tower, weapon shop and a prototype. Bases are placed closer to each other and is covered by zones to make it easier for players to fight with each other. Capture System- Each team can conquer the server zones to gain more profit for the team, there is also a bonus for stopping others from capturing zones, and for capturing too many zones in a row. Capture zones may have a briefcase (weapon shop) and may not and that depends on the value of the zone. Realistic Gameplay- We try as much as possible to keep the game realistic as in making airstrike with rockets and flying planes, making landmines, weapon drop, dynamite for bombers, anti aircraft vehicles, bombardments, supporter packages and many more, each system is designed to look realistic for the player and to be interesting at the same time. Weapon Drop- Once players die, their weapons get dropped and they can pick them up with 'N'. To drop a single weapon players can use 'H' for instant drop. Landmines & Dynamite- Landmines can be bought from shop, however they can be planted anywhere on the ground, once enemies step on them they automatically explode. As for dynamite it is a feature for bomber class to set a time in which the bomb would explode. Airstrike System- Airstrike can be called by regular players, however it charges money for launching an airstrike and only ONE can be launched at a time. Rockets are realistic and planes fly as well while dropping them. ANTHRAX VIRUS- ANTHRAX for higher ranks can be used to drop VIRUS ROCKETS IN ALL SA ANDREAS, once rockets reach the ground they explode and kill anyone in rage. Anti Aircraft- Around the map there are too many anti aircraft vehicles in which players can use to destroy heavy air vehicles and protect the area, requires higher classes to work. Support Packs- Supporters can drop support packs with rustler to support players on that area (sends box on the ground), can be opened and there's a 25% possibility that the box is empty. Class System- Each class has a special ability and commands which differ from each other to make the game interesting; unlocking classes depend on the score. Ranks System- Ranks system depends on score, the more the score the higher the rank you get. The system is automated and informs you whenever you get higher in rank. Area 51- Area 51 is an important zone as it's a requirement for being able to launch a nuke, so it is protected by a gate however bomber class can charge a dynamite at the gates to explode it and gain access, the zone owning team guarantee access to the gate automatically. Nuclear System- Nuclear system explodes the target base, launching a nuclear attack requires BIG EAR in order to be able to start one, however it also requires score to launch it. The remote is located at the battleship. Death-match & Duels- Server provides variety of death-match arenas and duel arenas in which players can do group fights and 1x1 fights. For death-match weapons are default per the specified arena (skin as well), for the dueling system it weapons are customizable (2 weapons maximum). Minigames- We have an advanced events system with which derby, racing, TDM and DM events can be easily created, events include top lists, checkpoints for racing events, racing events are available in both air and ground. As for DM/TDM there can be up to 5 weapons, random spawns are included within events as well (optional, can be only one spawn for DM and two for TDM). Radio Towers- Each base has a radio tower with which a team uses to communicate with each other using the team radio feature, however other teams can destroy this tower (gets recovered every 5 minutes and can be repaired instantly by an engineer). Prototypes- Each base has a prototype which other teams can steal by delivering it to their own base to earn profit from it, once the prototype is captured it can be recaptured again. Weapon Shop- Weapon shop contains all the necessary equipment for battling with others as like medic kits, armor kits, gas masks, helmets, attachments, weapons, health and armour. Weapons- Weapons are unlockable by achieving higher ranks, most of the weapons are available in the shop. Killing Spree- There is up to 1000 killing sprees, the higher the killing spree the more rewards you receive. Backpack- Backpack has a limited amount of slots which players can store equipment in for the entire session. Equipment can be used and stored at any time as specified by the player. THATS JUST A START , WE ARE IMPROVING IT DAY BY DAY BY ADDING ALOT OF NEW THINGS ! SO TRY IT ONCE AND I AM SURE YOU WILL BE ADDICTED TO IT !
  3. Name Of The Server: Call Of Duty - Global Ghost Wars Your Admin Name: MNA , KILLER_ , SHOOTER IP: Forum: https://WWW.COD-GLOBAL.COM Page: https://www.facebook.com/GWProGaming ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The WORLD Is In Dangerous State ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Features: 1. Samsites Defence 2. Airstrike 3. Nukelear Bombs 4. Anthrax Infection system 5. 2 Islands 6. Sniper DM , Minigun DM , and Many more DeathMatches Stadium 7. Advance Team Selection 8. Clan system 9. Event Systems 10. Amazing Mapping 11. 8 teams 12 . 12 Classes 13 . Sounds 14 . Many More -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | You Can Visit Our Forum For Admin / Operator Application | V1RU5


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