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  1. There is a guy called doğu kartalı on this site that tried to scam me and when he knew we are using middleman he started to act like he can't even speak english and that he is turkish,when the admin from server checked his ip he found he is croatian,he tried to send us screenshot of a fake papyal transaction and started to threat that he really sent the money to us and that he will report to cops. When the admin discovered who is he,he changed his talking way and started to saY "woah you fall in this" and that he was about to scam here are screenshots from his speak to the admin after he got discovered Please ban this kid as he is just a scammer
  2. Twix


    Still looking
  3. Twix


    Hello i am looking to buy game mp account who ever really want to sell his game mp can contact me via private messages with his discord name and price he offering it for
  4. Twix


    Still looking
  5. Twix


    hey guys i am willing to buy a game-mp acocunt but of-course for a so cheap price as samp is already dying contact me via pm here
  6. Twix

    Looking for

    Still ineed
  7. Twix

    Looking for

    Hi guys well i am starting a community for hosting tab samp servers therfore i am looking for a partner (2nd guy) with a game mp account as i sold my one and couldn't think ill do this if anyone interested in joining me as a partner then profits will be 50/50
  8. sorry buy the maps are with every single samp player who ask for them you are WRONG
  9. I have one if anyone interested pm me with his offer and i am willing to sell
  10. Its so hard to find game mp account those days but i advise you to leave your skype so if anyone from out of this site saw this post and had one he won't have to register he will only see your skype and add you so you guys make the deal
  11. Twix


    As he told me he want 2 people to buy it so those who want game mp account get them u alr have one so please let the second for other one so we keep samp alive
  12. Twix


    Hi guys my friend got 2 game mp accounts [C]Sanchez bough one and he want to sell the 2nd one as well send me privates with your offers and i will tell you the way to do it
  13. Thanks and sorry for spamming here
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