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  1. Twix

    Looking for

    Still ineed
  2. Twix

    Looking for

    Hi guys well i am starting a community for hosting tab samp servers therfore i am looking for a partner (2nd guy) with a game mp account as i sold my one and couldn't think ill do this if anyone interested in joining me as a partner then profits will be 50/50
  3. Twix

    Buying a Game-Mp Account

    Any contact info?
  4. Hey guys Welcome to our official and Only Page for our server Call Of Duty:Ghosts We would like to invite all of you to our server and have fun with us Ip: server is current on host tab list As well as we would like to invite you to register on our forum :http://samp-cod.com/forums/index.php We wish we see all of you ingame and registered on our forum Re-gards
  5. Twix

    Buying RC-RP stuff

    you need to leave a contact info for people to reach you
  6. Twix

    SFSE Complete Map Pack

    sorry buy the maps are with every single samp player who ask for them you are WRONG
  7. Twix

    [Buying] Counter-Strike TDM

    I have one if anyone interested pm me with his offer and i am willing to sell
  8. Twix

    Buy Game-Mp Account

    Its so hard to find game mp account those days but i advise you to leave your skype so if anyone from out of this site saw this post and had one he won't have to register he will only see your skype and add you so you guys make the deal
  9. Twix

    Twix - Game-MP account

    its ok bro i never talked to ya but husky was talking like i killed someone or i did really scam you
  10. Twix

    Twix - Game-MP account

    oh but that can't be punished for as there is no rule vs this in the forum lol
  11. Twix

    Twix - Game-MP account

    As you said i got someone who asked me to adv it for him and i didn't even make 1% thing wrong so idk even why this topic is still opened and i didn't even get 1$ or anything lol and if you forgot when you asked me to buy the account you wanted i told ya its sold without even trying to talk to you about money
  12. Twix

    Twix - Game-MP account

    @Husky i didn't even act as middleman so beware
  13. Welcome, tributes. I'm going to make this short and sweet because I'm sure both you and I don't have time to read/write a novel. The Hunger Games SAMP Edition is a gamemode designed by both myself and Aerotactics. The mode has been in development on and off for more than a year. It's quite ironic, because the concept has seen multiple iterations created by myself and Aero. We hope this is the last and final iteration and would love to see it succeed. Server Features * Day and night cycle. * Crafting weapons, ammunition, supplies, etc. * Fishing. * Cooking. * Enhanced injure system. Don't expect to tank 20 bullets and live. * Custom mapping. More maps are being developed. * A district system where you and your friends can join a district. * Much more that I can't pinpoint right now. Information The general concept is really simple, actually. You join a game, find loot, craft, kill. There's a lot of possibilities with the way you play, and I'm eager to see how this goes. Below I will post a quick overview of the gamemode if you want to get a head start over the competition. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Bxh8WbkBgM Server IP: Server Website: www.outbreak-gaming.net __________________
  14. Twix

    Twix - Game-MP account

    Hey this took long time @Husky have a look here


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