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  1. Twix


    stock still got some items in it
  2. Twix


    Current offer 100m = 50$
  3. Twix


  4. Twix


    Hey all I am starting to sell some ULRP items there are the details Cash prices : 1m$ is 1$ Weapon set is 2$ Vehicles : any vehicle that ain't rare is 3$ and any vehicle that is rare is 5$ Payment paypal Contacts : This site messages
  5. Twix


    Still looking
  6. Twix


    hey guys i am willing to buy a game-mp acocunt but of-course for a so cheap price as samp is already dying contact me via pm here
  7. Welcome to [COD]Swats Vs TERRORISTS[TDM] Server One of the best TDM server in the whole English world of samp We got many features ingame : -2 teams -Many classes in each team -Strong Admin system -Lovely/Experienced Admins -Active Playersbase -One of the strongest VIp systems among samp -And Much much more that i won't count them so you get ingame and get amazed by playing with them What are you waiting for ???!!! Come join us you are all welcome IP: Forum : https://svt-gaming.net/ Discord Invite : https://discord.gg/D8asHPU
  8. Twix


    Hey there i've made a website recently but it keep giving me some issues while uploading it to host anyone who can fix it for me will receive 10$

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