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  1. Hey As listed in topic title I am selling NC:RP items that are listed below Cash: 1M = 2$ 10m = 18$ Rare items: Diamond : 2$ Contact is by this site private messages
  2. Twix


    Hello looking for someone to do me FBI leadership application (3$ payment)
  3. Twix


    Still looking
  4. Server IP: Forum: Click here Official Discord: Click here Consider while reading that we are going to do big events on real cash,Vip pearks,and alot of more staff for our opening(NEW) Call Of Duty: Ghosts (HOSTED TAB) Official development of this server started on 01/08/2017 by AjaxM and the server opened that year itself. The server was successful on its opening and touched 30 players daily but then, as all communities has their ups and downs, we had ours too and had to close down several times. BUT, the amazing fact about our community is that our Staff Team held together and remained with us and did not leave us till our re-opening (01/12/2019) and this shows us the dedication and patience of our Staffs! The server has a friendly environment where YOUR gaming experience would be prominent! Our server is built from scratch and we offer to ALWAYS be upgrading your gaming experience through extensive updates. Server Features Custom maps by our Team Bonus zones to capture Two Teams - Ghosts and Federations (As the original game) You can create your own Custom Loadout on spawn! You can create your own Squad! Everything in the squad can be customised as you want You will keep on progressing through the game by unlocking ranks through scores Capturable prototypes Unlockable classes Rappelling system Deathmatch arenas (Minigun/sniper .. etc) Headshot system (as well as ability to wear helmets) Death camera and ability to set your signature on death camera like the original game Hit marker like the original game Live statistics Ability to call for airsupport Each classes has their own weapons and special abilities ....so much more that YOU have to explore in-game! It's the small details that makes the difference! Sneak peekThere are so many things to explore in this server and we are expecting YOU to join now! We are also currently looking for administrators, testers and mappers!Thank you!
  5. Twix


    Hello i am looking to buy game mp account who ever really want to sell his game mp can contact me via private messages with his discord name and price he offering it for
  6. Twix


    stock still got some items in it
  7. Twix


    Current offer 100m = 50$
  8. Twix


    Hey all I am starting to sell some ULRP items there are the details Cash prices : 1m$ is 1$ Weapon set is 2$ Vehicles : any vehicle that ain't rare is 3$ and any vehicle that is rare is 5$ Payment paypal Contacts : This site messages
  9. Twix


    Still looking
  10. Twix


    hey guys i am willing to buy a game-mp acocunt but of-course for a so cheap price as samp is already dying contact me via pm here

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