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  1. Bone County Roleplay [English]

    I personally don't recommend this server, I had been there for a week and the script is fascinating but i have to point out to the management team (a guy called Mark and the other is called Alex or something) their attitude sucks and they are one of the main reasons why many players left the server, however the other guy called alex banned many players in-game. I would recommend this server with better management for sure.
  2. The video quality is really bad and it lags, not sure if this is only me or is the video has some spikes
  3. [TUTORIAL] How to actually get guns on LS-RP

    I was looking for this video for a while, thank you.
  4. There are many factors that new roleplay servers should have these days because SAMP english community is not the most popular. Dislikes: -I hate roleplay servers which only strive for money (basically a pay 2 win servers) for example I encountered a heavy roleplay server a while ago that offered 100k for $3, ofcourse the server closed.. -Owners who stops scripting after the server dies for 1-2 days while they have enough resources to reopen it. -Bad staff team -Easy money servers under the name heavy roleplay. Likes: -Good and fair donation system for everyone. -A good owner who interacts with all the players every now and then. -Heavy roleplay servers which tries to portray realistic economy. -Active and helpful admins.