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  1. Prestige Steve Hosting Let's skip the introduction and jump into the numbers: San Andreas Multiplayer Hosting Hosted Tab: $30 SA-MP Servers: $0.13/per slot Active Promos 'NewHost' Recieve 20% off your first month! Spend $8 or more and receive our starter website package for absolutely nothing ($0)! The important stuff Our Website: https://www.prestigesteve.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PrestigeSteveHosting We believe in affordable, cheap hosting whilst maintaining quality and fast, friendly, reliable support. We really care about ensuring the stability of your server. Don't take our word, check what everyone else has had to say! https://hostpicker.net/companies/prestige-steve-hosting
  2. ONLY $30 for Hosted Tab Listings!

    Pricing updated to $30. Special consideration will be given to servers not hosted by us.

    If you are looking for a better host shoot us a message on Live Support.
  4. Hosts & Game-mp

    We sell hosted tab listings to our clients just for $30 and $0.13/ per slot. Hit us up on Live Chat for more information. https://www.prestigesteve.com
  5. ONLY $30 for Hosted Tab Listings!

    The minimum amount of slots we offer is 30. Anything less than 30 slots would use more server resources than it would cost to host. In addition to this, we only offer hosted tab with 100 slot SA-MP servers. However, if you are really determined to have a 1 slot SA-MP server on hosted tab, you can adjust the slots yourself - as long as it doesn't exceed the quota you are allowed, you should be fine. Please check our website https://www.prestigesteve.com/game.html for more information. You may also contact our live support for more information on this matter.
  6. ONLY $30 for Hosted Tab Listings!

    Correct. And thank you!
  7. ONLY $30 for Hosted Tab Listings!

    ONLY $30 for Hosted Tab Listings! Prestige Steve Hosting sells hosted tab listings only just for $30 alongside our SA-MP server. SA-MP server hosting can be purchased just for $0.13/per slot. We've served several customers and we look forward to serving you. We take pride in our services. Our main focus is on security, support, low prices and quality. We are really passionate about services we offer. What are you waiting for? Cheap hosting, free support, excellent services, get your server and hosted tab listing today! Visit https://www.prestigesteve.com for more information. Terms: - Due to a third party payment, hosted tab listings are non-refundable after payment. - To see a full list of Terms and Conditions visit https://www.prestigesteve.com/tos.html