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  1. Grand Reopening FORUMS || SERVER || DISCORD Countryside Roleplay is a Heavy Roleplay server based on the popular game mod San Andreas Multiplayer for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. The server is based in the area of Red County and prominently features cities such as Palomino Creek and Montgomery. With our emphasis on exciting roleplay, dedicated staff members, and plentiful opportunities, Countryside Roleplay is a wonderful place to call "your server" on San Andreas Multiplayer. Here at Countryside Roleplay, there are many directions that your character may go in the server. Do you want to be a law enforcement officer? How about a business owner? At Countryside Roleplay, it's possible. Read on to find out more information about Countryside Roleplay! The developers of Countryside Roleplay has taken steps to develop and perfect a script that is both unique and simple to understand for players. Our features include: Dynamic Faction System Metal Detectors, Working Garbage Cans, and more Inventory system Creative and Enticing Jobs! A realistic damage system! And many more! Trucking / Courier Fishing Garbage Man Our server has a feature we call "Character Applications." This feature is something we established recently. Note: This does not mean that you MUST apply for a character. This feature allows players to apply for certain extras and starts for their character. For example, if a player has roleplayed with a single character and built a story - then they may apply and they can potentially receive a starting package such as some money, a house, possibly even a business if their story somehow includes a business. These applications are personally reviewed by the Executive Board and we only look for the applications which are detailed, logical and make sense. We created this feature because we know in San Andreas Multiplayer, a lot of people have been around the block a few times. We wish to make it so that those players who are veterans in Roleplay and are knowledgeable about their roleplay have an avenue with which they may not have to start at the complete beginning, but with a little package. Factions Countryside Roleplay has a set of factions. Some of which are currently hiring new members. If you're interested, you should check out their respective boards on the forums. Red County Sheriff's Department(*) Red County Fire Department(*) Red County Government Red County News Hiring = (*)' Families At this current time in the server, we are interested in having new gangs. If you would like to make a gang on our server, all you will need to do is roleplay in-game and apply. Anyone wishing to make a gang is encouraged to join
  2. Polarian Gaming Roleplay Polarian Gaming is a Medium Roleplay server based in Los Santos with a script based off the NGG Script. Founded by Greg along with his friends, Wilson and Shplink, Polarian Gaming was created with goal of trying to revitalize the roleplay atmosphere by returning to the idea of a Medium Roleplay environment. After not being content with the radical spectrum of roleplay these days, the group decided to band together and create something of their own. The result: Polarian Gaming On this server, you will experience a relaxed roleplay environment that will not demand extraneous roleplay. Instead, the administration team is working on comprising a system that will be both fair and enable wonderful roleplay experiences without causing players to suffer through hours of endless grind to achieve minimal results. As mentioned, the server's script is based off of the popular NGG script. This script comes with flexibility and unlimited dynamic opportunities, along with a sense of familiarity, that will reduce the sense of alienation among new players. By providing a script that you are already familiar with, we hope to allow you to get to the roleplay faster and make your experience more enjoyable. Notable features include: The script is largely dynamic, allowing most customization to be done in game. Our server possesses the standard factions that you are most familiar with. However, one feature of our server is the that the Government will be ran as its own Nation rather than a state of the United States. We made this decision to encourage players to make the roleplay their own, within reason. The server's gaming operations team, while keeping an eye on the roleplay, will do its best to not hinder the progression of roleplay when it comes to the Government. In addition, some factions do require a leader, or they are closed. If they need a leader, you are welcome to contact the Office of the Executive Director and we can discuss it. Our email is [email protected], or you can find us on Discord. Factions include: Los Santos Police Department San Andreas Fire Department (*) San Andreas Government San Andreas News (*) (*) = A leader is needed. In addition to factions, we also encourage our players to create. That is why we offer players the opportunity to create their own organization. An organization can be an illegal gang, trucking company, law firm, or anything you wish to see created in the server. If you wish to create an Organization, you are encourage to apply through our Organization Creation forum or contact [email protected] and we may discuss something. In order to ensure that our opening day runs as soon as possible, we wish to look to acquire some additional staff members in various positions. While no position is guaranteed, if we like your attitude and believe you'd make a good fit for our team, then you may receive an invitation. Below, you will see the following staff positions that are available: ONE European Administrator ONE Oceanic Administrator THREE Community Helpers (any timezone) ONE Multimedia Member ONE Developer (Scripter preferred, but a mapper welcome as well) If you wish to attain one of these positions, you are encouraged to speak to us in Discord. We will work out the best way for you to attain these positions. If you have any questions, you may contact [email protected] So finally, after all this, you are probably wanting to know the server's information and potential opening day. At this time our opening date is not yet confirmed, however we anticipate to open on Friday, April 6, 2018. In addition to celebrating our opening day, our shop that is currently in construction shall be open to the public with discounts and codes available to players. Also, in game events may occur during the weekend, so we encourage players to participate. Our server information is as follows: Server: samp.pg-rp.net Forums: http://pg-rp.net/forums/forum.php Teamspeak: ts.pg-rp.net Discord: https://discord.gg/5Bndhba


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