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  2. BBehar

    Selling LS-RP guns

    You got them still, I'm interested. For more pm me if you have them still available.
  3. Check your friends requests list
  4. BBehar

    [Exchange] GTA 5 Account.

    I can offer a GTA 5 account for fortnite vbucks code. For more info add me on discord. 2755
  5. BBehar

    Pawno Scripting

  6. BBehar

    [Selling] LSRP Script Self-made.

    Can't add you, It says re-check the name / discord tag.
  7. BBehar

    [Selling] LSRP Script Self-made.

  8. BBehar

    [Selling] LSRP Script Self-made.

    Forgot to mention the script also supports a fully working CCTV System that can be used via MDC or LSPD HQ CCTV Rooms.
  9. Selling an LSRP Script [Self made based on a Horizon Gaming Roleplay Script] with the newest Maps, Scripts, And Features. This Script has: Donator System which allows Donator to change their Chat Style, Walk Style, And Hud Style, This Script also Allows Donator to use certain Vehicles such as BMX, ZR, Quad, Sanchez, And others. Note. If you're not a Donator You cannot Drive, A Bike, BMX but you can drive the ZR, The Sanchez and the Quad. Once you've been set as a Donator You can drive and purchase all the Donator Vehicles. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dynamic Faction System. This Server has a Faction script that allows admins to create, and delete Factions. Create their HQ-s, Create Skins for the Faction and much more. An Original script of death same as LSRP. This script will set you on death mode once you reach 25 hp. Different weapons deal different damages on different bodyparts. However if you do have Armour and get hit in the Chest (Area which is protected by the default armour type) Only your armour bar will go down. If you do have a full body armour where ever you'll get hit only your armour will go down. The death script has 3 fases. Alive, Wounded and dead. Also the scripts has a /damages command. If you're near a wounded/dead body you can examine their damages by using the /damages command. If you get wounded a Red 3D Text will get attached on top of your head. The Script has a Dynamic Housing system with Checkpoints in the exteriror. The script has a dynamic dealership system, Dealerships can be created by admins, Bought by players, The prices can be set by the owner of the delaership. The script supports alot of Textdraws (same as LSRP) Here's a small list: Once you get a job a red textdraw apears next you your hud telling you to check /jobhelp. Once you get a car offer a Textdraw apears on your screen telling you what to do to accept/reject the offer. and much much more. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Police Features. For Police i've made the bean bag script similar to LSRP but more original and more realistic. Non-sirened vehicles now have sirens with sound that anyone can hear, You can press Honk button and flick on the sirens. LSPD/SD do have their private channels *911/999*. If you have the frequency set to 911 when you talk on /r You'll recive [CH: DISPATCH S:1] instead of [CH:911 S:1]. LSPD/SD have an Anti-Rush Taser script. Once you shoot the taser an reload animation plays and you'll be able to shoot right after the animation ends. LSPD/SD Do have two armour types. Only Chest and Full body. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Other Features: -Phone System. Basic phone system, Same as LSRP with the /ph /c /h /p /sms etc commands. -Drug addiction system. Once you've injected a certain amount of drugs on your characters body they'll get addicted, One your addiction kick in you'll see some side effect and sone helpful notes on what you'll have to do to get rid of the side effects. -Radio System. A basic Radio system with Textdarws same as LSRP. -Fully fuctional Mall with shops (same as LSRP) -Hospital System. -Leg Damage System. Once you get hit on the Leg with a bullet you will start stumbling, You won't be able to sprint properly, You wont be able to jump etc. -Peeper Spray System. -Weapon Smuggling System. If you do have a certain boat type you can use /smuggle (this doesn't require you a job it's the same script as the fishing script on LSRP and my onw script). Once you type /smuggle and SMS will come on you phone from an annonime person that tells you to go to a certain place to pick up a bag with some products. You have to transfer the products to the waypoint and then You have two options either continue with a higher risk or just leave it at that. Get paid and leave. But if you take the higher risk you can buy weapons at the shaq however if there's no products no weapons can be bought. -Weapon Licensing system. A Simple PF/CCW System. Basicly if you don't have a license you cannot buy a weapon at the legal weapon store. -Weapon body attachments. If you're holding a weapon, you scroll it off it will be attached by default on your chest but you can use /weapon [bone/adjust/hide] Smaller weapons such as Knife, Colt, Deagle, Tec, Uzi can be hidden. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Contact me on Discord: #2755
  10. BBehar

    [BUYING] LS:RP, RC:RP scripts

    #2755 on discord, Add me. I got an Selfmade LSRP. I'm trying to keep up with the latest update such as if you have your radio Channel set to 911 On the chat box get the *[CH: DISPATCH S:1] * and stuff. I got most of the mappings that are used on LSRP i can show proof of all of my scripts. It's all selfmade so i can provide you with support if you find a glitch while you haven't payed for the script yet. Once you pay you're on your own. *edit* Payment VIA Steam wallet or a steam game of a certain price. Thank you.
  11. Trading a huge pack of scripts for a GTA San Andreas Steam Key Product. for more add me on steam Here's my steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198419208419/
  12. Hi, So basicly i've been around scripting in samp for a long ass time, I've played alot of servers including LS-RP, PR-RP, P:LA etc... I've managed to get script from some of these server including LSRP copies, PR-RP Copy, PLA Copy, I've been scripting a SAMP Server same as LSRP by my own, I have the script and all the mappings, If anyone interested i'm offering a pack of scripts for a GTA SA Steam Key. You can contact me via my steam profile : www.steamcommunity.com/id/bbehar666/
  13. BBehar

    Steam acc for LSRP stuff.

    I can provied you with more scripts of other servers if you want to.
  14. BBehar

    Steam acc for LSRP stuff.

    You want a copy of LSRP Script or PR-RP Script in exchange for your account?


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