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  1. Compare them? Yeah good job scripting on that shit bro, Only Difference i noticed was the Speedo and some colors changed such as stats and shit. You do what ever you do i'm not here to talk shit about you or anything like that bc i do not have any issues with you or anyone here but don't pretend like you done some huge ass changes on the scripts cuz' all you've done to it was change the speedo and the colors on some line. ps. Best of luck selling it
  2. Quit selling free shit bro. This Gamemode it's free on SAMP Forums obviously. Link to the Free Release that this guy is trying to sell: http://forum.sa-mp.com/showthread.php?t=646191
  3. Yeah, You can hit my discord up here it is macho#2755 I can provide you with alot of scripts if you do pay well
  4. Selling a quiet rare IM:RP Script. More info contact me via discord macho#2755
  5. BBehar


    Hey, I got the script PM Me on discord
  6. BBehar

    Sellin RC-RP fishing script

    I got the whole RCRP Script 4SALE, Database, everything. Server is well up to date with the current RCRP Script PM Me for more
  7. BBehar

    [4SALE] Red County Roleplay Script.

    For some reason multimart is not puting my discord name properly, My discord name is igetrich #2755
  8. BBehar

    [4SALE] Red County Roleplay Script.

    You can contact me VIA PM-s multimart, No problem
  9. Selling the RC-RP Gamemode. Well upto date, Including alot of RCRP base and advanced systems, for more details contact me on discord getrich#2755
  10. BBehar

    Selling LS-RP guns

    You got them still, I'm interested. For more pm me if you have them still available.
  11. Check your friends requests list
  12. BBehar

    [Exchange] GTA 5 Account.

    I can offer a GTA 5 account for fortnite vbucks code. For more info add me on discord. 2755
  13. BBehar

    Pawno Scripting

  14. BBehar

    [Selling] LSRP Script Self-made.

    Can't add you, It says re-check the name / discord tag.


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