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  1. BBehar

    [For Sale] LSRP Script.

    Update: The script is running on 0.3DL Version of SAMP including all the LSRP Models. Here are some of them https://imgur.com/a/eqy8cG7
  2. BBehar

    [For Sale] LSRP Script.

    Still selling it, Accepting LSRP in game money.
  3. BBehar

    [For Sale] LSRP Script.

    *UPDATE* A quick show case of the armor system of the script. If you shoot a player in their chest if they do have armor on hits will deal damage only to the armor, if the player has 0 armor damage will be dealt only to the HP. If the player has armor and gets hit in the head (non protected part by the armor) damage would be dealt only to the HP. Protected parts on the armor system are Groin and Chest. If you shoot someone in the chest or groin and they do have armor damage will be dealt only to the armor. Video:
  4. BBehar

    [For Sale] LSRP Script.

    I am selling a script which i edited a while ago tried to make it look like LSRP. I've tried to include alot of features that LSRP Has and tried to keep it well up to date with the current LSRP with mappings, scripts etc. The script does have: - Dynamic Housing system with checkpoints (Same as LSRP). - Dynamic Business System. - Dynamic Door System. - Dynamic Pickup System. - Dynamic Faction System. - Dynamic Dealership System. The server also does have the looks of LSRP. Does have the Textdraws such as - Radio Info Textdraws - Phone System with textdraws - Speedo With textdraws - Vehicle Offers with textdraws - Purchasing clothes text with textdraws and much more. The Server has some static factions which can be edited via the script. - LSPD - SASD - LSFD These are the factions the can be edited via the script. The server does have alot of features that are the same as the original LSRP. - Hunger & Food System (Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/2lhSWhb ") - Death & Damage registry System (Videos: Part 1 - hyperurl.co/7t6swl Part 2 - http://hyperurl.co/igilcu The Weapon skill system is linked with the damage system so for example you get hit and have your health on low, Weapon skills will automatically got to low or medium depending on your health. (Screenshots of damage/weapon skill: https://imgur.com/a/rfExEkS in this case i had the skills on low due to my health and here i do have them on high due to an re-heal https://imgur.com/a/Sb9LpvZ) - Taser System for LEO (Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_ks7r3Aa_w ) - Drug System: A simple drug system which depending on what drug you have / use you will get health/visual effcets/a special item on your body / hand / head etc. Drugs also do give you addction on the server if you do use them alot. When the addiction kicks in you start to lose health, get visual effects. You do have some options. Wait it out, Visit Medics, or inject more of the same drug. - Weapon System. The Weapon System is similar to the LSRP one, When you do not have your weapon on your hand it gets attached to your chest but obviously you can change the place of the gun by using the comannd /weapon[adjust/bone/hide]. /weapon adjust is a command to edit the position of the weapon. /weapon bone to change the bone of the weapon. /weapon hide is used to hide small weapons such as, Colt, Knife and other small guns. ( screenshots: https://imgur.com/fGZl8v2 ). - Phone System with textdraws & Dialogs (Kind of like the one on LSRP) (screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/XRQNAEc) The Server also does have Donator Features such as: The command /setstyle chatstyle walkstyle and hud /setstyle chatstyle allows the donator to change their chatstyle (in-character talk animation) to another style. 1 out of 10 i guess are available. /setstyle walkstyle self explanatory allows the donator to change their walking style (/walk) /setstyle hud it's a command on development which allows the donators to chose different hud textdraws (Radio Infos Speedos ETC.) Also Donators do get access to special vehicles. Such as BMX, Sanchez, Quad, ZR-350. As a regular player you won't be able to get inside of any of the vehicles listed above. You well get this message attached to the vehicle https://imgur.com/a/C2oq6sr The Radio System: This system besides a simple radio system does have the faction restricted channels such as LSPD, SD, FD DoC etc. Besides that is a simple radio system same as LSRP. If you're apart of LSPD, and you have your channel set to 911 It won't show it [CH:911 S: x] xxx_xxx says: xxx but it will show it as in the new updates of lsrp [CH:DISPATCH: S: x] xxx_xxx says: xxx. Radios can be purchased in hardware stores or 24/7s. The Server also does have some of the LSRP mappings and animations. (Screenshots of the mappings: https://imgur.com/a/ZXt5iM5) For more info about the script hmu in discord macho#2755
  5. Selling a huge pack of scripts for 9.99$ (Season 6 Battle pass on fortnite) including: Italy Mafia Roleplay LS-RP (Self made + 2 other scripts which i didn't script) RC-RP (re-written +database) PR-RP(well uptodate) HZG (old & new versions 3 scripts in total) PLA (old version) OGRP (well updated + some good features added such as furniture etc) *edit* LSRP selfmade includes LSRP Maps such as prison, mall and random maps all over San Andreas. & animations such as frontfall camera1 etc.
  6. Compare them? Yeah good job scripting on that shit bro, Only Difference i noticed was the Speedo and some colors changed such as stats and shit. You do what ever you do i'm not here to talk shit about you or anything like that bc i do not have any issues with you or anyone here but don't pretend like you done some huge ass changes on the scripts cuz' all you've done to it was change the speedo and the colors on some line. ps. Best of luck selling it
  7. Quit selling free shit bro. This Gamemode it's free on SAMP Forums obviously. Link to the Free Release that this guy is trying to sell: http://forum.sa-mp.com/showthread.php?t=646191
  8. Yeah, You can hit my discord up here it is macho#2755 I can provide you with alot of scripts if you do pay well
  9. Selling a quiet rare IM:RP Script. More info contact me via discord macho#2755
  10. BBehar


    Hey, I got the script PM Me on discord
  11. BBehar

    Sellin RC-RP fishing script

    I got the whole RCRP Script 4SALE, Database, everything. Server is well up to date with the current RCRP Script PM Me for more
  12. BBehar

    [4SALE] Red County Roleplay Script.

    For some reason multimart is not puting my discord name properly, My discord name is igetrich #2755
  13. BBehar

    [4SALE] Red County Roleplay Script.

    You can contact me VIA PM-s multimart, No problem


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