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  1. Project Elites Roleplay

    Ladies and gentle men I Want to announce we will open the project elites roleplay on december 09 2017 saturday Because the staff still reviewing the server see you in game. ---------------------------------------- Forum-(projecteitesroleplay. cf) Removed the space Server ip- 185 .12.178.71:7793 teamspeak-underconstructuon ----------------------------------------- step to get refund in game You must registered at forum Then create the topics on refund request. So register now before staff decide to closed the refund request. ---------------------------------------- We are hiring Faction leader but you need to applied at the forum. LOS SANTOS POLICE DEPARTMENT-not available Los santos Fire and Medic-available FBI-available SA News-available Army-available Hitman agency-we will open this faction if we have 30 player base Administrator rank Junior admin to head admin was hiring ---------------------------------------- gang slots 1 to 15 available. If you want head quarters you must take the picture of your hood or head quarters . If you want some mappings to your hood Script it using map.Editor then create the topic on gang hood mapping request staff review your mappings if accepted or denied.


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