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  1. MendezR

    Selling LSRP Cop account

    No they don’t
  2. MendezR

    Selling LSRP Cop account

    I’m looking for something between the 60-65 euros.
  3. MendezR

    Selling LSRP Cop account

    For everyone who has asked, the character is currently on LSPD. You can go online and get on duty, it doesn’t matter what’s his name and payment method can only be PayPal. Prices can be dicussed through private PM’s, I don’t use skype for now.
  4. MendezR

    Selling LSRP Cop account

    It doesn’t matter, it has also namechanges.
  5. MendezR

    Selling LSRP Cop account

    Hello, I’m selling an account at lsrp, level is between 15-17 he has no money, currently at LSPD, I’m willing to use hustle as a middleman. Offer me for the account.
  6. MendezR

    [SELLING] IM-RP Account

    Hey, I've got a high-end account in Italy Mafia roleplay, Character is a premium member, almost level 50 like 3 or 4 hours missing for level 50, it has two high-end cars worth 25,000,000 each one, Sandking and NRG. Offers can be sent to DM or here.
  7. MendezR

    Buying LSPD Package in LSRP

    Title says it all. I'd need someone who can get me %100 in the department.
  8. MendezR

    [WTS] LS-RP cash

    Add me on skype: elioritzhack I’ll buy all of your money
  9. MendezR

    Buying LSRP Money

    Still buying money, anybody available to sell?
  10. MendezR

    Buying LSRP Money

    I'd need $2,500,000 in lsrp for $22 dollars, using $hustle as the middleman, please help me out!
  11. MendezR

    Buying LSRP Money

    PM me
  12. MendezR

    Buying LSRP Money

    I'd need like $3,000,000 I've got 22.50 dollar to spend, who can make me happy and make it possible?


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