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    Buying a hosted tab!

    Hai, Title says it all. I'm looking for a hosted tab for 31 days. Hit me up with your prices please. URGENT
  2. Fort Carson Roleplay is a brand new medium roleplay server based in Fort Carson and it's remote areas. We've all been players ourselves and we know what we desire from a good server to have a fun roleplaying experience. We offering a professional staff team and unique features in development, we're here to offer you more than simple promises. // FEATURES \\ - Dynamic property system - Every house has its own realistic class and you can choose an empty interior to furnish it yourself to meet your desires. - Violence at it's best - You can rob houses, biz and the central bank. You can rob houses and deliver the goods and get that extra cash you want. - Unique drug system - We do have few new drug types that you can experience, cook them yourself. Be the heisenberg. - Unique ammo types - Something that makes us unique even more. Choose from Hollow Point, Poison or FMJ ammo types. Change the fight as you want. - Great roleplay possibilities - Fort Carson is perfect for roleplay due to the size of it! This brings the players togheter and makes way for good roleplay! // WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE \\ We're more than another 'roleplay' server! We're a community-driven server which cares alot about the communities opinion and often shape our server so it fits everyone's type! Simply community first, game server second. You can see more about us on our Forums & Discord!


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