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  1. No one reads terms of service. I can tell this community like to accuse people of scamming on sight.
  2. Ah, well if interested PM me on multimart, i'll be checking the site from time to time. I didn't know that I couldn't ask my discord for people to contact me, only did that so people can contact me when i'm not on the site. Anyways, if you're interested of having a good quality GTA-World account message me on the site for screenshots of the account. Thank you,
  3. Um, how is adding my discord a scam?
  4. Hello, I am selling my GTA World account for $40 since I don't play anymore. Message me on --REMOVED-- if interested.
  5. I'm tryna buy, hit me up on Discord -removed-
  6. Already messaged you 11 hours ago, hit me back up ASAP.

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