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  1. ForestLawndry

    Need for Speed Roleplay

    Need for speed RP is a new very soon to open server meant to give a great racing roleplay experience. We decided to mix and match with nfs hot pursuit and NFS underground 2 combined. We have a small but good staff team and are gonna recruit more when we get a solid amount of players on. We have a strict rule on gun and drug usage making it unnecessary to use guns and drugs to get a job done. Further important info I.e robbing and scamming guidelines can be found both on our discord and website. Web: http://needforspeedrp.boards.net Discord: https://discord.gg/FjHaTkd
  2. Hey all, it's me Tango one out of two of the owners who run DFRP (formerly known as Visionary Gaming Roleplay/VGRP). We are a server based in Las Ventaurus & the Bone County area.As of currently we are looking for a couple Trial Administrators to help us progress and hold a few positions before release so we can be prepared ( visionary-gaming.boards.net/thread/12/trial-admin-application-open?page=1&scrollTo=21 ). We hope you join us as we are trying to reach a goal of a good grand opening when our scripts are finished.All development questions are to be posted in the website ( visionary-gaming.boards.net ) or discord ( discord.gg/nAAkE6F ).TLDR: - Hiring Staff.- Server isn't finished however we need some staff to help make it happen.Info:discord.gg/nAAkE6Fvisionary-gaming.boards.net
  3. ForestLawndry

    Visionary Gaming Roleplay

    VGRP is a Heavy Roleplay server based in the city of Las Ventaurus and the Bone County area, we have lots of great features to show aswell as a lot of clubs and casinos around town that will surely make you want to stay longer! We offer a great staff team available 95% of the day, 7 days a week along with a great development team building our server. We hope to see you around for our grand opening and further more into the future! We have big plans to improve VGRP we want to apologise to the others, we do not yet have our server up, but when it is up it will be great, we won't disappoint in the release and will be sure to bug test *everything*. Discord: https://discord.gg/FFwTSTC Website: http://visionary-gaming.boards.net
  4. ForestLawndry

    Visionary Gaming Roleplay

    Visionary Gaming Roleplay is a brand new heavy roleplay server for SA-MP. VGRP offers loads of dynamic unique features, including but not limited to an advanced gun system, gunracks and a built in ELM for emergency services. Some more features to read up on: Advanced weapon system Little amount of Animation commands (so you're not spending hours finding the right am in for a situation) Emergency Lighting Mod (BUILT IN) Soon to come custom skins (Once the new update for samp is stable, our server will be upgraded) We have great staff online most of the day, we need a player base however, which we hope to gain from this advertisement. Come check out our discord and server: Server info: Server IP: Website: https://visionary-gaming.boards.net Discord: https://discord.gg/EcYaRz9 Hope to see you there!


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