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    Account sharing - LS:RP

    Hello, I would like to ask for some advices here. I'm sorry if this is too cringy for you to read. I'm an old SA:MP player(since 07 or so) and had breaks in between. I play on LS:RP nowadays(the only server, actually rejoined) and there's some that's bugging me. I first joined LS:RP a long time ago, when I could barely write in english(could understand though). Due to my poor english and roleplay knowledge(and also liking another server more) I decided to leave/take a break as it was too much for me. I had a friend(same nationality as me) on the other server who begged me to give my account password on ls:rp as he didn't have any. At that time I didn't think of the consequences and I said "ok, but watch out". In a short time, he told me that he got banned for hacking a weapon(deagle I suppose). A year later I rejoined the server making a new account and not sharing it with anybody. Since then I had like 4-5 accounts. The problem is that most of them(including the banned shared account) are linked to my forum account which is also old. I didn't post too much on forums but nowadays I feel the urge to do so in order to bid for houses, post roleplay pictures and attempt to join a faction. I'm too worried that someone(an admin/tester) might look at my account post history and find that character. I also like that the forum account is relatively old, and feel that creating a new one might be suspicious. Maybe I worry too much, but I know I did a mistake by sharing that account. I guess that I could prove that it wasn't me, since there must be logs, and also different IP ranges. What do you think I should do? Thanks.


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