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  1. Project Roleplay is an English roleplay community which was created from the scratch by Chaprnks. He created his own unique script and also his own unique mapping. The server contains a lot of unique stuff like the way of getting money and also the way of getting weapons. They community has a special staff team who do care about his players and they act as a family and as a one hand. They show respect to each other and to their fellow players. Also their website is unique which allows you to see what is new in the server by checking the " Showcase " section on the forum and see the unique and legendary mapping they have. Website | Forum: forum.gta.sh Discord: https://discord.gg/7Jn3Pkd IP: Unique Registration System Unique Jobs Fuel Delivery Job description: Fuel delivery is a job that makes you drive a DFT and load it's container and then delivery the fuel to random spots around Los Santos. Sweeper Job description: The sweeper job is different from any other script around samp. You take one of the sweeping vehicles and drive around the city and remove the piles of debree around it. Each pile of debree you remove a ( +1 ) appears at the bottom right of your screen which means that you have successfully removed one. Butcher Job description: You will see the meat moving on the rail. You have to choose which meat is good and which one is rotten. Once you see a " Green " meat, it means that it's rotten and you must get raid of it. Once the green meat reach the " red marker " on the rail, press Y and it will move directly to the trash. Custom house interiors


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