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  1. MrKingpin

    Looking to buy a game mp account

    Hello i have been looking for more then 3 years now i would like to buy a game-mp account please hit me up with a price and more info. Please email me [email protected] Thanks in advance. Regards.
  2. Independent Roleplay Please read this post on the forums about bringing back our old account database: goo.gl/yHH5gi Forums has been updated and are now live!! Teamspeak has also been updated and is now live!! For more information about the release connect to discord and keep an eye out for the announcements. Refunding We are refunding Levels, Playing Hours, VIP from, Horizon Roleplay, Next Generation Roleplay, Lawless Roleplay. You need a screenshot with /time to proof that you have the amount of playing hours and what level you are, what VIP you have. All you have to do is post a refund request on the forums, or contact a executive staff on discord Introduction INRP is a medium role play server, with a lot of improvements to come in the future. Our current staff team has been in a variety of other servers, which will benefit us as a community to make our server one of the best out there. Our server has a variety of things you can role play as yourself and we hope you enjoy your experience while playing on this server. Scripting We have the most unique scripting features a server can get, and we are still improving them. We update our server to the best of our ability to give you the best role play experience you could possibly get. We also have quite a few jobs, so There is a big variety that can earn you some pretty easy cash. Unique Features Players start off with 4 vehicle slots as a non VIP member (VIP members can own more, depending on the VIP level) Players can lock their vehicle(s) with a locks already on their vehicle, to avoid it being stolen. They can also upgrade their vehicle with an alarm Players can purchase rim kits to ride n' style, it is usable on almost any car. (You can get any rims you want with a rim kit) Backpack system, players are able to store food,weapons,pot,crack, meth, ecstasy in their backpack. Players can purchase toys from the clothing store with (/buytoys) or (/toyshop (need credits)) There are also a lot of other features this server brings. House Features Non VIP players can own a house, but only one. (VIP members can own more ) Players can sell and/or buy a house. (prices vary, depending on the location) Players can deposit and withdraw money, drugs, weapons, and materials from their house. Players can get gates placed around their house for privacy concerns. Dynamic Doors You are able to own a dynamic door as a backdoor or as a HQ but you are also able to sell the dynamic door and for that you will be automatically fined in game. Business Features Players can own a business. Players can sell and/or buy a business as well as sell it. Players can upgrade their businesses, depending on the business sells. Players can profit quite a bit off of businesses (depending on the location) Business Features You get a Line runner, Packer, or a Mule and load up the truck at the Factory in Blueberry and deliver it to its location (red marker). Then once you deliver it to the location (red mark) you unload it and return it back to the trucker Starting point to collect the pay (earns 11k-22k per run, depending on the shipment contractor level you have). Recruitment How to get involved We are currently looking for staff so please make your way to our discord. Want to become a faction/gang leader? Want to become a member of our admin/staff team? Join us on our teamspeak (samp.independentroleplay.com) (The chances of success are high as we are currently looking for leaders and staff members) Job Features Garbage man As a garbage man it is important to keep the streets of los santos clean by picking up the trash and bring it to the garbage dump, for that you will earn a small amount of money. Pizza Boy We all know this is the most common starter job and it can easily bring in some big bucks, pretty self-explanatory. This job allows you to be a pizza boy and deliver pizza's which can earn you anywhere from $1,000 to $8,500 depending on the distance of the run. This job can be equipped at Idlewood pizza stack (Los Santos). Shipment Contractor Shipment Contractor is the trucker job you can deliver goods to a business if someone ordered goods, but you are also able to deliver illegal goods with that you will earn a small bonus. Drugs Dealer As drugs dealer you are able to deliver/pickup drugs, pot, crack, meth, ecstasy. You are also able to make it yourself in the meth lab found at Idlewood. Factions San Andreas Police Department [Taken] Fire and Medical Department [ Leader needed] News [Leader needed] Mechanic [Leader needed] And more to come We are looking for Staff members and faction leaders/members For Advisor/helper contact any staff beside discord staff, system admin For factions/gangs contact any staff beside discord staff, system admin I'm sure you're getting sick of reading, why don't you come check out the great experience our server brings to you samp.independentroleplay.com:7777 Server Information Server IP Address: samp.independentroleplay.com:7777 Forums: http://www.independentroleplay.com TeamSpeak Server: ts.independentroleplay.com / discord: https://discord.gg/m6Zn9VU


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