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  1. Banks

    [LS-RP] Account with 1m

    Awaiting the info @PrisonBREAK - sent you a msg again
  2. Send me a PM with what you got and the price, and we can go for discord. If you don't wanna go first and I don't find the trade safe, we will use a MM - Preferable $hustle is he's available.
  3. Banks

    BUYING CSGO Steam Code for LSRP Money

    Willing to go first or use a trusted MM?
  4. Do you even look at the dates? And at that time no there were no options to delete at all. I looked.

    1. TheOnlyDroid


      Global notification, take your inquiry to the support board.. Not my profile, thank you.

  5. Banks

    Inventive Roleplay - Hosted Tab

    Why waste your time opening a server only to have that sort of attitude. You're not even trying and you expect any sort of players to try your server? I'm sorry for being rude but this is pathetic.
  6. Banks

    EX-RP Gamemode

    @Husky He requested this thread to be deleted, I don't know why the posts were deleted. But we solved our issues privately and he doesn't want it open anymore.
  7. Banks


    Delete this
  8. Banks

    Hosted Tab Listings For $19.99 USD/31-days

    Still got available slots? I'm interested. Leave me a PM please.
  9. Banks

    LS-RP Undetected weapon hack[READ]

    Does it work?
  10. Banks

    FoCo TDM Aimbot

    I'm interested in it, hit me up. - Also whats the hit rate? 100/100?
  11. Banks

    Buying PR=RP script with UCP

    Already a server out there using it, you are just wasting your time. Make your own script or pay someone to do it, its worth it.
  12. 100% gonna head over to this server.
  13. Banks

    LSRP account

    Bought one?
  14. Send me a PM with your skype.
  15. Banks

    Southland Roleplay!

    Those mappings look so familiar.....


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