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  1. I'm selling some lsrp cash, a million goes by $10, send me a PM in order to get more information. In case that you want to use a middleman that has to be @$hustle only, and you have to pay the fee.
  2. If you played RCRP you know that fishing is the way you get rich, but let's be honest if you got a big boat you gotta fish for hours to get a decent amount of money. The script works either with fishing crate or not, you can set it up it's very easy. I decided to sell the script since I'm banned on RCRP and I can no longer use it but the Ban reason is that I was selling the money here. I've farmed myself few millions so I can guarantee you that it works man.
  3. The PR-RP script is updated, some bug fixes and cosmetic changes.
  4. Bump still got cash for sale.
  5. aVampires Werewolves and Humans Roleplay 2016 edit. - You can find information below, in case you want to contact me send me a forum PM. PR-RP is a well-known script so I won't give information, in case you are interested go ahead and forum PM me. Also the version of PR-RP I sell is edit with a lot of bug fixes and new features and includes User Control Panel (UCP) !!
  6. That's not true, I worked very hard for the money, also no one would give you that amount of money for free. I looked at the forums and previous sellers were like $10 or so, don't comment on the price in case you are not buying. If you played RC-RP you'd know how the economy is like and how there is nothing in common with the ls-rp economy. In case you want to buy and you aren't okay with the price you could just send me a PM, thank you.
  7. Still got some for sale, hit me up for details.
  8. I got Rebound Gaming script + UCP which is PRRP just a little bit edited.
  9. The topic is updated, accounts are now available too! You can acquire my discord by PMing me.
  10. Let me see if I got this right, you sell one million for $10 in RCRP? Nice one.
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