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  1. Team / GangWar / Freeroam Gamemode Database supported with MySQL (R39) Fast and efficient database for data processing, more flexibility to access database Capture Zone System You can grab zone from other player to get reward Business System You can earn a lot of income from your business Housing System You can invite your friends to visit your home and be useful for storing spawn login Actor System Make your server become more alive with the actor Skin Shop System You can change your character skin by purchasing it in a clothing store Weapon Shop System Need weapons for character? please buy it at the weapon shop Dealership System Vehicles can be purchased from dealerships that you can modify by adding bodypart and text Admin System Anticheat System (50% anticheat) BadWords Filter Chat Vehicle Object System Vehicle Text System Pickbox System EXP System More Featured.... ??? INTERESTING ??? [!!!] Very Cheap Price [!!!] PM ON MY FACEBOOK
  2. Simple Modern Speedometer Featured - Minimum data consumption for client - Nicely design Speedometer Design 1 Speedometer Design 2 Interested? leave message on my facebook
  3. Did you want to search for scripter? - Experience - MySQL database processing SQLite data processing like (Y_Ini, Dini, and other) Pawno script languange for 2 years Fast & Cheap script system Fixing Bugs in Gamemode Server setting up Linux (CentOS, Debian) and Windows Server - Flexible Request - If you wanna request about your idea to be added to the server please feel free to talk about it first. You wanna a screenshot for my result system?? just leave message on my facebook Guaranteed for your requested script for fixing if there are bugs Note: I can't make new gamemode from scratch


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