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  1. Shawty

    Guns LSRP

    Nobody sells a $2 Shotgun, packaged especially.
  2. Refresh, still seeking a shit load of guns.
  3. I have two for sale. $2 each.
  4. Do you know how to duplicate drugs? Weapon packages? IF YOU DO, I will buy the method. $60+, if you're serious and reputable.
  5. I know someone who sells guns for RC-RP. How much are you looking to buy? DM me.
  6. Bump; have $100 USD to spend, mic and match guns. Need vast quantities, preferably automatics and handguns. PM me!
  7. Highly recommend, speedy replies, purchased two million, had heavy role-play behind it, vouch +1 from me.
  8. You misread the entirety of the post. I am BUYING not selling. I will eventually get into the process of selling and manufacturing accounts.
  9. Would you mind making me a new account and farming hours on it?
  10. More than likely a scam, he added his Discord, don't trust this.
  11. Follow the regiment below, if you have an account that fits one of the three points, PM me. Clean admin record, no prior bans, that are at-least a year old. Has at-least $100,000 in hand, and some savings started. Level 10+, including the secret password, and full permission to change everything on the account.

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