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      Hi all, It's come to my attention that Complaints and Inquires are ending up in the wrong place. If you have a Complaint or Inquiry (e.g- A Staff Member, a ban etc) please contact @Husky or contact us at our email at [email protected] Kind Regards,
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  1. Selling LSRP & RCRP Money

    I'll also take the RCRP money if you've still got it. Name your price for it.
  2. Selling LSRP & RCRP Money

    I'll buy you that mate. How're we gonna sort out the middleman/delivery IG? My discord is AnthrAxed#3375

    Title says it all. PM me with your Prices and how much you're looking to sell! Discord/Steam names will be provided if you ask me for them in your PM.
  4. High Leveled RCRP account + assets

    I'd like to inquire on prices and details of what you're selling. I'm interested in assets and money. Please get back to me ASAP through a PM on here.


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