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  1. Haven't you got bored by playing on same server with same script and even same roleplay base? Didn't you think that you should try something new exiting and realistic ? So, Here is your Chance, [CS:RP] Countryside Roleplay comes with best in service dynamic script and most realistic environment over Countryside hills. Features Dynamic Mapping with realistic countryside boards and signs. Dynamic Faction system ( Able to form factions by making groups IC'ly ) UCP feature and Best in service phpbb (Modernbb) forums. Roleplay School feature allows you to spawn in virtual world as you register and you have to be a student of roleplay school to learn it and once you pass the school you will get Roleplaying License ( Ticket to Countryside World ). | IG - OOC Feature | Character's Board [Forums] : Now you can post each event held by your character OOC'ly by using this board, this will be your valid proof that you had roleplayed a scene. ( Used in faction development ) Premium Player Policy : A package which can be brought in Countryside Market which gives you special VIP + Roleplay benefits e.g the premium players will be considered as existing player in Countryside world where he already has good status and property IC'ly. ( Player have more advantage to form factions easily, these can be only brought before registration of player ) Dynamic Countryside Job System : There are over 15+ realistic countryside jobs like trucking, fishing, poultry farming, hunter and city jobs too. Realistic Roleplaying concept : This is the main feature of the server where whatever you do IC'ly (which is considered as RP i,e without MG,PG etc) is truth and can change anything e.g you can roleplay working hard on farming, earning some money and then reopening a business by the money you earned, you can actually post ss of it on forums (character's board) and apply a property establishment on property establishment board about your business. and more...! I know that I had introduced many of the features which were never announced over SAMP community and but there are even more exiting and realistic features which are kept secret, join our community to know it and yes make a smart switch to our community Countryside Roleplay now. Forums ( Temporary ) - Discord
  2. Any SAMP Scripter or Developers around?
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