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  1. theboi

    Selling LSRP Millions for GTA V on Steam

    I have sold ten million for a Steam game although been scammed three million which is pretty much fucked up but well. I don't even fucking know you? Lock and Archive this topic please.
  2. theboi

    Selling LSRP Millions for GTA V on Steam

    I have been scammed 3 milions in cash in LSRP, I trusted the guy, he told me if I blackjack with him 3m he gives me the steam code and we all go home happy but it turned around and I was scammed, I dont even give a fuck for the 3m but the next person who wants to deal goes through a middle man ONLY.
  3. theboi

    Selling LSRP Millions for GTA V on Steam

    No bro, I am only selling LSRP cash to whoever buys me GTA V on Steam.
  4. I have 5 up to 10 millions to sell in LSRP for whoever buys me GTA V on Steam, you can gift it or whatever the fuck it is. I did previous deals and I am not a scammer, I can bring people to confirm, I can use middleman if u want too, contact me.
  5. theboi

    Selling LSRP Account/Money

    This can be locked.
  6. theboi

    Selling LSRP Account/Money

    Bought one PubG for 10m, I'm ok for now, whenever i need another one I'll post another topic, thank u multimart.
  7. theboi

    Selling LSRP Account/Money

    On hold until 10th of May, I am not in the state therefore I cannot sell the money/account until that date, I will give @$hustle all the information at this date so he can confirm.
  8. theboi

    Selling LSRP Account/Money

    Yes sure bud, pm me your discord.
  9. theboi

    Selling LSRP Account/Money

    My demand for the money/account is two PUBG accounts in steam.
  10. theboi

    Selling LSRP Account/Money

    Selling an account that has $27,700,000 in it, 19m is in bank, the rest in hand. - I can also sell the money only, if u want that.
  11. -delete this thread pls; sold all my goods, thank u multimart-
  12. theboi

    Selling LSRP & RCRP Money

    Everything sold.
  13. theboi

    Selling LSRP & RCRP Money

    Are you still interested? I have everything ready, @$hustle can confirm.
  14. theboi

    Selling LSRP & RCRP Money

    I am in contact with $hustle, will prove it to him that I have the weapons (5 desert eagles/Silenced Pistols) & money ($7,000,000) ready for you then the rest goes on I guess, added you in discord. Hit me up with 10$ paypal, you get the 1m.
  15. theboi

    Selling LSRP & RCRP Money



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