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    Los Angeles Roleplay Server IP: Forum: http://la-rp.ml/ Discord: discord.gg/DAWRDvw We are ready to StartOur Los Angeles Roleplay Server with a lot of Special Stuff.Of course I will list some here.You got it right we are a Roleplay Server with Roleplay Rules. Our Server has the following: · Land System ( your own Property with in Game Object Creating like Mapping ) · House System ( ownable Houses and Apartments all over the Map on SA ) · Vehicle System ( ownable Vehicle System with Dealership and all of Vehicle Cmds) · Business System ( ownable Business System with much Options ) · Garage System ( own Garage in 3 Sizes infront of ur House or where ever you want, yeah its not a Dream its real own Garage ) · Faction System ( just join a Faction or be the Leader of the Faction and lead i our Factions on overview: LSPD,LSFMD,FBI,SAN,SAG,PRA,SAAM,SASS,HMA) · Gang System ( just join a Gang and be there to make Gang Fight for Turfs and Others (of course u can create ur own Gang too) some Gangs on overview: H2K Hard2Kill, Varios Los Aztecas, Los Santos Vagos) · VIP and Admin System (of course our Admin System is Roleplay basic with 7 stages, u want to get VIP rank so earn it or donate it with some gifts for VIP´s) AND MUCH MORE… Our Grand Opening will be on 23.07.2018 be there and pickup your Present. Of course new Players get their Gift as well.
  2. RPG Zone is Back RPG Zone was founded in 2008 by 2 friends (Jamal & Suikast) It was very successful, but in 2014 there was no other decision than to close the server. Because we had a very stressful job and we just had no time for Samp. Not to forget the Gamemode was made by us.(It´s RPG/Reallife/Freeroam but Scratch) Now it has come again and thought us why not again? Thus, we have started to get back in there again, it will be very hard to restore everything old. Whatever lets us have fun and spend time together. So I invite you to our server, take a look there and make new friends. (We are Searching for Admins etc.) Server DetailsServer IP: Discord: https://discord.gg/9VXQYXwhen the time comes, there will also be a ForumVehicle System with Dealership and Fuelsystemwe have a very simple car System with numerous Commands.(Vehiclehelp Commands: /vlock /eject /ejectall /tow /valarm /fuel /trunk /kph /mph /clearmods /sellvto /givecarkeys /trackcar) Our /v Menu consists: Open and Close Trunk/Hood/Lights, Park, License Plate, Sell, Engine, Fill with Gascan We have 4 Dealerships and 4 Gasstations in LS to buy and fill your Vehicle.HousesystemEach player can buy his own home. (Househelp Commands: /houselock /setrentable /setrent /evict /evictall /sellhouse /sellhouseto)Mini MissionsNow you ask yourself how will I make money in the game Not only through our 3 available jobs These would be: Harvester, Pilot, Trucker Of course, also through our available mini games such as:Derby Demolition Match (Monster Roof)Last Man Standing Match (in Different Areas)Race´s (Everyone can build their own race by admin)Moneybag (A Money Bag will hidden anywhere in LosSantos and you will get a Message from Server)Gunbag (A Gun Bag will hidden anywhere in LosSantos and you will get a Message from Server)Duel´s (You can invite someone to a Duel)Deathmatch (We have Different Areas for Deathmatches)Lotto System (Buy your Own Ticket)For leveling, these mini missions are very important You can also see these through stats The most important thing is of course Payday every hour you get an experience Point!!!Faction and Gang´sCurrently we have two Gang´s: ( H2K , cCc ) Each gang can have their own HQ where they want it . It will be mapped by Suikast Mapping. Not all gang's are friends, so it´s possible to have a Gangwar. For this we have a Equip system in the gang's only for Gang Members. It may also be that the Police Faction do not allow this and they will Arrest you.Thank you for reading We are looking forward to your visit
  3. Hey guys ! We open our Server after 5 Years again... And we are looking for Admins and Gang Leaders! You will Play a Selfmade Gamemode by Jamal and Suikast (Reallife Roleplay not hard Edition) You will expect : Gang´s ...so Gang Wars Race´s Moneybag´s Gunbag´s Housesystem Vehiclesystem Deathmatches (Last man Standing) Derby´s Duel´s and more.... I´am working every day on the Script to get every day something New on Server you want to help me so come and let a look. Server IP:


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