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  1. Hello, I'm ending all my activities at SAMP and am selling my project. Notices: The gamemode has 70k lines. The maps are all in a separate file, 42k lines. UCP with automatic donation and activation Currently there are no bugs in the script or UCP. To play on the server it is necessary to create the account by UCP and be approved by an Administrator. The server consists of master account, each account can have 4 characters. Currently the server is logged in San Andreas counties because it was based on RC (based on RC not RCRP SCRIPT), but you can change everything to Los Santos or anywhere you want (Can I help with this if I buy the script) The person who wants to buy and need help, I will help put the server / ucp and forum online. "ENGLISH SCRIPT" "PAYMENT BY PAYPAL" Do not waste my time with absurd offers. the server is complete and only available for SALE. 1 copy ONLY. Some gamemode systems: DISCORD SYSTEM: Based on the GTA V World Roleplay system, I created an ad system IC in the discord.Every time a player makes an IN GAME sales ad, the BOT will broadcast the same ad in DISCORD. Example: This announcement was made In Game, it is shown normally for all players In game, and also for all that accompanies the discord (The gamemode is complete with many system, but I will mention some) House Business Furniture House = https://i.imgur.com/a1JzT7T.png Furniture Business Exclusive DMV SYSTEM Drugs system with effects Marijuana system CCTV = https://i.imgur.com/puDYPMO.png AFK system = https://i.imgur.com/sdW9g8r.png Death system (With /injuries [player id ou MaskID]) Exclusive Assistance System Vehicle system (/vlist with textdraw 0.3DL to select vehicles to spawn) https://i.imgur.com/Jp3LyIh.png Actor on Business (Can be managed by the owner of the Business) Business Stock sistem Toys sistem (You can "Change color", "select toys to spawn", "Remove", "Place", "delete" and "edit".) Gun holster sistem (You can edit the posicion of your gun) Anim system Campfire system Beatiful maps textured https://i.imgur.com/yLc2oUL.png San andreas Facility Faction system (FD, SD,PD) Order weapon system for criminal factions (Gang/Mafia) Jobs: Bus Driver Táxi Driver Mechanic Maintenance Worker Coal Miner Pizza Delivery Street Sweeper Trash Collector Trucking The gamemode is well structured, you can easily create or adapt a job. UCP: Players can: Manage characters Change e-mail Change skin Buy Donate Change password. Delete characters Manage Faction (not complete but working) Admins can: Check the monetary savings of the server Deny or accept apps Post News on HOME PAGE OF THE UCP. There are many other options SOME PICS https://imgur.com/a/jgAKCKI UCP: https://imgur.com/a/zsOtCIz https://imgur.com/a/zsOtCIz https://imgur.com/a/zsOtCIz DISCORD: xOmega#3372 SKYPE: live:48702b68acb92fdf If you have question send me a private message here in the forum = https://www.multimart.org/profile/2969-xomega/
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  3. If you want to buy please contact me at discord: xOmega#3372 or Skype
  4. It means that the administrators through ucp can see and monitor all money that is inside the server in real time. Like how much money each player has on hand, Money saved in houses and business
  5. @Reserved There are several systems, but I just said the main ones.
  6. I do not have images of gamemode, if you want to test please contact me on discord: (( Add me if you are really interested in buying the gamemode, Do not waste my time.)) DISCORD: (( xOmega#3372 )) UCP IMAGENES: https://imgur.com/a/zsOtCIz https://imgur.com/a/zsOtCIz https://imgur.com/a/zsOtCIz (UCP Functions) ADMINS: *Administrators can accept/deny applications *Administrators can create publications *Administrators can see server economy PLAYERS: *The player can manage the characters *Change skin *Buy Donate *The donate system is already automatic, if a player buys donate, it will automatically receive the account. GAMEMODE: *Faction system *House system *business System *Furniture system Toys system Clothes system. *Drug system. *System of deaths. *Name Tag custom system. *Motorhome system. *DMV system. *Vehicle system. *And many other systems, such as Suitcase, campfire, etc. Jobs/side jobs Sweeper Trucker Bus Driver Taxi Garbageman Maintenance Drug Delear
  7. " I am accepting as trade offer gamemode TDM (TEAM DEATHMATCH) "
  8. Hello everybody. CHECK THE LINK TO SEE SOME SYSTEM = https://bit.ly/2s301YO I am selling a gamemode with complex systems + UCP, everything working. the UCP is the base of the LSRP, you can check here > https://bit.ly/2s301YO For more information on all systems, go to ucp. if you are interested in the script and ucp, please contact to test on a test server. ( I do not have images about systems, if you are interested in buy, please contact to see on server test )

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